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Episodes of Zach Neil’s Daily Gold

White men have been sleeping on women and people of color. Now it’s time to change that.
Coronavirus can make you, not break you if you allow yourself to see the opportunity
These are my opinions and predictions on smart investments from small to large for 2020 and beyond
I think you don’t have time for your side hustle? I think it’s too hard to do more than one thing? Listen to the story about a guy I know who has five kids two full-time jobs and owns multiple other companies
Unlocking your true inner potential in the power to change your life in every way is a simple as changing your perspective in 28 minutes I’m going to guide you through how to do this and how to actually change your life in 21 days or less serio
Society has intentionally programmed you through media and marketing to feel insecure, depressed and anxious. In order to get you to need their products, first they convince you that something is wrong with you. This is my most powerful podcast
A lot of people want to make excuses for why they aren’t where they want to be or why they can’t do something and the reality is you’re just lazy or unmotivated or don’t really want it bad enough to do what it takes. I will share with you my st
This time of year around the holidays people get very depressed about what they can or can’t afford to buy and it’s such bullshit. Listen to this podcast and learned about that flexing and why the people that are flashing their shit are actuall
You can’t spend your time waiting for opportunities to come your way, there’s a mindset with people that there’s some guy in a tower in a city that makes all the decisions stop trying to meet that guy instead become that guy
This simple trick will teach you how to organize your personal skills and realize your true value. This is important for jobs, resume, career advancement etc
You’re soft, you don’t think you are but after listening to this you will see how it’s true and what you can do to be a little harder, to do better and go further.
Listen friends, your life matters, it’s in your control. Start living like it’s your time because it is
The power to be happy is in your hands. This is how you achieve it.
See you guys later
A little blurb about understanding how kindness and empathy work while still having a back bone and not being afraid to tell someone to fuck off when they deserve it
Passive aggression is the worst form of being a prick.
You’ve been asking so I’m answering
Haters aren’t shit to you, the end.
I’m going to preach you’re gonna listen and you’re going to fucking win leave your passions live your dreams and get paid for it I do it why can’t you?
All of the tools that you need for success and to do what you want for a living are all in your hand in this little thing we call a smart device
I’m starting to preach my truth about doing the things you want to do and getting paid for them.
People are walking around complaining about what they wish they had, yet they’re not even working full-time or they’re not willing to pick up an extra shift or do the things to solve their own problems.
This is the second part where I discuss how to get an executive level position
In this first part I’m telling you how to get the attention of bosses and get hired for entry to mid-level positions or to gain slight advancement in the job you’re in
If you think you’re too good for something you’re already fucked up if you really want to win you have to be about everything the only way to white-collar is to do it blue-collar
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