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Ep. 469 Black Lives Matter Issues New DEMANDS as Olympics Officially BAN ‘BLM’ Demonstrations!!!

Released Thursday, 6th May 2021
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  • “Their attempt to ban President Trump from ever holding office again is a pipe dream, it’s a fantasy. And it just goes to show how out of touch BLM leadership really is.”
  • “You can demand it all you want but you’re not gonna expel half the Republican representatives and multiple senators.”
  • “According to the latest Gallup poll, 81% of Black people want the police presence to remain the same or even increased in their neighborhoods.”
  • “Now with these lists of demands, they come across truly as a radical Marxist leftist.”
  • "Looks like the backlash against cultural Marxism is indeed swelling up around the world and it's a backlash that will only grow as a result of these  latest absurd demands.”


  • [01:53] Black Lives Matter’s latest demands - numbers 1 to 4 
  • [06:00] Demand no.5 - why BLM wants to defund the police
  • [08:53] How BLM is losing all its credibility by publishing these demands
  • [09:49] What is neo-tribalism and neo-Marxism
  • [11:28] The massive backlash against cultural Marxism even in the Olympics


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