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This week, Kalena and Sean review the Netflix show based off of the comic book written by Gerard Way, "The Umbrella Academy". Both hosts have read the first volume of the series but hardly remember it, so this show is a fun exercise in jogging
This week, Kalena and Sean review the 1998 anime Trigun! It's a fun romp into nostalgia, Japanese-styled westerns, and identity theft. I STILL CAN'T GET OVER HOW COOL EVERYONE'S OUTFITS ARE. -- Royalty free music at Find out mor
This week, Kalena and Sean review the 2018 Dreamworks show "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power". There are a few key differences between this show and the 1980s She-Ra (besides the animation style) and a few key similarities between this show a
This week, Kalena and Sean review the netflix show (based on the children's books) A Series of Unfortunate Events. Whether you loved or you hated the 2004 movie, you're bound to find this show more faithful to the story and aesthetic of the boo
This week, Kalena and Sean review the new ABC show The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion as John Nolan. Nathan Fillion is known for his charming and funny characters, so this show is bound to be a laugh a minute, right? Right? Right? -- Royalty
This week, Kalena and Sean review one of the first 3D animated shows- Reboot! This show is a nostalgic look at the mysteries of computers and also a fun slapstick show for children. -- Royalty free music at Find out more on the
This week, Kalena and Sean talk about the past year and a half of releasing this podcast! We get into stats- what we've watched and how we rated it-, our most favorite shows from this podcast, the new Black Mirror, and Nathan Fillion. Thanks f
Sorry for the late upload, everyone! This week, Kalena and Sean review the romance anime Wotakoi! It's come highly recommended- does this otaku themed romance live up to the hype? Listen to find out! See you next time in... 2019?! -- Royalty f
This week, Kalena and Sean review the sports anime Run With the Wind (Or Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru). It's geared toward a slightly older audience, but that doesn't seem to change the basic steps of a sports anime - Get the team together, do spor
This week, Kalena and Sean are joined by James from Unabashedly Obsessed and Kids on Bikes to review the classic crime family drama "The Sopranos". Don't miss this extra long episode and this great guest! -- Royalty free music at
Quick cw: This show contains (and we talk about) child death, self harm, and bullying This week, Kalena and Sean review the first season of Channel Zero; Candle Cove. This season of Candle Cove is based off of a creepypasta of the same name, a
Quick cw: We mention a few aspects of the show which might be upsetting to some listeners, such as animal horror and implied sexual abuse. This week, Kalena and Sean review the 2016 TV Show The Exorcist, which is (spoiler alert) probably the s
This week, Kalena and Sean review Castle Rock with some guest hosts, David and Diana from the Macintosh and Maud stable of podcasts! This is technically our first "real" horror of the month, so it's great to share the spooks with our guests. Li
This week for Spooktober, Kalena and Sean review the 90's based 2010's vampire romance, The Vampire Diaries. The premise may not have been cliche when the books were released over 20 years ago, but does the show shake the rote themes in a curre
Quick cw: Though it’s not mentioned a lot here, this show references and has acted footage of murder and rape. This week, Kalena and Sean review the extremely dramatic crime show, The Killing. Now that Superhero September is over, it's time fo
This week, Kalena and Sean review the un-cancelled animated show, Young Justice! The third season of this show is highly anticipated among a lot of DC fans; do the first few episodes hold up to the hype? Spoilerzone from 25:10 to 26:50 -- Roya
For week three of Superhero September, Kalena and Sean review the Japanese tokusatsu, Ultraman Orb. If you're familiar with Power Rangers, then you're familiar with the genre that was born out of tokusatsu. Maybe after you give us a listen you'
For week 2 of Superhero September, Kalena and Sean review another 2000's show, Smallville. We get off track a few times talking about comic books and puns, but by the end we decided that this show is a bigger mystery than we both anticipated. S
For the first week of Superhero September, Kalena and Sean review the mid-to-late-aughts show, Heroes. While it isn’t a typical superhero show (no costumes or codenames), it is an interesting look into the gritty side of having unexplainable po
This week, Kalena and Sean review the mid-90's Transformers show, Beast Wars. It's been about a year since the last time we've reviewed a Transformers show, and if you remember the final review for Transformers Prime you might have a sneak peak
This week, Kalena and Sean review the show Fresh Off the Boat about an Asian-American family moving from DC to Orlando. The show is pretty funny, but there might be some controversy to consider when watching. Join us next time for Transformers
This week Sean and Kalena take on this new version of a classic; do the nostalgia of the old Scooby Doos add to the enjoyment of this one or make it impossible to like? Listen to find out! -- Royalty free music at This podcast is
Welcome back! We weren’t sure what to expect from this slice-of-life kinda comedy anime, and I think it surprised us! Give it a listen, it might surprise you too!
Welcome to our first guest episode with our friend AJ! Spoiler zones at 41:29-46:15 (about the final 4) and 51:10-57:45 (about the reunion episode). Enjoy this extra long episode!
Woah, we’re recording in a room, together on one microphone! It caught host Kalena so off guard that she said the intro wrong! As usual, we take 3 bites out of this show (though you can make an argument for 6) and review it!
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