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We had the lovely opportunity to throw down in a Championship format event locally before we shift gears into Nemesis mode (Nemimode?).  Have a listen for what we learned from our event. WathLab's lovely Chosen Axes puzzle. Our Twitter: @wthcas
Adepticon's Grand Clash has been designated as a Nemesis event, so we go full Battle Mallet (less those pesky hosts) and talk Nemesis meta, factions, considerations and so forth. Format Guide on Underdogs Agents of Sigmar YouTube Channel Our Tw
Are there too many warbands in the game right now?  In the grand tradition of Chatting Crit, we try to come at both sides of the issue.  Give a listen and let us know what you think of this format! Come play in the Madtown Throwdown! Check out
The Sons band together to try to cast down Grinkrak's Fearsome Fortress in today's audio batrep.  Come for the crits and stay for Davy's positioning mistakes! Come play in the Madtown Throwdown! Mandarga's Mystery Project Brian's Looncourt Deck
Grinkrak's Looncourt is storming the gates of the Fearsome Fortress in today's episode.  The two latest releases for Warhammer Underworlds are coming in to close out 2022 and we break down our first impressions. Come play in the Madtown Throwdo
Do you have a strong local scene?  Would you like to have one?  We've been fortunate here and we're looking to share some of our tips for success with you.  The new year is on the way and Underworlds has never been in a better position for welc
If they can take a break from fighting over their dad's will, maybe those Sons of Velmorn can get it together.  Josh and Davy talk trying to build a championship deck for the overlooked half of Gnarlwood. Underdogs Blog Josh's Deck Davy's Deck
What is this, a crossover episode?  Battle Mallet's Jerod squares of against our own Phil and a Gnarlwood out of the box Nemesis battle.  Listen to their recap of the rumble in the jungle! Jerod's Velmorn Delvers Nemesis Deck Phil's Teeth, Claw
You know where you are?!  You're in the jungle, baby!  You're gonna die!  We all are!  This is a release with a lot of big, big changes and Phil and Davy try to grapple with them all.  Do we succeed?  Or do we get turned into tasty compost for
Or: "Good riddance Hunger, you won't be missed" and other slam poetry.  The full crew talks a round table as the clock runs out on Direchasm with an impending return to Ghur in the mix.  We talk our favorites introductions to the game over the
Please welcome to the fold: Skyler (OmniOps), Brian (homicida1_llama) and Josh (MySizeFitzAll) who join the show to help us put the Gorechosen through their paces. Brian's Deck (change that Draught!) Davy's Shadeborn Set the Tempo's Enraged Our
The Gorechosen are here!  Phil and Davy look at the faction cards through the lens of building a championship deck with them.  Listen as we forge a deck built of rage, wrath and fury. Blog post for the deck Check out our card-by-card reviews: G
Phil and Davy pick apart the process of building a championship Hexbane deck.  Listen as we criminally neglect Weapon's of Justice! Check out WathLab's Chosen Axes overhaul The Deck Assembled Our Twitter: @wthcast email: [email protected]
Nobody expects the Sigmarite Inquisition!  Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and dad jokes, dad jokes and surprise!  Phil and Davy *get into it* coming at you with an audio battle report using the brand new Hexbane's Hunters.  Make sure yo
Meta got you down?  Why not take a step to the side, take a walk on the bloody side?  Phil and Davy talk playing outside the meta, with who else?  Garrek's Reavers. Phil's Suicide Reavers Deck Our Twitter: @wthcast email: [email protected]
New Rivals decks you say?  Phil and Davy try to assemble a pair of Rivals Plus decks using the Vainglorious Raiders and Patient Lurkers decks published in White Dwarf Magazine (and available online), Phil's Vainglorious Swarm Davy's Patient Des
A discussion with Grymwatch connoisseur Nick about his recent outing with the noble ghouls at Bugman's.  We talk the deck, of course and why we think they have a strong place in the current meta. Note: We encountered some audio difficulties dur
Hey- there's a lot of folks making stuff for Warhammer Underworlds out there.  Maybe you've missed a few.  We run down everything we can find.  If you think we missed something, let us know! Our Twitter: @wthcast email: [email protected]
Underrated cards!  You know what else is underrated?  Releasing the episode on time.  Apologies- it was a real "plague on both our houses" situation.  Tune in for all the awesome listener submissions! Our Twitter: @wthcast email: whatthehexcast
Audio batrep time!  Brian slinks his way on to What the Hex, dropping smoke bombs and flinging throwing stars.  Phil takes the reins to put our freshly raised electro-zombos through their stumbling paces.  Remember to send in your idea of overl
Davy and Phil shamble through an Exiled Dead deck build.  Is it crafted with the mad genius of Deintalos, or is this more of a Bault creation?  Come have a listen as we piece this together on the fly.  Remember to send in your idea of overlooke
Just a big ol' pile of Universals. How is one to cope?  Davy and Phil break down some of the overall trends and standouts for the season. Come to our Rivals+ event, May 1st in Madison, WI. Twitter: @wthcast email: [email protected] Look
It's heeeeere!  Get hyped!  Phil and Davy threw down head to head with the Shadeborn and Clawpack to test out the dizzying depths of the Nethermaze. Come to our Rivals+ event, May 1st in Madison, WI. Battle Mallet Podcast Twitter: @wthcast emai
And it smells like victory.  Requizen comes on for a deep dive in the "how I built this deck" episode of his Spiteclaw's Swarm that very nearly went the distance at Adepticon 2022.  Come have a listen. Come to our Rivals+ event, May 1st in Madi
Here it is, our recap of our experience of the Adepticon 2022 Grand Clash.  Did all that practice pay off?  Or should we have snuck in a few more reps... Mandarga's Blade Coven Guide Compaq's Battle at Bugman's Twitter: @wthcast email: whattheh
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