Welcome to Night Vale

A Comedy, Arts and Literature podcast

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Welcome to Night Vale Reviews

Night Vale is my favorite strange, little desert town. It's full of humor, inspiration, hope, and will make you pause to remember we all live in our version of Night Vale. The Live Shows are so much fun if you get the chance to see one - do it.
Not my cup of tea. I do see the appeal though.
Kind of a "dark", *good* version of the stupid Lake Wobegon (no relation)
A ground-breaking podcast of unapologetic strangeness. Start at the beginning. Unfortunately, more recent episodes (say from about ep 85 on) seem to have lost some of the mojo, maybe due to the distractions of their increased (and well-deserved) popularity - WTN now has touring shows and print books etc etc... which, while exciting, might be taking their focus off the original thing: the podcast itself. ...all that said, I still listen to every new ep. If you like meta twilight-zone-ish surreal/satire. This is your show.