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Ep. 405 BREAKING! Trump Starting New SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM That Will CRUSH Big Tech!!!

Released Tuesday, 23rd March 2021
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  • “Now we’re beginning to see the billionaire venture capitalists entering into the fray and bringing alt-tech to the next level.”
  • “We’ve been  moving from a liberal elite establishment media that lectures passive listeners and tells them what to think, to now a nationalist-populist media where listeners are invited to participate and voice their perspectives and how we collectively understand the issue or event at hand. And that is exactly what social media is doing and why the worldwide patriot movement is flourishing on social media.”
  • “We are really being subject to Big Tech censorship. We didn’t break any laws. We just had a shirt that leftist sentiments consider offensive and that’s enough. That’s enough to cancel.”
  • “The left is beginning to enforce their Silicon Valley values thru massive censorship and that requires a parallel polis, the building of parallel structures, that will effectively overcome such censorship and unite us together as a worldwide patriot movement.”


  • [02:34] Trump’s new social media platform
  • [03:33] On cryptocurrency and new alternative media plus what is the YouTube right
  • [07:25] How the populist movement is dominating the social media
  • [08:38] Why Shopify and PayPal shut us down and why we really need alt-tech
  • [11:00] How other billionaires are investing in alt-tec


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