MFM – Episode 81: How to get email opt-ins from your readers without being a jerk – with Clay Collins

Released Saturday, 7th March 2015
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Interview with Clay Collins who is a master of giving away great content and providing so much value that when you finally give your email to him you feel like you should be giving him two. He’s also the creator of a video player that I obviously love (and use), Lead Player. Enjoy.     Wat we talk in the show Lead Player (affiliate) – The same video player that I use on The Mike From Maine Show Lead Pages – Make beautiful squeeze pages that convert – Clay’s main website Grow Your Audience   And Generate More Revenue “Tools To Help Bloggers, Podcasters, Vloggers, YouTube Producers, and
Content Creators Build Larger Audiences and Grow Their Business“   Welcome Splash (affiliate) – The plugin that lets you put up a squeeze page for EVERY page on your site Welcome Gate – A FREE plugin that let’s you collect leads ONLY when people come to your homepage

“Popups Are Dead”

“So Are Popups Really Dead?”

  • Just kidding.
In fact, I get irrationally annoyed whenever someone says that something is dead. Especially when that thing isn’t a biological organism that had life in the first place. (So if you’re irrationally annoyed right now, then I totally get it; sorry.) Anyway, since starting my first online business, I’ve been told that hundreds of things are dead. For example, at one point or another, I’ve been told by some blogger (who’s hustling for page views) that…
  • Email is dead
  • Blogging is dead
  • RSS is dead
  • Branding is dead
  • Twitter is dead
  • Lifestyle Design is dead
  • And the American Dream is dead
The truth is that technologies don’t die. They just become uninteresting and irrelevant.We just stop caring about them.
  • Not exactly. But the most respected brands on the internet have stopped using them altogether. And they just don’t work like they used to (unless you’re marketing to folks who are new to the internet and still get really excited when they get an email).
Markets are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. And folks aren’t going to jump out of their chairs and opt-in to your list simply because you offer a free 5-page PDF report. (Because in the last 24 hours they’ve been to all of your competitors’ websites… and everyone’s offering a free PDF report.) Indeed, there’s a fine line between (1) being assertive enough about building your audience and following, and (2) being too aggressive and alienating your market and fanbase. And my stats, metrics, and analytics bear out that (across multiple websites and markets), popups not only alienate potential customers and fans, but they’re also now ineffective if you’re marketing to folks younger than 60.