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In 1942 four Birmingham boys looking to distract themselves from the nightly German bombings wandered into Hagley Woods and found a woman's skeleton in a wych elm tree.  Many theories have cropped up as to who killed the woman and how she got i
In the mid 1800s, the ship Die Gratia came across a derelict and abandoned ship near the Azores islands called the Mary Celeste.  Upon investigation, no one could come up with a logical reason for why this ship had been abandoned.  So what happ
In 2016, several diplomats reported hearing a strange noise while at the US embassy in Havana.  Shortly after they began to experience symptoms like nausea, headache, and trouble sleeping.  So what was this?  Was it a government experiment?  Pe
The night before Jesus was arrested, he had one final supper with his apostles where they drank wine from some sort of vessel.  For centuries, people have been searching for the bowl or cup that was used at that supper?  Has it been found?  Whe
While we were gone, a monolith was discovered in the desserts of Utah.  After the first was discovered hundreds began popping up all over the world.  So where did the first one come from?  Aliens?  Artists?  Pirates?  We'll tell you in this epi
In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two people to set foot on the moon.  Despite overwhelming evidence that it did in fact happen, many still don't believe.  Why?  More importantly, what the hell is the government hiding fr
We are going on indefinite hiatus, because I (Chad) have some stuff to work on.  Hopefully, we'll be back, but either way thanks for all the support you guys have given us.  It was a blast.
In 1979, a mysterious man calling himself R.C. Christian walked into the office of Joe Fendley and commissioned a massive monument, bigger than anything the county of Elberton in Georgia had ever seen.  It was to be built to very specific stand
It's the 1800s in rural Labette County, Kansas near what would become the town of Cherryvale.  A family of four runs an inn out of their home.  However, they also murder people who stay at the inn.  When they were found out, they ran.  But what
We all know the story of the lost city of Atlantis.  A utopian island or continent where everything was perfect, and then it sank into the ocean.  Or did it?  There's no evidence anywhere on the planet that this city actually existed.  So was i
Please enjoy this free sneak preview of what to expect every week if you subscribe to the third tier ($10/month) of the Patreon starting on or shortly after Saturday, September 5th.  What you'll hear here are the outtakes from our most recent e
In the 1930's a crazy person was murdering drifters in Cleveland's Kingsbury Run and dismembering them.  The killer was named the Cleveland Torso Murderer for the fact that he they often left only the torso in tact.  Despite a confirmed twelve
Last week we started the tale of Spring Heeled Jack, a devlish figure in the early 1800s in England.  This week, we'll finish that tale and tell you what's really going on with this guy.
In the 1830s, a man saw a devilish, yet gentlemanly creature with metallic claws who could breathe blue fire and leap over ten foot high walls.  Thus began the attacks of the Victorian Legend Spring Heeled Jack.  So who was this Spring Heeled J
On August 20, 1966, an eighteen year old chasing a kite discovered two corpses on a hill.  Both were wearing a lead mask, and among their belongings were three sheets of paper, one of which included strange instructions that, while written in p
This week's episode is delayed a week due to technical difficulties on our end.  Instead, we offer up some announcements and a sneak preview of next week's episode.DISCORD INVITE URLhttps://discord.gg/Rfwcy8dFACEBOOK GROUP URLhttps://www.facebo
Just outside of Gold Hill, Oregon is a place called simply "The Vortex".  In this location there is a circle where plants don't grow and animals will not tread.  Flora grow toward the vortex but not in it.  Gravity and perception seem to be ske
In the early eighties license plate sized tiles began popping up on roads in American cities.  Each bore essentially the same basic text, but contained other text in the margins that varied from tile to tile.  Named the Toynbee Tiles, it is sti
In the early 1900's a young boy name Bobby Dunbar went missing from Louisiana.  Eight months later he was found in the company of a man in Mississippi who claimed he was Bruce Anderson, the son of a woman who worked for him.  A court awarded cu
In 1954, a well dressed traveller went through customs at a Tokyo airport claiming to be from, and carrying documentation from, a country called Taured.  Then, he vanished as quickly as he had arrived.  So where did this man from Taured come fr
In the beginning God said, "Let there be light!" and then he created some stuff and people and things.  Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden after eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge.  Yada yada yada.  Everyone knows this
On August 7, 1994 a strange gelatinous substance fell from the sky at around 3:00am and covered a twenty square mile patch of Oakville, WA.  Over the next three weeks it would fall five more times.  Those who came in contact with the substance
In the 12th century, a pair of children with green skin appeared from the forests surrounding the town of Woolpit.  They would only eat specific foods, but when they did the color of their skin cleared up.  Where did they come from?  We'll tell
In 1900, a steam liner passing by the Eilean Mor lighthouse noticed that the light wasn't shining as brightly as it should.  When a provisional ferry arrived a few days later to resupply the keepers positioned there, they found no sign of the t
In 1962 four inmates of the ever famous Alcatraz prison set into motion an escape plan that had been a year in the making.  Three of the inmates escaped from the island prison, but did they survive?  That's what you'll find out in this episode
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