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#65. Robyn Koenig - Getting Out of Your Own Way

Released Tuesday, 10th March 2020
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“ Pivots are power steps towards your dreams “

Robyn Koenig ( @rarefind_love ) would seem to be tumbling through life without aim. With experiences in fashion, business executive, podcaster, coaching and the nonprofit world. But if you look closely and get to know her, you see no matter what her profession was, her focus never truly changed.

We dive right in on this one and confront some of peoples major “trip ups” in life. Fear, judgment and lack of confidence can cause people to make decisions or focus on things that wont get them closer to what they really want. In fact a lot of times we’ve forgotten what the things we really want are and that's why Robyn highly recommends we often revisit the things that make us happy and bring us joy in life.

One of the subtle things we talk about is paying attention to how you show up to situations and tasks. Do they make you anxious, angry or  happy. If they cause negative emotions and energy learning to recognize it, and then develop tools to snap you out of could dramatically impact your life.

She sees O.S.M.s ( Oh shit moments ) as opportunities, they tend to be loaded with large amounts of action. She also reminds us its okay to make room to be angry because it's real and we can use it to get moving, but you cant get stuck in anger.

Robyn is a wonderful coach with many tools and mechanisms to help you get out of your own way and move towards the things you want in life. Besure to use the links and tools below to connect with here.

FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD of Robyns 5-3-1 Method text  “ possible “ to 31996




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