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Ep. 454 BIDEN COLLAPSING as 100-Day Approval Rating PLUNGES to THIRD LOWEST EVER!!!

Released Monday, 26th April 2021
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  • “Biden, once the single most popular human being on the planet receiving more votes than any presidential candidate in human history has suddenly plummeted to the third lowest approval rating for any president since tracking began over 70 years ago.” 
  • “The tempered headlines for Biden’s humiliating poll numbers reflect the fact that the media has become the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party.”
  • “The Democrats are trying to unify us around the belief that we’re a bunch of racists. They think they can create solidarity by convincing us of how much we exclude.”  
  • “We also cannot overlook just how much the horrific crisis at the border has hurt Biden… Even the radical left mainstream Marxist media has had to admit that as every new day passes, Biden and the Democrats are getting more and more hammered for the completely unjustifiable crisis at our southern border.”


  • [02:25] The latest ABC/Washington Post poll on Biden’s 100-Day approval rating
  • [04:30] How the mainstream media is doing everything they can to cover the poll disaster up
  • [05:50] On a survey showing that Americans believe that the MSM is protecting Biden  
  • [07:20] The reasons for Biden’s collapsing approval ratings


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