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Ep. 414 Biden Press Conference a MAJOR DISASTER as His Approval Rating FALLS Again!!!

Released Saturday, 27th March 2021
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  • “Joe Biden’s press conference was so bad even the ultra-left Trump-hater Chris Wallace said it was a disaster.”
  • “To call it a press conference is an insult to press conferences. It was not, emphatically not a press conference, it was Kabuki theater.”  
  • “What happened yesterday with the press conference was so over-the-top obvious. It was so forced. It was so poorly executed that more and more voters are starting to question the very integrity of both sets of actors - Biden and the media.”  


  • [02:25] Why Joe Biden’s press conference is painful to watch
  • [03:15] On Chris Wallace and Tucker Carlson’s observation of the press conference 
  • [04:42] Why we’re having a media-run state today
  • [07:32] Fox News’ Tim Graham calling out PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor for her editorializing questions
  • [09:10] On the HR1, filibuster and gun control issues and what’s really behind the press conference
  • [10:01] How more and more voters are getting disillusioned with Biden  


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