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Angel City Football Club has garnered the support of sports fans all over the world... and with good reason: They doing something that's never been done before. Listen to this interview with ACFC Founder, Julie Uhrman, as she talks about what i
There's a new team in town. Last year, there was a massive announcement that rocked the sports world. With the news of a new team joining the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) came the excitement of a legendary management team that was sure
Why do some ideas get materialized and other sit on the shelves for weeks, years or even decades? Similarly, why do we not do the things we need to do in order to accelerate or improve things like our relationships, business, health? On today's
Each week, I receive a number of questions from listeners just like you asking about various topics in life, business and spirituality. The intersection of those pieces is truly where this show shines. So today, I’m answering some of the most r
We're told from the time we're young that "Practice Makes Perfect"  as though perfection should be the motivator. As we age and grow wiser, we get a more comprehensive view of what we're actually striving for, and learn about the misconception
When we strive for certain achievements or outcomes, we often lose sight of what's incrementally important or valuable. On this episode, I share a new framework to help you improve how you structure and live each day like a C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. ===
If you haven't started quarterly retreats with your company, partner or simply yourself, you're missing out on a great opportunity for clarity, connection and direction. On this bonus clip, you'll learn exactly how to lay out and structure your
On today’s solo episode, I want to share with you an annual, and recently quarterly, process that I started several years ago to create more clarity, confidence, consistency and cohesion in my life. I did it just this past weekend and it was ex
When we get sick or feel our bodies are not functioning at their optimal levels, what do most people do? They treat the symptom, not the root cause. Dr. Dan Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton, founders of Apeiron Zoh, share their insight on how w
When someone sets a goal, they often find themselves excelling in one area while allowing the other areas to slip. More than that, when I speak with my clients about living an exceptional life, most don’t have a sufficient model or idea of what
One of the biggest fears or worries I hear from clients is not having enough time to be, do or have the things they say they want in life. With a little digging, we always get to the heart of the matter, and time is NEVER the real issue. The is
If you currently or have ever felt distracted, knocked off balance or out of your routine, whether that be for just a few days or a season, this episode is for you. I’m going to share my process for getting back on track and feeling focused. **
In this bonus clip, we discuss the three ways you can choose to approach your life. They build on one another and hopefully you will be able to identify which phase you're in by the end of this episode.   *** To learn more about booking a busin
Last week, on my birthday, I was thinking about what I wanted the next year of my life to look like. On this episode, I discuss the evolution of my word for the year to help you make better, more intentional decisions moving forward.   *** To l
In this bonus episode, I share a few of the things I chose to unbecome so that I could step into who I know myself to be. When you choose to be a person who values growth and empowerment, you are in a constant state of curiosity, intentionality
It's my birthday week! And on today’s show, I’m sharing some of my big lessons from this past year.. the important things I’ve had to unbecome. If you’ve ever felt trapped in a body, business, relationship, pattern or program, this episode is f
When most of us have a BIG goal, we are taught to focus on the achieving of it. We learn visualization techniques and strategies to put into action. However, that doesn't take into account the single most important piece of achievement which is
Most people falsely believe that transformation starts when you set a goal, but fail to consider the essential steps to implement prior to goal setting.  On today’s episode, we’re discussing the real catalyst for monumental transformations. If
In this bonus clip, you will learn about the common misconception surrounding the Japanese concept of "Ikigai" and how Kodawari impacts the way you engage in your daily activities.   *** To learn more about booking a business or spiritual coach
We’re diving into a conversation around the Japanese term you may have heard of called “ikigai.” While many people have westernized it into four overlapping circles, the meaning behind “Ikigai” actually goes much deeper. This is an important to
After a weekend retreat, I'm sharing some of my most important takeaways. I invite you to consider which one of these seven you needed to hear most and implement right away.   *** To book a business or spiritual strategy session with Phoebe, pl
What does it look like to spend a weekend with some of the most successful entrepreneurs? On this episode, I share seven of my takeaways from a recent entrepreneurial retreat I attended. To be considered for our Unbecoming community, please vis
Is it possible to unlearn your unwanted behavioral patterns and beliefs to create more healing and freedom in your life? Lisa Wimberger, creator of Neurosculpting®, joins us to discuss how she teaches people to heal trauma, rewrite their limiti
Lisa Wimberger teaches her five-step neurosculpting process to decrease stress and anxiety, eliminate unwanted belief structures and retrain your brain. On this episode, Lisa shares about her traumatic accident at age 15 that initiated her ques
When's the last time you went two feet in? What would happen if you went ALL IN on one or multiple areas of your life? Listen up. This is what this bonus clip is all about.   *** To learn more about working with Phoebe, please visit: www.unbeco
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