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#60. Chad Bourquin - The Power of Finding Your Inner Rock Star

Released Monday, 17th February 2020
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“Its important to be able to narrow your vision down to one sentence “

Chad Bourquin ( @chadbourquin  @bigtimegrainco ) pushed because he found what he loved and wasn't going to let the people who told him it would never work win.

During an unlikely event, a high school assembly, Chad first encountered his passion. A friend urged him to learn guitar after the performance at the assembly so they could  start their own band. Even though the path has changed many time, he always kept his love for music in mind

When you look at where Chad is now its easy to assume the path was success after success after success. But behind every skill and talent comes a story or discomfort and forced learning. Chad did learn to play guitar to be in that highschool band. They all practiced 2 songs for 6 months and after all that work, his friend whose idea it was to start the band together, replaced him and  started with another group because Chad wasn't that good yet.” There were even times when his own father discouraged him from pursuing music and suggested building a backup plan

“ Its important to understand the difference between a back up plan and a supporting plan” Chad tells us “ a supporting plan is something you do in the interim that helps you get to your bug goal or dream as to where a back up plan is something you do out of fear “ He credits some of his greatest lessons and moments of supporting skill development from some of his “ supporting plans “

We cover so much in this episode like the great work Chad and his brother Bret with  the Big Time Grain Company, their band and project to help others discover their own inner rock star. The Dream Big Series and we only touch on how they played for a crowd of 800,000 people in Kansas City after the Royals won the World Series.

Be sure to listen to the whole podcast for all the details of this great story.

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