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Trouble in Paradise

A Society, Culture and True Crime podcast featuring Nigel Kent
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Episodes of Trouble in Paradise

Nigel Kent is joined by Gabby McAllister for a lively discussion about censorship, the dark forces behind coordinate efforts to control mass media, and how truth-spitters are defeating the axis of social media companies.
The most prolific, well-documented UFO incident in history has some deep mysteries. Media dishonesty. Political double-crossing. And outright censorship. Nigel and Jazmine shred the narrative and advance towards the truth.
Nigel and Jazmine dive deep into the many bizarre, coincidental, and just plain frightening experiences of the casts and crews of Poltergeist, the Amityville Horror, Passion of the Christ, and the Exorcist.
Canceled comedian Josh Denny joins Jazmine and Nigel to talk about the notoriously unsuccessful criminal, Florida Man, as well as the intriguingly censored person of Rose McGowan.
Ever wondered how those in power plan on surviving nuclear holocaust underground? Of course you haven’t! Neither did we before we investigated the USA’s amazingly secretive underground base known as Site R.
Jazmine and Nigel unearth and discuss the now-banished video of two BBC reporters discussing the collapse of World Trade Center 7 while the tower is still standing on the live camera behind them, 15 minutes before the actual collapse. Also cove
Nigel Kent explores the fascinating account of a couple from Massachusetts that was stalked, harassed, and threatened by the big tech oligarchy – and then defeated their attackers in court.
In this inaugural of Big Tech Watchdog, Nigel Kent describes how social media platforms give unequal protection using cover schemes like copyright protection, hate speech protection, and “community guidelines”.
This episode was too much for YouTube’s content censors to deal with. Censored for “hate speech” according to the overlords at the Tube, this episode’s intention was to discuss the well-evidenced theories that no plane hit the Pentagon on Septe
So the mission commander of the doomed Space Shuttle Challenger launch in January 1986 just re-surfaced as a marketing executive in Chicago. Only one problem: he died when the shuttle exploded. Right?
Jazmine and Nigel talk about a half dozen conspiracy theories that began as tall tales but ultimately were proven true – down to the details!
Nigel and Jazmine weigh the evidence for and against controlled demolition and other possible explanations for the Surfside tower collapse in Miami based on the documented eyewitness testimony and structural engineering feedback. What really ha
Nigel and Jazmine discuss the collapse of the Surfside North tower condo in Miami, FL and identify a number of security surveillance source that have not yet been revealed that would’ve had a birds’-eye view of the collapse and the comings and
Jazmine and Nigel deep-dive the infamous theory of moon landing hoaxes and investigate the involvement by famed film director Stanley Kubrick in the footage of Apollo adored by millions around the world.
Not exactly a conspiracy theory, but Jazmine and Nigel wax about the spring of 1993: Pearl Jam, Terminator 2, and of course, the biggest civilian slaughter in the history of the United States. The FBI, ATF, and local police were there to protec
Nigel and Jazmine speculate about Jazmine’s research on physician Dr. Roger Leir, famed investigator of alien implant tech, and the technology’s similarity to modern-day techniques utilized in the so-called vaccines to treat Covid. This include
Nigel and Jazmine bite hard on the Bill Gates-funded Florida Keys genetically-modified mosquitoes while tying the experiment back to an NIH white paper about utilizing mosquitoes to vaccinate people.
In the second part of our series on the September 11 attacks, Jazmine and Nigel dissect the science behind the colors of smoke and metal, proving that the official narrative is a cover story for secret, controlled demolition of the twin towers.
Shortly after the announcement that Manhattan Judge Esther Salas will be trying the case of child-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, the judge’s son was murdered. We discuss the murderer’s very questionable suicide and his link to a shadowy World Tr
The controversy of the suppression of a COVID super-drug called Ivermectin. The randonautica body parts mystery solved! And the problem with keeping nursing homes locked down indefinitely.
As we approach the anniversary of the September 11 terrorism attack, Jazmine and Nigel look back and some of the biggest unexplained smoking guns. In this episode, we destroy the mainstream narrative on doomed Flight 93.
Nigel and Jazmine separate fact from fiction about Q and the QAnon movement. Features analysis from Martin Geddes, author of “On Q”.
Host of the Dead Files on the Travel Channel, Steve Di Schiavi, his all-round adventuring buddy Ray Marino join Jazmine and Nigel for an epic, New-Yorky discussion of all things a**tastic in paradise!
Nigel and Jazmine are rolling deep with a special Guitar versus Conspiracy Theory segment of True Fact or Bullcrap, plus a Naples commissioner candidate who did a wee bit too much partying and peed his pants.
Jazmine and Nigel speak with a gentlemen from south Florida who gives his account of a false positive COVID-19 test, plus a rousing Pick your Poison matchup and a more proof of Google Maps censorship on Epstein Island. Strap yourselves in!
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