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We hope you’re ready for some ‘66 shenanigans Bat-Fanatics! This week Joe & Kendal are joined by special guest Megan to delve into the second volume of the Batman ‘66 comic series. They covered the first volume way back in episode 29!    The second volume focuses on many of the one-arc villains from the series, plus two VERY unexpected returns: Eggbert & Lisa Carson (Lisa was part of our King Tut discussion in Episode 46). Do these stories hold up to the first volume? Do they still capture the “vibe” of Batman ‘66? More importantly… will Bookworm discover the secret identity of Batman? How many women will try to marry Batman/Bruce Wayne? How do identical cousins work? Listen in and find out!   ** This episode was recorded after Return of the Joker, so the ongoing “plot” of Season 3 will be slightly out of order. Don’t let your back get Bane’d! It’s bad for podcast continuity **   Plot Pandemonium - Batman ‘66 vol. 2: Physical Issues #6 - 10, Digital Issues #16 - 30
Look, Bat-Fanatics! It's our first character episode of Season 3 and we choose… Dr. Trap? You know, the guy with the metal jaw who tried to kill Harley, Ivy, Selina, and Kite-Man in that one episode of the second season of the Harley Quinn TV show? THAT guy? Oh yeah, Bat-Fanatics. That guy. This is easily the weirdest character progression Joe and Kendall have seen to date. In fact, Dr. Trap doesn’t appear as a “real” character until almost 3 years after his original design. That design? A methodical serial killer of supers, both heroic and villainous. Great premise right?! So join us as we read, perhaps, the most eclectic batch of DC comics that we’ve ever read to figure out where this mysterious metal-mouthed menace starts, and where he ends up! Infinite Origins: Chase vol. 1 #3 & #6Continuity Crisis: Martian Manhunter vol. 2 #20 & #36, Harley Quinn vol. 1 #23, Manhunter vol. 1 #26-30, Batwoman vol. 2 #19Outside the Panel: Harley Quinn S2 E3 - Catwoman
Well, Bat-Fanatics, it isn’t Batman, but he does make an appearance . . . so it counts! This time Joe and Kendall dedicate a whole episode to a Wonder Woman comic, specifically Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. Daniel Warren Johnson is both writer and artist on this wild, monster-filled ride. BEWARE! Spoilers abound if you haven’t read this, and man, you should read it! Wonder Woman in the post apocalypse? Check. Survival of humanity pushed to the brink? Check. Shocking appearances from the other members of the Trinity? Abso-freakin-lutely. This is a strange but extremely satisfying take on Wonder Woman, Bat-Fanatics! So strap on your Amazonian utility belt, turn your lasso of truth into a weapon of war, and prepare to battle your way through the apocalypse Wonder Woman style! Plot Pandemonium: Wonder Woman: Dead Earth 1-4
We return to 1980 to discuss the much beloved Untold Legends of the Batman! An adamant favorite amongst some of our more vocal Bat-Fanatics, this summary of Batman’s Pre-Crisis origin has never been seen by Joe & Kendall . . . until now! What an amazing time capsule this book is! Written by Len Wein with art by John Byrne (Issue 1) and Jim Aparo (Issues 2 & 3), this book served as a much needed jumping on point for new readers. It also happens to be the 2nd mini series ever published by DC. Joe & Kendall even include a “reader’s guide” for folks looking to find the original stories references within. So dust off your dad’s Batman Halloween costume, seek your long desired vengeance against Joe Chill, and join us in this defunct but wildly entertaining Batman origin.   Plot Pandemonium: The Untold Legend of the Batman #1-3Crisis of Infinite Interpretations: ULotB Reader’s Guide YouTube Recordings of the Audio Cassettes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K92KciDNWoY&ab_channel=DarthPaul83 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCsOzSR6hn8&ab_channel=DarthPaul83 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49rP-NVtNaU&ab_channel=DarthPaul83
What the shock?! Yes, Bat-Fanatics, we return to the fan beloved animated series: Batman Beyond. This time Joe and Kendall review episodes 5-8, including the final fate of Mr. Freeze in the DCAU. These episodes really rip! And if the Bat-Fanatics need a reminder, while this is a delightful nostalgia trip for Kendall, Joe has NEVER seen these episodes before. Holy new Bat-Mythos! Within these 4 episodes are: the birth of Blight, the emergence of Shriek, the first DCAU Royal Flush Gang appearance, and an episode chocked full of Marvel homage. If that’s not enough, Joe and Kendall discuss the rumors surrounding a possible Batman Beyond Movie involving Michael Keaton! Episode Extravaganza: Batman Beyond S1: E5 - Meltdown, E6 - Heroes, E7 - Shriek, & E8 - Dead Man’s Hand
Welcome, Bat-Fanatics, to 1961, a transitionary period where the morality of the 50s is beginning to mingle with the sexual revolution. This is the setting of Howard Chaykin & Dan Brereton’s Batgirl & Robin: Thrillkiller,  a noir tale of corruption and murder in the dark heart of Gotham City. In the middle of it all is detective Bruce Wayne. Holy Twisted Continuity! Joe and Kendall dive into this Elseworld’s story lauded for its art and atmosphere to find out what happens when Barbra becomes the only bat-game in town and the Joker becomes… a woman?! So carefully manicure your 5 o’clock shadow, seductively unbutton your blouse until you’ve made everyone uncomfortable, and earn your reputation as a madcap heiress because this one had some potential, Bat-Fanatics, but boy does it fall apart quick!Plot Pandemonium: Batgirl and Robin: Thrillkiller #1-3
Happy New Year Bat-Fanatics! Welcome to another OUTRAGEOUS (and long overdue) episode of "Being Brave & Staying Bold," a bonus show from Wayne Manor Memoirs! It's finally time for Joe and Kendall to discuss the musical masterpiece that is Mayhem of the Music Meister! Neil Patrick Harris joins as the Music Meister with Grey DeLisle as the Black Canary. Joe even added samples of all of the songs. Holy production value Bat-Fanatics! We hope you enjoy. Next up? The final episode of Season 1 and our Season 1 Wrap-Up
Bat-Fanatics, and welcome to the inaugural episode of Season 3! Another 50 episodes of Batman (or Batman adjacent) content is heading your way. And to start it off? A divisive Batman film for Joe & Kendall: Batman Returns! OF COURSE Joe and Kendall disagree about this film. Besides, they were agreeing too much anyway. This sort of deep emotional conflict really sells premium podcasts, so, you know, we gotta ape that every once in a while. Anyway, it’s time to shine the bat-flashlight on this corner of the Bat-Mythos to discover its monstrous penguins, vinyl clad catwomen, and pinstriped evil businessmen. Oh boy, do your hosts have A LOT to say about this holiday themed film, plus a smattering of critical reviews and a utility belt full of comparisons to Batman ‘66. So spew some gross black bile, install new batteries in your remote control batarang, and load those penguin missile launchers for we stand on a great threshold… of Season 3!Plot Pandemonium: Batman Returns
Rocking a major rogue can only mean one thing Bat-Fanatics! The end of Season 2 has arrived. This time we shine our light on the prince of the puzzlers, the king of conundrums: The Riddler! After Kendall’s frigid fight with Mr. Freeze (formerly Mr. Zero) in Season 1, it’s Joe’s turn to resist the Riddler’s ruse. We explore the 2 golden age issues of the Riddler before he disappears for 17 years only to reappear right before the release of Batman 66. Once Bat-Mania takes hold, we get rapid-fire appearances throughout the rest of the 60s. Does Frank Gorshin play a major role in the Riddler’s revival? Even within these 8 issues we see the Riddler rise as a master of deceit and cunning only to crumble into a corny criminal with a compulsion for riddles. So much squandered potential! So settle in Bat-Fanatics and prepare to have the following dastardly riddles answered for you!   Why is a honeysuckle like the letter A? Which city never runs out of food? Where do you find a heavy wagon and a furnace?   Infinite Origins: Detective Comics vol. 1 #140 & #142 Silver Age Shenanigans: Batman vol.1 #171 and #179; Detective Comics vol.1 #362, #364, #373, & #377 Outside The Panel: Batman ‘66 (S1 Ep 1-2, 11-12, 23-24, 31-32; S2 Ep 45-46; S3 Ep 2); Batman: The Movie
Welcome to the penultimate episode of Season 2, Bat-Fanatics, and thank you for hanging out with us for another rotation around the sun. To celebrate our galactic trek, Joe & Kendall dive into one of the oddest crossovers in comic history: Batman vs Predator. Penned by Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen art fame) and pencilled by Andy Kubert, Batman vs Predator proves to be a shockingly competent crossover. Not interested in the simple cash grab of combining two properties, Gibbons has taken the time to craft a story that feels true to the Bat-Mythos and the lineage of Predator 1 & 2. Even better, the dichotomy of humans vs predator makes it easy to root for Batman while still enjoying the Predator’s rule of cool. Buckle-in, Bat-Fanatics, for some beautifully illustrated boxing, the Predator’s own war on Gotham crime, and a special Bat-suit only the 90s could love in this crossover that’s well worth the read. Plot Pandemonium: Batman vs. Predator vol.1  #1 - 3
Welcome Bat-Fanatics to our first attempt at covering an influential Batman creator, and what a creator we’ve chosen! Back in one of our very first emails, Jose mentioned that Jim Aparo was his Batman artist. So, Joe and Kendall hit the books to learn all they could about Mr. Aparo! Turns out, there is a lot to learn. From the origins of a newspaper ad designer, to starting comics at Charlton, to finally an entire career at DC drawing a myriad of characters: Aparo is an artistic pillar from an era largely unknown to your hosts. And how do they capitalize on this opportunity? By using it to cover Aparo’s self-admitted favorite book, the Brave and the Bold. That’s right, we’re talking more Bat team-ups than you can shake a batarang at! So prepare to hear some of the zaniest Batman stories we’ve ever talked about, drawn with some of the most engaging and dramatic art we’ve never seen. And best yet? The Origami Man! Background Bat-File: Jim AparoInside the Panel: The Brave & the Bold vol. 1 #98, 111, 120, 124, 178, 200
Welcome back to another OUTRAGEOUS episode of "Being Brave & Staying Bold," a bonus show from Wayne Manor Memoirs! As Joe & Kendall approach the end of season 1, we cover the final Kirby-esque episode of season 1, When OMAC Attacks! Then we follow it with some Batman Inception as Psycho Pirate feeds on the emotions of the captured Outsiders in Inside the Outsiders! Next up? A whole episode dedicated to the Mayhem of the Music Meister! This episode covers season 1, episodes 23 & 25: When OMAC Attacks! & Insider the Outsiders!
Welcome, Bat-Fanatics, to another Booster-ific episode of the Booster Gold Gazette! I mean . . . uh . . . Wayne Manor Memoirs. This time Joe and Kendall delve into the (definitely not corporately sponsored) exploits of Booster Gold, the greatest hero you’ve never heard of! Oh, you’ve heard of him? Well . . . you aren’t supposed to. His incompetence is merely a mask for foes to underestimate him, for Booster Gold is the one true protector of the timesteam and multiverse! No, really . . . he is! This episode focuses specifically on Booster Gold’s time as champion of the time stream in the late 2000s. So prepare yourself for paradoxical shenanigans, sassy security robots, and the return of Ted Kord Blue Beetle (kind of) as we go back to the past to talk about DC’s future!? Background Bat-File: Michael Jon CarterInfinite Origins: Booster Gold vol. 1 #1Continuity Crisis: Booster Gold vol. 2 #1-6
Once again the delightful Megan joins Joe & Kendall to delve into Batman ‘66. Our focus? Victor Buono & his portrayal of King Tut! Easily the most successful of the “made for TV villains,” King Tut is the only villain outside the Big Four to appear in every season of the show. In fact, King Tut might be a shining ray of outstanding in the otherwise mediocre Season 3. We discuss Buono and his career, then give you a quick overview of ALL of Tut’s appearances in Batman ‘66… except “pretend Tut” in Dr. Cassandra. Those villains don’t count… If that wasn’t enough, we also cover all of Tut’s in-continuity comic appearances to date. And holy surprise quality, they turn out to be really enjoyable reads! So, Bat-Fanatics, get your royal apothecary to prepare some abu raubu simbu tu, ask Ms. Cleo Patrick for your daily lazy-susan of vitamins, and convince Batman to do some outrageous dancing for you as we delve into the majesty of Victor Buono.  Background Bat-File: King Tut; Victor BuonoOutside the Panel: Batman ‘66 (S1 Ep 27-28; S2 Ep 7-8,53-54; S3 Ep 6 & 23); Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Batman vs. Two-Face; Batman:The Brave & the BoldInside the Panel: Batman Confidential vol. 1 #26-28; Harley Quinn vol. 3 #38-39; Year of the Villain: The Riddler; Batman ‘66 vol. 1 + Tie-Ins  
Welcome Bat-Fanatics to the inaugural episode of Meetings at the Manor, our interview show! Each episode we invite a creator from nerd culture to Stately Wayne Manor to discuss their projects, career, and... anything else! This episode welcomes Sophie Campbell, current writer and artist on IDW's ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. We discuss her creator owned series (Wet Moon & Shadoweyes), her career, her time at Image, her experience with the turtles, and finally how the comics industry might become more inclusive. Thank you Sophie for being our first guest! Since this was our first attempt, the audio quality is a little rough but hopefully it will improve with practice!  You can find Sophie Campbell's work: Twitter - https://twitter.com/mooncalfe1 Deviant Art - https://www.deviantart.com/mooncalfe Shadoweyes Tumblr - https://shadoweyescomic.tumblr.com/
In light of recent events, Joe and Kendall pull an audible to discuss Superman Smashes the Klan. This started as a 16-episode story in the 1946 Adventures of Superman radio show titled “Clan of the Fiery Cross.” The radio show used the story to bring the KKK’s behavior out into the open and showcase them as anti-democratic and un-American. And it worked!   Superman Smashes the Klan is the first time that story has been adapted into a comic book--nearly 75 years later--and is designed for a younger audience. Even more surprising is how infuriatingly relevant this story still is. Join us, Bat-Fanatics, as we follow the Lees' experience with racism in Metropolis, get a little humanitarian, and (best of all) watch Superman man-handle some hooded racists.  Plus?! A contest for YOU to win a copy of Superman Smashes the Klan. Plot Pandemonium: Superman Smashes the Klan 1-3
Time to go bananas Bat-Fanatics! Spinning out of our Harley Quinn: Angry Bird episode, Joe and Kendall keep their promise and cover the Gorilla Gang. Buckle in folks, theirs is a long and storied history mired in complexity and depth. Just kidding. They’ve made two appearances and those appearances were about 50 years apart. So prepare for lots of low ape/monkey/banana jokes, full body Gorilla costumes, the almost death of Harley Quinn, and a surprisingly good footnote in the Bat-Mythos!   Infinite Origins: Batman vol. 1 #156 and #185 Continuity Crisis: Harley Quinn vol. 3 #38
Holy historically relevant comic Batman! Joe and Kendall are back to talk about Denny O’Neil’s & Neal Adams’ Batman #251: The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge. The early 70s saw many attempts by Batman comics to distance themselves from Batman ‘66. This included omitting many of Batman’s costumed criminals in favor of foes rooted in reality or the supernatural. Batman #251 marked the return of the Joker after a nearly 4-year hiatus from comics. Wow! This newly returned Joker casts off the mantle of irritating prankster and reclaims his role as jovial murderer. In addition to his darker tone, Adams gives the Joker a redesign that will influence his appearance for the next 20 years. If that wasn’t enough, this comic opened the floodgates for the return of darker versions of Batman’s other rogues. Does this comic successfully distance itself from Batman ‘66? How dark is this comic in the light of the modern era? Can Joe and Kendall successfully evaluate the impact of this comic without historical context? How much nitroglycerin is needed to have an exploding cigar take out an apartment? Tune in, Bat-Fanatics, and find out! Plot Pandemonium: Batman vol.1 # 251
Welcome back to another OUTRAGEOUS episode of "Being Brave & Staying Bold," a bonus show from Wayne Manor Memoirs! As Joe & Kendall approach the end of season 1, we get to some of the most Kirby influenced episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This time we visit a Mongul's Fourth World influenced  War World with Jonah Hex. Then, we take a trip to post-Great Disaster to experience the world of Kamandi! Yes! Finally! This episode covers season 1, episodes 21 & 22: Duel of the Double Crossers! & The Last Bat on Earth!
Welcome to the club, Bat-Fanatics. Why don’t you come on in and take a seat while Joe and Kendall play you a tune of dark knights, heroin, hallucinogens, and jazz. That’s right, this episode we’re looking at Batman: Jazz. Originally a special edition of Legends of the Dark Knight, Batman: Jazz is another attempt to mingle the Dark Knight and music. This story has us tracking down the Brothers of the Bop after they try to murder Blue Byrd, a presumed dead legend of the Gotham jazz scene. What follows is a trippy tale showcasing that people project what they want their heroes to be. Can this story, written by two white guys, actually showcase an African American experience in Gotham? Can Joe and Kendall (also two white guys) successfully discuss it? Probably not, but we try our darndest! So polish your saxophones, prepare your hallucinogenic gas, and get ready to discuss the “wonders” of 90s comics as we  tackle Batman & music… again. Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight - Jazz 1-3
We know you’ve seen Batman ‘89, Bat-Fanatics, but fear not because Joe and Kendall barely focus on the plot! Instead they dive into the film’s pop culture significance. Did you know this movie spawned one of the greatest cartoon series of all time? Of course. But did you know it also single handedly created the comic industry boon that might have also been the reason for its bust? Yeah, this movie was that influential. So, attach your grapple gun to your utility belt and prepare to get nuts as we ascend through the smoke into the most jarring third act in Bat-History! Plot Pandemonium: Batman (1989)
Welcome back to another OUTRAGEOUS episode of "Being Brave & Staying Bold," a bonus show from Wayne Manor Memoirs! Joe & Kendall continue to move through season 1 of their favorite Batman animated show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This time we're introduced to the 5th dimensional imp, Bat-Mite! That can only mean 5th dimensional shenanigans coupled with meta commentary. Then Red Tornado makes the ultimate mistake by trying to create a robot son. Do we like these episodes? Kinda. Listen and learn, Bat-Fanatics! This episode covers season 1, episodes 19 & 20: Legends of the Dark Mite! & Hail the Tornado Tyrant!
It’s time for a word-class education, Bat-Fanatics. This time Joe and Kendall delve deep into the origins of Joe’s favorite character: the Question. Born from the mind of Spider-Man artist Steve Ditko, the Question takes all of Ditko’s Objectivism and splays him across the back-matter comic book pages of Charlton Comics’ Blue Beetle vol. 5. Do you think sycophants are the leeches of a capitalist society? Do you think that only those capable of critical and independent thought are worthy of idolatry? Are you “on the fence” about saving the lives of criminals? Do you think modern art is abhorrent to the sensibilities of a well adjusted society?  Well, this version of the Question might just be the perfect hero for you. So chemically bond your pseudoderm face, alter the colors of your clothes, and clearly expound the ideals of your philosophy as we discuss a character most only recognize through Rorschach!Infinite Origins: Blue Beetle vol. 5 #1-5, Mysterious Suspense vol. 1 #1, Charlton Bullseye vol. 1 #5, Charlton Bullseye vol. 2 #1Outside the Panel: JLU: Fearful Symmetry, Question Authority, Double Date, and Grudge Match; Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Mystery in Space!, The Knights of Tomorrow!, Darkseid Descending!; Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Lego Batman 3
Gather close Bat-Fanatics while Uncles Joe & Kendall share with you a story of death, rebirth, judgement, and… penises. That’s right, this time we delve into the unreasonably infamous Batman: Damned. Written as a loose sequel to Azzarello & Bermejo’s Joker, this title was the flagship that launched DC’s Black Label imprint. It asked a simple question: What would happen if Batman killed the Joker? The imprint was supposed to open up flagship DC characters to stranger, darker, more mature themes. Then you show Batman’s penis and the whole thing goes into a tailspin. Does this story deserve infamy? Probably not, but it did deserve a whole new segment: Cataclysmic Controversy! Is it good? We don’t know, but we certainly give you our opinions. Is the art phenomenal? Oh yeah. So dive into a supernatural mystery of life and death, rap-battle with the demonic J-Blood, and get judged by vagrant Spectre! Bat-RadarPlot Pandemonium: Batman: Damned #1-3A.C.E. Chemical ReactionsCataclysmic ControversyCrisis of Infinite Interpretations
Thanks to our listener Thomas Egan for being the single needed request to bring back Kamandi. Honestly, what’s not to love?! Joe and Kendall continue their surprising investment in this comic by covering the next six issues. Remember the audio issues from the first part? Gone. Remember the over the top insanity of the stories? Still here! The absolute unabashed fun of the series? Still here! The requited love of Joe and Kendall? Bigger and better than ever. Did you get that we like this series? If COVID-19 has you feeling down and looking for something to do, Joe and Kendall cannot recommend this book more: fun, wacky, and generally light. Maybe even a good candidate for the kiddos. Bat-Fanatics set your cyclo-hearts to fission, prepare for the menace of the Misfit, and hope that Sacker’s still has some toilet paper left as we return to a post-apocalyptic future in our seeming apocalyptic world. Plot Pandemonium: Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth #7-12
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