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Episodes of Voices of Misery Podcast

Today the Nerds review some Christmas movies neither one wanted to watch, a Florida man makes a mistake, a 72 year old hospitalized woman wants some quiet, pilk and cookies revolts us, a couple Disney stories and much more! Check out our amazi
Today a man is removed from a plane, an update on the laughing gas rapist, man bites his friend over a golf game, a woman locked in dog cage begs for help, a catfish shooting and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.com use our code 'N
People that should not be driving, a Monopoly game turns violent, instagram privileges being revoked leads to murder, Nerd reviews a soft core porn on Netflix, Nerdette steals a potential Bff and more!   Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.c
A ridiculous lawsuit over cooking prep time, a man lost at sea and doesn't know how he got there, a 16-year-old admits murdering someone on Instagram live, a pervert in government steals a woman's luggage, hot judge smokes on ZOOM call and more
A VERY high Nerd reviews the movie 'Barbarian,' an idiot drinks bleach, a woman burns down her boyfriends house over a simple understanding, a couple quick updates on topics from Wednesdays show, prison beatings and a bonus AITA topic!    Check
Fatal shooting at a Wal-Mart, a cat hangs out an an airport, spilled salsa causes a shooting, Nerdette rants about Walking Dead, a man shoots his woman in favor of his lover and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.com use our code 'NE
Today a man gets arrested over condiments, a man dies in a lagoon of shit, a middle schooler with no legs joins the basketball team, the update that won't go away, LGBTQ nightclub shooting, a ruptured bladder and more! (Psst) Happy birthday to
You can buy the Goonies house if you're nerdy (and rich) enough, a driver in California runs down 75 people and gets released almost immediately, sheep walking around in a circle causes alarm, Full House stars at war over woke nonsense, a missi
A car thief that needs rescuing, a wedding photographer gets that ass whipped, Jay Leno on fire while Denise Richards gets shot at, some rapper named Blueface got arrested, a man dances to his death, they messed with the Queen of Christmas and
A great holiday job idea, a new seltzer water for the holiday, a deer rampages through a persons home in search of a mate, a teacher drags a 5 year old, what more do trans people want and more!   Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.com use o
Nerdette finds new flavors to discuss and finally has a Whopper, UPS loses students SAT tests, Nerd has a Walmart moment, Raven from DC comics gets arrested, Elvis childhood home up for rental and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.c
Nerd recaps his thoughts and rants about the election, and bleak outlook on the future, Tyson foods cfo gets wasted and wakes up in random home, a deadly videogame, a robber knocking himself out during escape, a girl escapes a creepy Lyft drive
Cops arrest Pikachu, a man stabbed on todays edition of 'When doing the right thing goes wrong,' a carjacker that can't drive, a woman saved by an Apple Watch, Whitney Cummings has a great idea and more!   Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid
Another sex toy argument, spoiled brats ruin a home and cause massive damage, hot chocolate bombs to make your mouth water, nude Florida man drives around with contraption on his junk, a bad gender reveal, Dwayne Wade is a piece of trash, and m
RIP to another rapper, a Florida man that tries to evade arrest because he's allowed to do what he wants, a Florida woman killed on Halloween night, the feds have been spying all along, Demon cat, and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! bino
Nothing is scarier than real life on this Halloween edition of the show. A homeless man dines on a rotisserie chicken in a Wal-Mart, a snake swallows a grandmother whole, a woman found bloodied and hogtied, a homeless man builds a home on wheel
Update on the girl that thinks she is too pretty for everything, climate activists doing their dumbest stunt yet, a crazy lady with a pickaxe, Paul Pelosi beaten by hammer, a dad praised for being a dad and more! Check out our amazing sponsors
Workers get stds from the water fountain, McDonalds makes another grotesque decision, update on the sex toy knifing, paternity drama leads to gunfire in a hospital, a pregnant woman attacked, the toughest clothes around and more! Check out our
McDonald toys already selling big on Ebay, Nerdette rants and brings back her flavor segment, a 14-year-old steals (then hands out) her grandmothers life savings, squatters piss Nerd off, a cat takes up residence in a Home Depot, a de-transitio
Today we have some recent story updates, the CDC is desperate to give your children the clot shot, a pair of twins escaping the world's most evil mother, a woman using bees as attack weapons, a haunted house that Nerdette doesn't believe is rea
The most infamous Florida man yet is caught again, a landlords torso goes missing, we visit a Halloween store, Ezra Miller faces 26 years in prison, a bar promotes an 11-year-old drag show and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.com us
Nerdette offers up a new holiday rum, the California serial killer has been caught, a spilled milk trend based off the environment rubs store owners the wrong way, a woman forgets contacts in her eyes for years, and more!   Check out our amazin
Tatted 10 year old, a hot sauce company sued for fraud, a teacher has a kill list of students, kids being charged to wear costumes at school, the Kia Boys and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! binoid.com use our code 'NERD' to save 10% on
Daycare workers fired for scaring children, a woman found wearing only a dog collar, a child in California bullied for no reason, the most sinister woman we've ever talked about on the show also happens to be a neonatal nurse unfortunately, gro
Teen steals the worlds hottest gummy bear, ax wielding man vs a gun, a drunk man hitches a ride on a semi truck, the worlds oldest dog passes away, an idiot follows gps to his death, Chic Fil A employee fired for creating his own secret recipe
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