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Ep. 436 Twitter CENSORS Criticism of BLM Founder’s $1.4 MIL Home as CNN Confuses Asian Golfers!!!

Released Tuesday, 13th April 2021
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  • “Most Marxists today are not economic Marxists, they are cultural Marxists. They have made their peace with money… As it turns out, Jack Dorsey of Twitter and BLM founders, they are what we might call millionaire Marxists.”
  • “We have an avowed Marxist going on this million-dollar real estate buying binge which is subsequently protected by a billion-dollar cultural Marxist Twitter.”   
  • “After lecturing Americans on supposedly racist Asian fonts, CNN actually confused two Asian golfers at the Masters… How absolutely unforgivable don’t you think? After all, what are fonts compared to a radically problematic stereotype like that.”


  • [01:36]  BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ hypocrisy with her million-dollar homes 
  • [03:22] How Twitter is censoring the criticism on Khan-Cullor
  • [04:50] How Marxists have made peace with their money - on millionaire Marxists 
  • [07:30] On the kind of censorship that SC Justice Clarence Thomas is calling out
  • [10:30] CNN’s latest lectures on Asian racism and how they completely confused Asian golfers afterward


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