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Ep 118 - Locally Made Hammocks, Kickstarter and Udemy Markering

Released Wednesday, 15th June 2016
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Brian Carraway, founder of Flying Squirrel Outfitters, is creating and providing sustainable high-wage jobs for skilled seamstresses in impoverished villages in Northern Thailand. We talk about his marketing strategies with Kickstarter and Udemy and some key feature designs that make his hammock unique from any other in the world.
Brian's Website - Flying Squirrel Outfitters 
Fair Business Shopping - Go Trade Monkey
Donating 73 Mosquito Nets - Donation Site

Time stamp    Topic

(00:02:00)       Hill Tribe Mayan Inspired Style Hammock
(00:05:30)       The Adjustable Key Feature
(00:07:00)       Kickstarter Video Pouch Design
(00:09:45)       Hanging with Friends becoming a Social Trend
(00:10:45)       Ultra Light vs. Double Options
(00:12:00)       Launching on Kickstarter Procedure
(00:14:30)       Losing Face as a Local Working in Thailand
(00:16:00)       Building Sustainability with Higher Wages
(00:22:00)       Price and Scalability of a Unique Product
(00:25:00)       Improved Sleep Quality and Ditching the Bed
(00:26:40)       How to Hang Perfectly for Health
(00:31:00)       Purchasing Expectations through Amazon
(00:38:00)       Kickstarter Marketing Plan
(00:40:00)       Providing the Best Possible Value to Customers
(00:41:00)       $1 Donor Benefit Program
(00:42:30)       World’s Best Travel Jacket Raises $9 Million
(00:47:00)       Udemy Course Launch and Algorithms
(00:55:00)       Unesco World Heritage Site Qualifications
(00:56:00)       Renting a location at Thai Night Markets
(00:58:00)       Selling 2,000 VHS Tapes from Blockbuster
(01:02:00)       Working with Free Burma Rangers
(01:05:30)       Driving 4 Hours in the Jungle to Find Product
(01:07:00)       The Buy One Give One Selling Model
(01:10:00)       First Profit, Second Philanthropy
(01:14:00)       Donating 73 Mosquito Nets

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