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Mans imaginary girlfriend only appears when he is high on meth, Nerd hates bicyclists, a man goes to Reddit because his girlfriend stinks, piss is apparently all the rage in a couple topics, a man robs a bank - to eat in the break room, Rambo g
A two headed turtle, update on the Avery killing, Nerd loses the war with edibles, a tik-tok scalp popping challenge, a California woman hosts teen sex parties, and Nerd puts the nail in the coffin of the 'Are cats evil?' debate!   Twitter: @
Dating app killer, Wendys employee throws hot oil at a customer that simply wanted a refund, embarassed dad kills son over raunchy pics, a man tries to fill his trucks radiator by driving it into a river, kids going to school in style, a sad ca
Sadhu Dah is a student of the Theravada lineage under Master Pong Sak and Master Thanaphol Pakdee, he has years of experience and training with inner door secrets of Thai Buddhist Magick. After the Sadhu Dah became a Mophi in Theravada traditio
Suicide attempt goes terribly right, a dead body gets stashed in a Walmart parking lot, a teen kills his exes new Bf just cause, Madonna has a paid for donk-a-donk, drunk men break into a water park, get hurt, then sue the park, cops or geek sq
Authorities think they finally cracked the case of the Zodiac killer, a woman calls authorities to rescue a 'tarantula' on her roof, a daring rescue to save a mannequin, an innocent compliment leads to murder and more! Twitter: @voicesofmiser
Icyhot on Nerds penis, Fauci flip flops 3 times in 24 hours over Christmas, a gun goes off in school on accident, 'subway surfer' dies, a man dismembers people for god and will probably get into Heaven, 'Bat-Man' lights people up and has anger
I use functional medicine, which is fixing the underlying reason you’re not feeling 100%, rather than the bandaid solution of standard medicine. I provide simple, sustainable strategies to help you lose weight permanently, have lots of energy,
Dogs do what dogs are supposed to do to an intruder and get seized for their efforts, a Florida woman uses grits as a weapon, a twin kills the other while sleepwalking, a drunk man joins a search party for himself, fapping Florida man grabs dep
Demi Lovato chases aliens, a school bans bookbags and kids get creative, the McDreamy you could have had, a high school foot-brawl game makes a coach sob alone, Nerds new segment dies immediately, an Amazon driver is scared of a bug, Nerdette c
Boy stabbed at a haunted house, R Kelly finally sentenced, GA man hitches a ride on a truck - shirtless and smoking a cigarette, a disgusting FL woman stanks up a jeep at a car lot, a woman tries to cuckold her husband and violence ensues, a fu
Woman really loves her Chipotle, a man steals a car then tries to return it to the same lot, a Dad records a pervert pastor then delivers justice, a kid tries to charge his urethra, Florida woman takes the wheel, Nerdette cancels Survivor and m
A woman bangs a Dolphin, the South Carolina exhibitionists are at it again, 'Free car' has a hidden surprise, Nerds tell entitled brats to leave the nest, the worlds oldest married couple and more! Twitter: @voicesofmisery mewe: @voicesofmis
Florida man fingers himself during booking at the police station, a man throws a baby from a balcony, cats riding scooters, a man sits on a random persons roof for 5 hours - has no idea why, Walmart pervert taking photos of women, a close call
Nerdette runs the show and topics today as a Florida man twerks for police and gets tazed, a lawyer dressed as a demonic serial killer walks along the beach, an employee shits on pizza rolls and a customer gets a feel, a man throws a demonic ch
Jennifer Margulis has a PhD and is an award winning science journalist and author of 8 (soon to be 9) amazing books dealing with health and practical medicine. She has been seen on the New York Times, Washington Post, and on the cover of Smiths
Cat steals the show at a football game with its death defying act, a Subway employee in hot water for defending herself, California lets girls play football, Mcdonalds hosts yet another shooting, Peeping Tom strikes again, MTV awards ups the an
Nerds talk about the time capsule filled with memorabilia of the moments America turned into a third world country, some Teen Mom chick bends the knee to Demi Lovato, being way too old to figure out pronouns, a group of coordinated women steali
Lil Uzi Vert gets his gem snatched, a flying dolphin rescued in a pond, the worst nanny ever does the unthinkable, a Tesla rats on a would be criminal, a man and his barber have words, and what do a nude woman, a shootout, and a teenager with a
Happy Labor day special episode of the Voices of Misery podcast. Tom Fargnoli was married for 40 years and served the Catholic Church as a deacon for the last 5 years, Tom suffered internally with loneliness and his faith. This is truly an insp
Nerds go LIVE for the first time in a while, but today is special as they celebrate 2 MILLION downloads of the podcast! Then a Florida woman gets arrested over a fart, Peppa Pig roasts YE, the worlds worst call center rep ever gets exposed, a w
Inmate simply walks out of jail by pretending to be someone else, a man smuggles 320 lbs of Bologna across the border, an Indian man glues his junk shut, a father/son do everything together, a man throws his penis to save the world, and more!
Today a man sues his parents over his porn collection, an entitled cyclist burns down a fast food joint over the price of soda, cleptos steal clothes and leave the tags on, China hates videogames, a leftist teacher hates America but of course w
Today the Nerds talk about school fights, Ron Jeremy in trouble with the law, children hidden behind a fake wall at a daycare, a joyriding family of cows, flaming hot Cheetos and MT dew link up and so much more! Twitter: @voicesofmisery mewe:
Today the Nerds discuss the Nirvana album cover baby suing over the infamous album cover many years later, the 2017 mosque bomber realizing he is now a woman as he faces sentencing, a true tree house, hammer time in the BX, Only fans reversing
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