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Tierra de Enigmas
Misterioso programa quincenal transmitido desde Durango, México. Accesorios y Frenos de disco hiperventilados Frenofresh (, y David Durán te invitan a escuchar crónicas de sucesos y acontecimientos sin explicación, enigmas y misterios de nuestro mundo.
Radio Days, When Radio Was King- brings you a wide variety of entertainment from the golden age of radio - drama, detective, suspense, comedy, sci-fi, theater- and much more. The selection and quality of the shows is excellent.. Brought to you by 1001 Stories Podcast Network. Hosted by Jon Hagadorn. We appreciate reviews!
Plus belle la vie
Ecoutez le podcast Plus belle la vie. Dans ces épisodes exclusifs audio, vous suivez des aventures en lien avec l’intrigue de la série culte diffusée sur France 3. Vous retrouvez tous vos personnages favoris qui vous parlent à l’oreille. Le podcast Plus belle la vie, peut aussi être écouté si vous ne suivez pas encore la série TV.
H.G. Wells Has His Regrets
An audio drama in which science-fiction author H.G. Wells invents a time machine.
Välkommen att ta del av Radioteaterns föreställningar! Använd gärna hörlurar, för att få ut så mycket som möjligt av vår ljudvärld
Pour une expérience encore plus forte, écoutez au casque. Cette anthologie fait de l’ouie le premier des 5 sens. Ecoutez, ressentez, vibrez pour chacune de ses histoires. Plus besoin d’écrans pour vous donner de l’émotion.
Come On In, The Water's Fine
It's a yearly anthology series dedicated to the mythological creature known as mermaids!
Get Booked
Get Booked is a weekly show of personalized book recommendations.
Your local B*tch
I love everyone here except people that are racist, sexist, homophobic or have giant ego's. Ya'll should add my insta while your here! @sophie596
Ek Diwali Aaisi Bhi I Radio Mirchi
Amidst the nostalgia of Diwali, there is another side of the festival that some of us are living through and yet chose to smile through it. Smita narrates these heartfelt stories in hindi and marathi for the audience.
Patricks Momentaufnahmen
Momentaufnahmen sind kleine, tägliche Beobachtungen, die ich alle zwei Wochen gesammelt hier veröffentliche. Alle Momentaufnahmen zum Nachhören oder Durchlesen unter
From The Library
From The Library will follow various stories turned into audiobook-podcast creations. Each season will bring forth a different story.
The Sword & The Stoner
The Sword & The Stoner is a modern day, stoner comedy adaptation of the King Arthur legends. Instead of a legendary King and his Court Sorcerer, 2019 ended up with an average-at-best stoner and an over-the-top reality TV magician. Join Arthur and Merlin as they try to get stoned enough to forget their destiny, even as it comes for them with a vengeance.   Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @swordandstoner
Teutonicons - Der Deutsche Transformers Podcast
Transformers News und Gelaber in deutscher Sprache von deutschen Transformers Fans für deutsche Transformers Fans (und natürlich alle sonstigen Fans, die der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind). Schaltet ein wenn wir über die neusten News und Entwicklungen unseres Lieblings-Hobbys diskutieren. Wir freuen uns über konstruktives Feedback jeder Art. Lasst uns wissen was Euch gefallen hat und was nicht. Wir sind für alle Vorschläge offen und nehmen auch gerne Bewerbungen für weitere Teilnehmer entgegen.
Some Guy and the Bug Man Figure Things Out
Some Guy and the Bug Man are two friends whose wives told them they should start recording their conversations. Now those two friends have a podcast.
Klingons and Dragons
My friends and I play Star Trek: Adventures online, and I record it.
Scienceing Fiction
Join three biology nerds as they take fictional creatures way too seriously and try to figure out how it is they do what they do. If you've ever wondered if vampires need vitamin D, or what a centaur's circulatory system is like, you're in the right place. Rachel, Lee, and Troy heartily debate the biology behind the mythology, the anatomy of aliens, and the facts that make up fantasy in Scienceing Fiction
In This Economy?
In This Economy? is a set of six short, self-contained radio plays that rely on the agility and diversity of the gig economy to reimagine the process of creating scripted drama. The gig economy promises freelancers the freedom to choose the jobs they take on and the hours they work, and promises employers a vast pool of talent they can choose from on an as-needed basis. If this model expedites everything from web design to house cleaning, then why not use the same set of tools to make a lot of art, very quickly? From casting talent on Fiverr to crowdsourcing script elements, In This Economy? reinvents theater production for the modern workforce.
Words in the Air: 52 Weeks of Poetry
A weekly podcast presenting one poem per week read by various voice artists placed within a unique audio diorama.
Riff is in trouble, but she can’t remember why.
Whimsically Creepy stories to make you shiver. Support this podcast:
WIDK - iDunnoRadio
A fully-produced parody of FM "Morning Zoo" radio, blended with a running audio-drama about the station itself and the lives of the hosts. Explicit but wholesome. The best episode to sample is "56: Bread Song of the Summer" and you don't have to listen in order. As a matter of fact, don't even bother with the first 19 episodes. There is a summary of season 1's plot, if you want to catch up on that without slogging through the early stuff. New episodes every Monday at 5am. Part of the Scavengers Network.
Artist Soapbox
Artist Soapbox features artists in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Durham-based theatre-maker, Tamara Kissane creates original audio fiction and chats with artists about their creative work, artistic process and their hopes for the future.
Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast
Lifelong Bionic fans John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson take an in-depth look at the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. It's a fun, lively, and informative discussion with fellow fans, including the web masters of popular Bionic fan sites, contributors to officially licensed Bionic merchandise, notable names in Geekdom, and authors of fantastic literature. They also interview the people involved in creating these two sci-fi classics, from actors to writers to producers. And they talk to the people who are creating new officially licensed merchandise, from comics to toys! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!
The Hidden Staircase
A Bi-Monthly podcast that covers true crime, mystery and the creepy