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Ep. 464 Massive Anti-Woke BACKLASH as Critical Race Theory is Getting CRUSHED All Over the Nation!!!

Released Tuesday, 4th May 2021
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  • “Seventy percent of voters (in Texas school board election)  rose up and told the woke left and SJWs like Demi Lovato to get the hell out of our schools.” 
  • “Critical race theory got crushed so badly in the Southlake election that the Marxist media seem to almost embarrass to talk about it.”
  • “When all is said and done, our kids are getting taught that our nation is inherently unjust.” 
  • “Critical race theory is a shockingly pernicious and appallingly racist doctrine. And that’s exactly how the citizens at Southlake, Texas understood it. They rightly understood that CRT is a horrific and vicious form of reverse racism.”


  • [01:43] On Texas school board election and on Demi Lovato’s comment
  • [03:35] The MSM ignoring the result of this election, how NBC reported it and how bad critical race theory in our nation
  • [06:05] What critical race theory actually tries to teach our school kids
  • [08:24] How red states are rising up and banning critical race theory from their borders


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