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david heti is a stand-up comic sort of

he has one degree in philosophy and two in law

he has been described as a darker woody allen who doesn't give a fuck what the audience thinks

he is most likely in montreal, new york or Toronto

-His website bio

David Heti wears glasses. He is so thin I want to offer him a well-moored rope to hold onto in a stiff wind. But listen to his comedy without knowing what you’re getting into and you may be pole-axed. A “trigger alert” sign should be flashing behind him during every set he does. He is currently my favorite comedian.

An unfortunate incident occurred during his visit to Portland in March. If I were looking for the least appropriate show for him to do, this would have been the show. Only a children’s birthday party might have been worse (which David’s available for, by the way). The audience was laughing. The host was not. She finally rushed the stage with her phone light like he was about to perform an abortion with a hammer and chisel. I will not recite here what the joke was (trigger alert!), but it was at 4:09 on the recording that will be on the next post. She checked in with the audience, no one fainted from the vapors or needed to talk about their feelings and the show went on.

Boom: It happened, let’s move on. The lesson here is that if you book a show, make sure you’ve seen the comic’s act before you book them. If you’re being booked onto a show and you do edgy material, make sure the booker has seen your act.

If you have heard David’s material and don’t like it, I still think you will find value in my interview with him. We don’t talk about the content of his humor, but rather what informs it. In fact, at the time of this interview, I didn’t know his comedy very well and you can tell by the naïve nature of my questions-it happened pre-incident. This probably made for a better interview, actually.


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Tuesday, August 5th 2014