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Worthfull Project

A weekly Education, Health and Fitness podcast featuring Christine Baird
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Episodes of Worthfull Project

“When I'm clear about my worth and where I'm focusing it, it is much easier to make big decisions about my work."   It's the final episode of season 5 of the show! It always seems to surprise me, but especially this year, I just realized that i
“You don't just get acknowledged every day for what you're developing, what you're learning, how you're evolving."   I hosted a little gathering at my studio a couple of weeks ago for some of my friends and peers who work in media produc
“It is inevitable that we will be impacting people so much more than we will ever realize over the long haul.”   I have been thinking about impact over the long haul lately. Partly because it's coming to the end of the year and I'm think
"I've learned a different way to value my work, my contribution, and to communicate that to the people I work with."   I just spent a week at a couple of lovely client events in California and I'm reflecting on how different my way of wo
"When we are willing to take a read on the room every time we get into a workflow with someone else, that goes miles to help us make sure we are respecting their worth and that can be reciprocated back to us."   I've been learning a lot
"It's a wild time for us reckoning with the effects of the media that we've created."   I am being a little tongue-in-cheek with the name of this episode because my company's name is Worthfull Media. However, it literally means media tha
"It's been really positive for me to trust that my worth is behind my intuition and energy and if I paid attention to it, it would guide me to the work that I'm best built to do."   You've maybe heard about Human Design as a trending way
"We work best in seasons. Our worth understands seasons."   I've been having the same conversation with friends and clients lately and it's about how we are humans, not machines, and that means we have different energy and productivity c
"If you want to shift people's lives, do less." Alexandra Franzen   I read something in an email from writer and book coach Alexandra Franzen last week that resonated deeply. She said, "The simplest product or service is often the best. I
"When we are doing worthfull work, there's an expansion that happens and a vulnerability that goes along with it."   You know the vulnerability that comes from making something new and inviting other people to see/watch/read/listen/use i
"Oftentimes the fog is super valuable, even if it's super uncomfortable most of the time . . . it's valuable if we decide to find value in it."   I'm sharing some perspective that I now have from the last year -- specifically how I moved
"It's so much more valuable within your career, and remember career can mean anything right now, to attach yourself to missions, ideas, and causes versus people, companies, and brands."   Because I've been reading and listening to some t
"We don't have to be pro athletes to understand that bad things happen if you go all in for too long on anything, anywhere in your life."   I've been thinking lately about how much I've been told during my professional career that if I r
"Pay attention to what you're paying attention to." - @peopleiveloved   I saw this note on the lovely artist Carissa Potter Carlson's Instagram account several months ago and haven't stopped thinking about it. It's become a tool I've used
"And I think that's one of the biggest perks of doing worthfull work -- when we've aligned our work, whatever it is, whatever you consider your day's work, with our worth, it starts to remind us of all the other things that are aligned with o
“Our worth has had a chance to be heard during this really disruptive past couple of years and we're realizing, 'If I'm not doing creative work, what that means to me and my gifts and talent, then I'm not doing it.'"   I am in the middle
“That's what can lead us back to trusting our worth, trusting our energy, pursuing the work and the ideas that don't make sense yet but are absolutely calling to us -- that is where worth will lead us home."   I've been paying a lot of a
“What got me here wasn't just chance. It was that I had consciously started -- before these clients showed up and before these projects had started to come in -- I had already decided that I was ready for an energetic shift."   I'm wrapp
“What if I started thinking about making really great work because I was curious, because I was passionate, because I just wanted to experiment and try and learn and take it a step further - I wonder what kind of abundance would come to me fo
“Money in no way is the sum definition of our worth. But if we don't connect the dots for ourselves first between our worth and money, it's very challenging for someone else to."     I want to talk about the relationship between our self
“Just like our brain is never going to stop forcefully telling us to stay in our comfort zone, our worth is never going to stop gently prodding us to leave it."     I really enjoyed International Women's Day this year and took it to hear
“It's easy for us to forget, in times like this, that we actually do have the power to do good with our platforms."     It's been a rough week in the world, specifically because Russia invaded Ukraine and brought a lot of of suffering to
“I think we're ending a 10 year cycle of a certain kind of messaging and marketing about this idea that you can monetize your passion if you just use the right tools and buy the right program and hire the right coach."     I'm unpacking
“The technology keeps changing, but connection and trust are what still work. Ideas that spread, win. Ideas that stick are worth even more. You can race to be first on a new platform, but it’s far better to be the voice that we would miss if
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