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A TV and Film podcast featuring Thomas Simonsen Balmbra and Sverre Aagaard
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An informal chat about this and that. Thomas starts of telling about an adaptation of Moby Dick for the stage which uses a lot of puppets, then we talk about what shows we've been watching lately and eventually get into sentimentality in films
A low ranking peeping tom, a competitive speed eater, and a ghoulish taxidermist - three generations of men that may or may not be related. This absurd and intense film explores their lives in Hungary from the second world war, in the soviet er
From cave paintings to game randomizes, we cover the entire specter of culture history in this postscript episode. Kind of. Mostly we just ramble on about movies though. Get in touch with us at [email protected]
This sublimely weird and funny debut movie by Jim Hosking, about a father and a son, a woman who comes between them and a man covered in grease who murders people at night and eats their eyeballs. Its gross, yet immensely watchable! This weeks
A bit of the old loosey goosey chit chat, Thomas has a lil true life anecdote of sin and cinema and Sverre has just finished reading about magic mountains and all the weird characters that muck about at such places. Get in touch with us at unp
Having escaped a colony of German fanatics, Maria finds refuge in a house in the woods, occupied by two pigs. She takes care of them like siblings, as they start to turn into humans, all the while a wolf taunts her from outside. This nightmar
Welcome to the postscript! This time we start out by talking about what other animated films we've considered talking about on the podcast, like When the Wind Blows and King of Pigs. After that we chat about voice work in games, how OG Cuno got
Snitter and Rowf escape a laboratory conducting tests on animals after having survived severe experiments. As they are hunted by humans, they befriend the Tod, a sly fox who tries to teach them the ins and outs of surviving as an animal in the
Sverre and Thomas have a wee chat about arthouse films, the criterion channel, Ingmar Bergman and Victor Sjöström. We also have very important career advice for actors who are hugely famous and successful. Hope you enjoy our little talk - get
Seita and Setsuko's home is destroyed during the firebombing of their home town, and shortly there after their mother dies leaving them to fend for themselves. This is Isao Takahata's deeply moving and incredibly sad film based on Akiyuki Nosak
We start of talking about Phillip Pullmans His dark Materials books and his later series The Book of Dust, talking about its merits in regard to CS Lewis and Narnia, then comparing it to the series. Sverre talks about how he makes music and his
Isabelle Huppert plays Erika, a strict piano teacher who lives with her mother. At a recital she meets Walter, a young man who becomes infatuated with her an decides to pursue her romantically, and well... things are about to become worse for e
Nikolaj Lübecker is Professor of French and Film Studies at the university of Oxford, and joins us in conversation about his book The Feel Bad Film from 2015. We talk about the films he places in this corpus, placed in the categories of either
Sverre has recently seen The Fellowship of the Rings and has a few observations, Thomas raves favorably about Hades, the rougelite game, then we get into mythology, evaluation of modern art and the weirdness of corporate art. Get in touch at
Perhaps Haneke's most unsettling, certainly his most mischievous, Funny Games twists expectations and upends genre as a way to critique media and examine how we relate to it. Its also very engaging, suspenseful and fun, in a horrible kind of wa
A pleasant chat about what we've been thinking of lately - annoying commercials, interesting movies, what games we've been playing and such. Thomas has seen The Painted Bird, Sverre has been playing Subnautica, we also talk about guest director
Benny is a teenage boy obsessed with video and death. He keeps replaying a VHS of a pig getting slaughtered, rewinding, re-watching and pausing at the moment of death. His well to do parents are absent ad let him do more or less as he wants, an
Having written extensively about extreme cinema and its ethical implications, Asbjørn Grønstad is Professor of Visual Culture at the University of Bergen and author of "Screening the Unwatchable" and "Film and the Ethical Imagination" among oth
We start of with a few recommendations for other non extreme Miike films to check out, then talk a bit about Kurosawas hitchcockian crime and class struggle classic High and Low and finally talk about what games we've been playing lately. Enjoy
We look at two hour long contributions to horror anthologies - Imprint, the thirteenth and unaired episode from Masters of Horror and Box from Three... Extremes. From a grotesque retelling of folk lore to a more sombre and sad horror-drama - th
We start of talking about Princess Kaguya and the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, then chat a bit about folklore, stories of revenge, and what games we have been playing lately. Get in touch with us at [email protected] https://www.i
Yakuza enforcer Kakihara is obsessed with finding out what happened to his boss and learns of Ichi, a psychotic assassin who leaves a gory trail. Perhaps he can fill the Kakiharas sadomasochistic void? Suicide is for the Birds https://offscr
The play Ways of Seeing attracted huge amounts of controversy in Norway in 2018, leading to media outrage as a series of attempts at terror action and threatening cutout letters where sent to the house of the justice minister. Now in 2020, ther
How is the Let The Right One book different from the movie? Is listening to podcasts while playing driving simulators the perfect alternative to meditation? Is this still the city of love? Get in touch with us at [email protected]
Audition is our second episode on Takashi Miike, a film whose themes seem more succinct in the aftermath of me too. A truly uneasy yet elegant piece of film making. Our recommendations for this episodes are: Meat is Murder - The Smiths https:
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