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We'll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema

A Comedy, TV and Film podcast featuring Michael M. Rader
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Episodes of We'll Get It Right Next Year

T100YOMWCOTWAD 26/26 This is it, the very end. We watched the movie and boy is it a movie. Plot? Who needs it when you have incident. Incident? More like Pissident because there's a lot of peeing in this movie for some reason.  This is the end
This is a special announcement to let you know Ryan and Michael will be watching the movie The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared live on Twitch.  Join and watch along with us and listen to our commentary on June 19 at
T100YOMWCOTWAD 25/26 This fortnight we talk to someone who has actually read the novel, and it happens to be Michael's wife. Convenient!  Sincerely, The Justice Boys https://premiumheart.bandcamp.com/releases
We finally have a mailbag episode! Although it's really less of a mailbag so much as an attempt by all of us to make each other laugh. Apologies to everyone who wrote in and waited so long, and thank you for supporting us. 
T100YOMWCOTWAD 24/26 In our pen-penultimate episode we drop the veil and get candid about what is and is not working about our podcast and discuss some plans for the future. Then we get right back on our bullshit and ride it into the sunset. Si
T100YOMWCOTWAD 23/26 As we approach the end, we struggle to find any more scraps of revelation. This leads us to obscure blogs, back to Rotten Tomatoes and into the depths of interactive cinema. We talk about smellovision, Mr. Payback, and a wi
  T100YOMWCOTWAD 22/26 The boys are of median age and ready to mingle as they watch trailers for BOTH of Hollywood's TOP Grandpa films. Plus, riveting deep dives into Calculus, Lord Of The Rings, and making the... uh... rains The Justice Boys  
T100YOMWCOTWAD 21/26 So close we can taste it! Ryan and I trawl the dregs of the internet trying to find contention about the movie. We visit RogerEbert.com, metacritic and even YouTube comments looking for jerks and....we don't find a lot. Plu
T100YOMWCOTWAD 20/26 Nothing to see here, everyone! Everything's totally normal here at WGiRNY studios and the world around us. Just a regular time we're all having Sincerely, The Justice Boys
T100YOMWCOTWAD 19/26 Top of the podcast to you! Happy St. Patrick's Day! We talk all kinds of Dexters, Accidental Espionage, and All Things Chan. Sincerely, The Justice Boys
T100YOMWCOTWAD 18/26 We get a little explicit in this episode because guest Stan Ferguson is a bad influence. Oh yeah, Stan is here and we talk about dictators, handies, acoustic covers of hard rock bands and what it means to be human. It's a r
Dearest Listeners, We write to you with great sorrow that there is another episode of this dumb podcast. You won't understand why the show notes are written in this epistolary format until 45 minutes in, another great regret of ours. We spend a
[Movie Acronym] 16/26
Bonus episode!  As mentioned on the most recent episode of WGIRNY, Ryan and I first podcasted together sometime during October of 2016 on my original podcast WHEEEEEEngs. This is that episode.
T100YOMWCOTWAD 15/26  
[Movie Acronym] 14/26 In this episode we go over the track listing for The Old Man Movie and learn a lot! A whole lotta' rein grabbing going on in this episode. In addition, we consider what the feature film Cats could possibly tell us about th
T100YOMWCCOTWAD 13/26 Halfway mark! We celebrate by watching the Swedish language trailer of Hundraaringen Som Klev Ut Genom Fonstret Och Forsvann and we learn that we were right about a lot.  Sincerely, The Justice Boys  
Season 3 Mailbag Episode It's a mailbag episode! We read from the forbidden email address, field questions from the kosher mailbag and just spend some time with Helen. Sincerely, The Justice Boys
T100YOMWCOTWAD 12/26 Whoa! Did we have a guest? Yes folks, we celebrate Turkeyday in style by inviting back Thanksgiving expert Emily Bennett for a third time in keeping with tradition. She brings us a whole feast of giblets to munch on this ye
T100YOMWCOTWAD 11/26  This episode is all about good vibes and positivity as we explore positive representations and positive role models in the film. Unfortunately we also end up exploring race science because we are doomed to deal with racism
T100YOMWCOTWAD 10/26 We go full impurity in this episode as we consult the imdb parent's guide to double check if Common Sense Media was leading us astray about the lack of sex in this film. What we learned there was deeply impure and highly di
T100YOMWCOTWAD 9/26 This episode we talk about the big one, that's right, s*x Sincerely, The Justice Boys
T100YOMWCOTWAD 8/26  Huge episode! We interview the author of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared as well as Serial the podcast and a serial killer in an endless chain of silly phone calls. We also learn about some u
T100YOMWCOTWAD - 7/26    
T100YOMWCOTWAD 6/26 Michael is too busy with schoolwork and regular work to write a synopsis, but you can write your own at home for fun! Sincerely,  The Justice Boys
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