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Uhh Yeah Dude released a new episode

Yesterday at 19:51
support your homies independent commercial free since 2006http://Patreon.com/uhhyeahdudeintro: Interspecies Smalltalk Pt. 2 // David Behrman // Leapday Nightoutro: Interspecies Smalltalk Pt. 2 // David Behrman // Leapday Nighthttps://uh

ciarale01rated an episode

about 3 hours ago
I chat with the BBC Newsnight Presenter & Broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire about her life, her career & her own personal journey with breast cancer. We also chat about the big importance of going for cancer screening like cervical screening & br

andrewmrated an episode

about 3 hours ago
Miriam Margolyes is at the peak of her career, even though she's been acting on our screens for decades. Her career started in the 1960 but despite playing many roles on stage, TV and film she is more famous now than ever before. She's in deman

belobradicrated an episode

about 3 hours ago
Details are a little fuzzy, but one thing is clear: if Disney doesn't get the guest experience right in all this talk about big expansion plans they risk alienating their existing core group and the 700 million new guests they're targeting.Disn

galvanizedcreaturerated an episode

about 3 hours ago
Malevolent follows Arkham Investigator Arthur Lester as he unravels the mysterious circumstances that have befallen him.Part 35 picks up right 34 left off with Arthur tied to a chair in a basement, the butcher having just left him for Larson. I

Michelle41rated an episode

about 4 hours ago
In the realm of the unexplained, the boundary between the supernatural and the legal is often blurred, giving rise to extraordinary tales where ghosts, spirits, and mysterious occurrences intersect with the principles of justice and suspicion.
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HemlokHex reviewed an episode

about 4 hours ago

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