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Norman Chella

I write a lot of fiction and non-fiction narrative. I also like to report on the Asian podcasting scene. When on the mic, I can't stop asking questions


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This is my father's interview about our indigenous culture. It's a personal episode for me. Conversations about our tribe have always been private: me and my Dad would talk about our ancestry, our extended family, and attempts at tracing back our history. A lot of it is anecdotal, none of it is recorded. Those conversations are fleeting, just casually brought up. But I love them so much: it brings us close together. I write a ton of notes about it. Tim turned one of these conversations, these important fragments of my life, into an amazing narrative. One I would love for everyone to hear. Thank you Tim. 5/5.
This is heavily biased, but this was a really great discussion on podcast globalization. You get perspectives from 4 corners of the world (US, UK, Australia, Asia) discussing podcasting trends, differences and predictions as well. Enjoyed the talk!
Gotta say, I sound pretty good in this episode. ? On a serious note, it's definitely fun to talk about all the shows I've been working on!
One of my favourite podcast episodes of all time. I feel like it explains me. Would love to have this level of discussion with Epstein in the future...
Ryan talks about book marketing, books that an entire family should read about, and more as he's sharing stories on successful multiple businesses. Big fan of both here, and I highly recommend you check it out :)
It's a fascinating episode. Kirby talks about copying as a catalyst to innovation and creativity - similar to Austin Kleon's take on stealing like an Artist. Edmund takes a deep dive into the concept, providing good questions to reinforce this. Quite a memorable conversation :)
I never miss an episode. They go far and wide to talk about the better way to work and run your business. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's critical, but overall it's varied. Routined! ?
Both Jason and DHH cover a wide range of topics - my kind of conversation. I love it when they go from the Lambda School situation to various investments Jason has made, to agreements/disagreements made in a civil fashion. You can tell they respect each other, so they don't pull any punches.
You want to cover the entirety of Asia's tech startup ecosystem? Here's 10 years of experience compressed into 1 powerful episode. This is inspiring, and I would definitely love to meet Willis and the team sometime in the future!
Bradley, the great guy he is, shares the origins of Podchaser from a Reddit post to a $1.65m venture-backed startup. All from a guy who likes podcasts :) cheers for the fun ep!
My first time hearing a podcast from Engel Jones. This conversation was calm, soothing and interesting - hearing about Dave's story being a specialist in podcast editing. It felt like two strangers sat next to each other in a cafe, got to know each other, and all of a sudden we're talking about work, life and everything in between. Lovely!
This kind of critical discussion is important. It's civil, with all hosts playing devil's advocate and looking at both sides of the topic. We need more of that.
Definitely a great conversation to listen to. David and Nicholas share vulnerabilities with each other, their thoughts and struggles within the podcasting industry, and the origins of a man who carved his own unique corner to provide critical opinions on podcasting.
These two guys talk about a wide variety of topics like world events, tech and startups, and life in Asia as expats. If you want to hear thoughts from two well-mannered guys, (with a couple of swear words here and there) and thoughtful discussion from the sunny side of Singapore, you can find it right here. Keep it coming guys!
This is gold. Insights on very specific industries? Conversations from an investor's point of view that are thought provoking and worth considering? If you want to know about the future of business, where investors are going, the different industries and opportunities popping up and more, look no further. a16z has you. No need for music or fancy sound design - just pure value. Routined!
I have the utmost respect for James Cridland for being so diligent with his reporting. A few minutes each day and you get the headlines needed to be up to date in podcasting. Listening to it is part of my routine, though I do refer to the newsletter sometimes for more info (for research purposes of course, no actually just more podcast recs). If you want to get a deep dive into the podcast industry a few minutes each day, this NEEDS to be on your favourite podcast app.
It's only a few episodes in but I'm really enjoying it! I love the concept of being a Freenoter: I myself like to perform and present on stage, and it's not always for monetary reasons. To be able to listen to both hosts chat about their experiences, what makes a good keynote, how to do keynote proposals, etc. is eye-opening. Cheers for sharing your experience and wisdom, and keep it up with those weekly cocktails!








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