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Ep. 472 UK Election Turns RIGHT as Hungary CRACKS DOWN on Cultural Marxism in Universities!!!

Released Friday, 7th May 2021
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  • “Back in 2019 the UK held a nationwide snap election and the Labour Party suffered its worst defeat since the 1930s… We saw very much the same dynamics operative here in the States in 2016 election where the Democrats lost over 200 counties that have voted Democrat in every presidential election in the last 30 yrs.”
  • “In Britain, just like in the States, you have the collapse of what they call their ‘red wall’.”
  • “What we saw with the UK's special election was simply the continuation, the extension, of the conversion dynamics where the white working-class continue to abandon the left and embrace the right.”
  • “Now that they’ve kicked out Soros’ university from Hungary, they’re trying to kick out any Soros-influenced cultural Marxism in Hungary’s university systems."
  • “The key in all these is that these reforms throughout the nation are all aimed at rooting out any trace of globalist Marxist leftism in Hungary and implementing a robust nationalist-populist and traditionalist agenda in their culture for generations to come.”  


  • [02:00] What happened in the UK special election 
  • [06:00] How the nationalist-populist party is winning in Scotland
  • [08:17] The new bill in Hungary putting their universities under the direct control of their nationalist-populist government 
  • [11:00] How Hungary kicked out Soros and his leftwing university and their mission to crack down on cultural Marxism 


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