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Davy and Phil have entered Harrowdeep, but have they delved to greedily and too deep?  Can you even hold objectives any more.  We chat hold objective play in Season 5.  Stay after the credits to listen to us not remember the names of any cards.
Once good friends with a working relationship based on mutual respect, Set the Tempo and What the Hex!?! are at each others' throats.  There's only one way to solve this and that's a good ol' fashioned death match.  Brought to you in audio form
Better.  Stronger. Faster.  But most of all, more Kunnin'.  We try our hand at a Krulebuild, in preparation for a Kontent Kreator Deathmatch, with Matt from Set the Tempo.   Our Krule Deck Set the Tempo's Truthseekers Twitter: @wthcast emai
It's Harrowdeep Day!  There's a ton to go through- Phil and Davy break down the varied rules changes, new keywords and updates to the game.  Get hype! Path to Glory review Can You Roll a Crit review Twitter: @wthcast email: [email protected]
The waiting is the hardest part, amirite?  To pass the time, Matt and Davy take a note from Matt and build some decks with Beastgrave rotated out.  We talk about the why, who we think is well positioned, and a little about where we went with ou
Join Matt, Davy and Phil for a Direchasm/Season 4 retrospective.  We take a look at some of our favorite, cards, memories, and mechanics and do a little bit of musing on what's to come in Season 5. Set the Tempo Twitter: @wthcast email: what
Phil and Davy coming at you, building a combo deck live on air.  With Arena Mortis 2 providing a new set of combo cards we thought we'd see what we could do to put a deck together that dips into that strategy. The Deck! Twitter: @wthcast ema
C-c-c-crossover!   Strap in for a long ride, WTH fans.  You're in Story Phase territory now.  We pull some of the rest of the TMR network in to cover the Direchasm Anthology Discord for The Mortal Realms Twitter: @wthcast email: whatthehexca
Hey Mollog, thanks for keeping Spinefin's throne warm.  You can take a hike now, ya big nerd!  We bring Mandarga, author of the Underdogs blog. to talk Soulraid.  With a lot of quality reps, he can really let us know what makes this warband tic
Good morning ladies and gentlemen!  With apologies to the late great Purple One, we're taking an updated look at control play with Set the Tempo's Matt.  After his very excellent article covering Control play we decided to finally get off our b
Are you Underworlds curious?  We've got an episode designed to be passed on to anyone looking to get into the game, especially with the evergreen starter set released in 2021.  We bring on special guest Aaron to talk about the new player experi
We hit the two most relevant things in today's Warhammer Underworlds meta- the new shiny FAR list and Eyes of the Nine.  Please welcome Norway's own Erik (aka ErikErik) while he helps us through this upheaval by preaching us to embrace change. 
There's only two sure things in life... that GW will release a warband when we're not ready, and that when the going gets tough, Phil and Davy will make someone else do the hard work.  Please welcome Tommy, terror of the Vassal Clashes to the '
Podcast!  Transform to something that can keep up with these releases, like... I dunno... a semi-truck?  Oh, and ROLL OUT!  Phil and Davy talk some of our fave Universals from Mad-Mob and Kainan's Reapers.   Keep Chopping Blog Set the Tempo B
We bring Zach in from Cozy Serpent gaming and all the Discords everywhere to talk Silent Menace.  Listen for two people with hot takes and one with a measured, well-informed take. Cozy Serpent Gaming Discord for The Mortal Realms Twitter: @w
Like a bunch of undead hungry, hungry hippos, the Crimson Court have had all hands on deck the past month.  What have we learned after taking them out for a spin?  More importantly, what has *Tabletop Sydney* learned?  Benji guests on this epis
Super hot off the presses- we talk about those Orruks so savage they don't need no clothes!  What's the latest greenskin addition got in store for Direchasm? Tabletop Sydney Best of 5 Series Discord for The Mortal Realms Twitter: @wthcast e
Good lord.  No time for anything clever, there is a veritable flood of releases.  Seriously.  Get a paddle, we gotta get outta here.  We're covering the (now apparently very old) news of the Crimson Court universals.  Tabletop Sydney Best of 5
Phil and Davy, your essential seneschals sent y'all this beefy episode to talk about the latest *permanent* additions to the card pool.  A real walk down memory lane for these guys, let me tell ya. Phwwooaarhammer blog No Gitz, No Glory Disc
Davy and Phil get in the weeds with Bold Deeds, turn the page on Martial Mage, and somethingsomething schmesistance on Haughty Resistance.  Do we find this set of universals interesting?  Judging by the number of times we used that adjective...
"Long have I waited..."  Thus spake Phil!  Listen while we ponder the celestial significance of this latest warband.  Listen while Phil sticks the landing on pronouncing names and Davy pretends he totally knew that too.  Listen to how many time
Dropping at the exact time when our befuddlement about the whereabouts of the Starblood Stalkers is rendered instantly obsolete, Phil and Davy take a look at the latest universals to impact the meta. Tabletop Sydney Set the Tempo   Contact:
...A quite handsome beast I might add. Are objectives burning down around us, or will it be all sound, no fury (or smash)?  Phil and Davy are back for a hot, hot take on the arrival of the Ravagers.  Join us for a ramble through some dubious p
So we're back up in the game Running things to keep our swing Letting all the people know That we're back to run the show Did you know that, and I think I'm saying this right, "DIER KASM" is out?  Let us tell you all about it!  The full WTH cr
Back flip!  Somersault!  Parkour!  The Coven is coming at you like a pack of howler monkeys!  Pop culture reference!  Phil breaks down the WTH?!? first impressions of the latest aggro glass cannons to arrive.  Tune in to learn more!   Contact
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