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7 Ways to Grow Your Podcast with Podchaser

7 Ways to Grow Your Podcast with Podchaser

In this article, we’re going to talk all about how you can use Podchaser to grow your podcast.

Say ‘Hello” to Podchaser

Podchaser is a podcast discovery platform powered by the single most advanced podcast database. Listeners everywhere use Podchaser as their home for podcast ratings, reviews, credits, lists, and social discoverability. Our mission is to help people find their next favorite podcast. It’s a big goal, but one that we are passionate about, so in this article we will walk through leveraging the various features of Podchaser to get discovered.

Make sure you’ve claimed your podcast

Before we begin, you must claim your podcast

Like the rest of Podchaser, it’s 100% free and will “unlock” a plethora of discoverability features that we will dive into today.

We made this process as easy as possible, and there is this great support article to help you along the way.

How to grow your podcast with Podchaser

1. Add Credits

One of the most fantastic things you can do on Podchaser is credit the various contributors of your show. Whether the contributor is the host, a guest, or even someone working behind the scenes like an editor, producer, composer, etc., they deserve recognition.

Not only do they deserve recognition, but adding contributor credits (especially your guests) increases your discoverability. This is because all of these credits show up on Google, which increases your SEO credibility and creates a sustainable stream of traffic to your podcast.

Say you have Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson on your podcast (yeah, he appears on podcasts), people are searching for The Rock’s podcast appearances, and if you have him credited, you will appear on those searches as well as on Dwayne Johnson’s creator profile.

It is very easy to add credits to your Podchaser page, and it only helps you!

2. Ratings and Reviews

Podchaser is hands-down the best place to get ratings and reviews for your podcast. Tired of platforms where reviews don’t increase discovery? Podchaser has gone out of its way to ensure reviews get your podcast in front of new listeners. 

Here are just a handful of reasons why Podchaser podcast reviews are excellent for growth:

  • The more positive ratings and reviews a podcast has, the higher that podcast will be on Podchaser’s charts. 
  • New ratings and reviews get shown to other users on the feed, where they can like them. On Podchaser, reviews can go viral!
  • You don’t have to log in or download an app to see ratings and reviews, so people actually see them.
  • Podchaser partners with a bunch of apps, so a rating/review on Podchaser will be broadcast across the podcast ecosystem.
  • Each review has its own link that you can share on social media, which is super handy for spreading the word about your show.
  • You can respond to reviews on Podchaser, so just as your listeners let you know you are heard, you can actually do the same for your listeners!

If you really want to capitalize on Podchaser’s ratings and reviews, direct listeners to your Podchaser page and ask for reviews on air. Make it even easier for your audience by creating a custom URL and putting it in your show notes. Then they can review you while still listening to your podcast.

3. Curate a targeted Podchaser list

List curating is a feature I can’t highlight enough; it is:

  1. A great way to rank well on search engines for keywords
  2. Great for appealing to listeners of similar shows
  3. Fun pieces of content that you can share with your fans

Podchaser lists rank exceptionally well on Google. The key is to name your list something eye-catching with your topic or keyword like “15 best ‘keyword’ podcasts,” put a minimum of 12 podcasts in there, and then type up a description that gives listeners insights into what the list is about.

You want to put similar shows in with yours because when users go to those Podchaser pages, they can see all the lists that the show has been put in. 

It is a great way to create your own podcasting space with peers and rank on SEO for specific keywords like “Best Fantasy Podcasts,” which you best believe is searched for a ton. There really is no downside, your fans get a great list of podcasts, and you get traffic to your page; it’s a win-win!

To make a list, head to https://www.podchaser.com/lists and start curating, and if you are having any trouble at all, see our support article here.

4. All your links in one place

Your Podchaser page can link to anywhere you want. If you wish to send listeners to your website, Twitter page, or any other social media site you can think of, you can tie all those links to your Podchaser page.

This is a great way to fuel followers to your social accounts. Maybe somebody came to your podcast because they saw you were on a list with someone else; now, they can scope out your social media accounts. It also helps with SEO by sending glorious link juice to your pages across the web.

Social media links can also help Podchaser users find your podcast; just see our piece here. 

They are extremely easy to add and update. If you get lost, don’t worry! Of course, we have a support article here!

5. Get specific with categories and tags

Categories and tags are good ways to capitalize on making your podcast discoverable on Podchaser and through the power of SEO. The more specific your categories and tags are, the more ways for potential listeners to stumble upon your podcast!

Podchaser lets users add custom categories and tags so you can get as granular as possible. Instead of being a “baseball” podcast, you can now be a “New York Yankees” podcast. This will attract people who are more likely to click play.

Say you host a fantasy podcast, now if I was interested in magic, would you show appeal to me? Most likely, but the word “magic” may not be tied to your show. Fortunately, on Podchaser with the tag feature, you can bulk up your podcast’s tags and keywords by adding tags like “magic, knights, dragons, dungeons, etc.” to your show’s profile.

The more categories and tags you have, the more themes can be linked to your podcast. Fortunately, adding categories is just as easy as adding tags!

6. Monetize your podcast with merch

Did you know that you can link your TeePublic stores to your Podchaser account? Your listeners can come to your Podchaser page, check out all your awesome swag, and even purchase it through TeePublic.

We love how Chatty Broads has done this! 

We have prepared this convenient support article for adding your TeePublic store to your Podchaser page.

7. Get featured

We are very active on social media, so share all your reviews and lists with us because we love to see that stuff and pass it around. You can also fill out our request form here!


Podchaser helps you create a sustainable growth machine by tapping into the power of data, social proof, and SEO. If you follow these steps, you can generate a recurring stream of discovery opportunities that bring in new listeners.

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