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The Iraq War came about following a moment of crisis – September 11th, 2001. In real-time, the world watched our leaders react and made decisions based on fast-paced information presented to them, not unlike the moment we are currently facing i
Hello everyone! Starting January 6th Brady will now be the host of Dispatches: The Podcast of the American Revolution. Tune in now for the latest in 1776 each week, every week! Our feed will still update with new episodes of Battlefield Pennsyl
While the British army occupied Philadelphia, the insurgent General George Washington was determined to starve it of supplies. Lead by Patriot raider-extraordinaire John Lacey, militiamen burned and terrorized Pennsylvania crops and farms to en
In 1877 America was in peril. As Federal troops struggled to maintain order in the South and defend the rights of freed African-Americans, labor uprising swept across the North and West. Considered part of the "Red Scare," a massive uptick in l
On the eve of the American Revolution, the northeast prepared for war. After both claiming much of modern northeastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut settlers poured into the Wyoming valley. After taming the soil and organizing communities, these "Y
In 1778 the true brutal nature of the American Revolution was revealed when Iroquois warriors and Loyalist rangers attacked the Patriot settlement of Wyoming. Known as the breadbasket of the Revolution, the settlers of Wyoming were betrayed by
On July 2nd, 1863 the battle for Lee's left flank was on. While the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia tangled at Gettysburg, the two sides squared off four miles away at Hunterstown. Pitting Wade Hampton against George Armstrong
In 1779 George Washington launched what would be his most successful campaign of the entire American Revolution: the destruction of Iroquoia. A three pronged attack from all directions, the Sullivan-Clinton-Brodhead Campaigns reduced the Hauden
In 1754 the armies of New France descended upon the North American frontier. After building a series of forts connecting the Great Lakes to the Ohio River, the post named Fort Duquesne stood as the key to continent. By connecting vital rivers a
In 1756 the French Empire allied with the disaffected warriors of the Ohio Country. As the Seven Years' War began, these Mingo, Delaware, and Shawnee warriors began raiding the Scots-Irish settlers of the Pennsylvania backcountry. In one of the
In early August 1763, British North America was under siege. Following their great victory during the Seven Years' War, the Crown was rocked when France's former Indian allies continued to wage war. After destroying many small forts and besiegi
On July 1st, 1863 Confederate General JEB Stuart launched a bold attack on the Pennsylvania city of Carlisle. Unbeknownst to "The Last Cavalier," as he shelled the town the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia was engaged in a fierce battle th
In 1758, British General John Forbes began his march on the French Fort Duquesne. Along the way he built several forts and posts, but none was more impressive than Fort Ligonier. On this episode our guests are Fort Ligonier's Director of Histor
In 1765 armed rebels surrounded a British fort in the backcountry of Pennsylvania. Led by James Smith, the men opened fire on Fort Loudoun a full ten years before Lexington and Concord and the start of the American Revolution. While many have a
On July 3rd, 1754 George Washington and his men made a stand in the backwoods of the Ohio Country. Surrounded by French soldiers, the young Virginian soon ran out of musket balls and hope. His surrender would become the stuff of legend, and be
After the Washington's defeat at the Battle of Brandywine, the Continental Army had one last chance to save the city of Philadelphia. Led by "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the Patriots tangled with the Redcoats in the dead of night near the Paoli Tavern.
In 1763 the peaceable kingdom of Pennsylvania was torn apart by violence. In response to the brutal raids of Indian wars from the west, Scots-Irish settlers on the frontier rose up in rebellion. After murdering the men, women, and children of a
Just one day before the Battle of Antietam, the Allegheny Arsenal exploded. Primarily operated by young women on the homefront, a black powder explosion rocked the munitions hub of Pittsburgh and changed the city forever. Mysteries still remain
In 1754, a young George Washington recieved his first taste of battle in the wilds of the western backcountry. Fighting alongside Indian allies, Washington's attack on a party of French soldiers known as the Battle of Jumonville Glen remains sh
In the summer of 1892 the workers of the Homestead Steel Works and security forces hired by Carnegie Steel went to war. Known as a watershed moment in the history of American Labor, the Homestead Steel Strike saw full scale combat during the he
In 1863 Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia invaded Pennsylvania. On June 30th, 1863 Confederate Lt. General Albert G. Jenkins and Union Major General Darius Couch squared off at Sporting Hill. Just one day before the Battle of Gettysburg
On September 11th, 1777 George Washington's Continental Army was all that stood between Philadelphia and the British Army. Understanding that a great stand would be required to save the colonial capitol, the General clashed with William Howe's
Known as a bastion of independence on the American frontier, the Scots-Irish city of Hannastown was considered a vital target of Pro-British forces during the American Revolution. In 1775, a full year before the penning of the Declaration of In
In the decade after the American Revolution farmers on the western frontier rose up in rebellion against the new federal government. Believing themselves to be ill-represented and abused, the region known for its whiskey production became a hot
In 1844 the city of Philadelphia exploded into violence and chaos. With recent Irish immigrants coming to America by the tens of thousands each year, Nativist forces across the Northeast began to protest. In the Irish neighborhood of Kensington
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