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Ep. 347 Trump Set To DOMINATE 2024 as RINO Republicans Face Massive BACKLASH!!!

Released Wednesday, 17th February 2021
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  • “The deplorables are smelling blood with Biden being so weak and they want a rematch.”
  • “While over a half of a million patriots are watching Trump’s celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida, only about 50,000 bothered to tune in to sleepy Joe’s mumbling comments for President’s Day.”
  • “The political map here is rather clear. Trump has surged in strength while all those who sought to destroy him have collapsed. They politically melted and there’s nothing left for them in the current political landscape.”
  • “Trumpism is the only way forward for the GOP.”


  • [02:51] Nigel Farage, Sebastian Gorka, and Steve Bannon seeing Trump as a candidate for 2024
  • [04:12] On the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll on how Trump may win the primaries
  • [05:48] Trump’s celebration versus Biden’s speech for President Day
  • [06:37] Why Trump’s allies are calling him ‘Teflon Don’
  • [08:55] The political death of the feckless RINO senators that voted to convict Trump
  • [10:54] On the future of the GOP 


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