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Ep 89 - Australian Dropshipping Success

Released Saturday, 3rd October 2015
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Drop Shipping in Australia has been a bit elusive as it's still the wild west down under. I've always assumed that it's a big enough, westernized country for it to work, and the fact that Amazon is still only selling books there reminds me of what ecommerce was like 15 years ago in the U.S. However, since I'm not Australian all I had to go by was was people on random forums on the internet had to say, and they all said it didn't work. Common reasons why dropshipping didn't work in Australia included not being able to find enough suppliers, the suppliers they found not dropshipping, and shipping being too expensive to make it work.

When I bumped into Jose & Sherica here at the coworking space in Chiang Mai and found out they were running a successful dropshipping store based in Australia, I had to have them on the show and pick their brain with all of the hard questions. They talked about why Jose's first store failed when they tried to do it on their own, and how Anton's course (www.AntonMethod.com) finally helped them make their second store a success.  I asked them what challenges they had as an Australian vs. if it would have been easier as an American starting a U.S. based store, about their competitors, how they found suppliers, and how they deal with shipping costs.  
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