Top Miscellaneous Podcasts

Krome Radio Volume 11

Rome and Adio bring you the best talk in Kpop, Cpop, and Jpop news! From music concepts to the latest the real life, and tv, dramas of your favorite celebs! Tune in and fan out - Podcasts air twice a month.

The Talking Box Podcast

This podcasts is lots of fun! I demonstrate apps, talk about cool things I find on the internet, update people on all my happenings, and talk about anything in general that comes to my mind.

Bobo Audio Presents.

prepare to point and throw's lame and crappy, but like all things, you never buy version 1, you wait for the kinks to get worked out... besides there is a lot of crappy in the world...

Hjemmelaga Lapskaus

Som en hjemmelaga lapskaus har dette programmet mange ingredienser. De kan være tv, fotball, film, musikk og ei klype hverdagslighet. Vi går gjennom et tema eller oppgave hver gang. Velkommen

Over Think Tank

The OVER THINK TANK with Chris and Jake is a podcast and a Youtube show. You can LISTEN, you can DOWNLOAD AUDIO, or you can WATCH US ON YOUTUBE. Each week we steal the talk show format to bring you: - National Days of the Week, - Headline News, - Answers for Stupid Questions from the Internet, - Getting to Know Us questions, - Positive Thing of the Week, - Negative Thing of the Week, - Our Latest Media Experiences, and - Updates on our projects (Film, Music, ...etc.). Feel free to ask or answer questions by commenting on Youtube,, or Email us at


Penelope began coaching as a way to help others live their best life. To her nothing is as fulfilling as the unmeasurable satisfaction of seeing a client transform their life and enhance their career. She has experience working with individuals, groups, and organizations in various fields. As a trained Co-Active Coach, Penelope believes that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. She works closely with clients to evoke a transformation and to serve their highest purpose. Penelope is currently working with individuals privately. She is Skilled in Coaching, Public Speaking, Team Building, Leadership, and Event Planning. Strong human resources professional graduated from cti.

Neural Voice Podcast

We will cover anything and everything

College Knowledge

This podcast taps into the mind and musings of a college student, as well as guest hosts, both recurring and unique. Topics will be specified by episode, but may range from discussing pop culture, gaming, how-to guides, and more. Enjoy!

Private Zoo

A podcast where we discuss politics, conspiracies, unsolved murders, mysteries,true crime, and historical places and people

Something In The Static

Something in the Static is an exploration of a topic using fact and fiction as its tools, made by Shaun D Wilson and featuring a cast of characters. Sometimes funny, often confusing, always interesting.

Opening The BoxScape

We love everything to do with media, be it audio podcasts, gaming commentary, videos and just about everything in between, so as a result we created this podcast which we talk about, well, anything.

Verbal Distillery

3 friends review and discuss whiskey


Two Australian PhD students attempt to feel productive on Friday afternoons. Join us as we discuss our lives, our science and our universe(ity).

Ultimate Awesomeness Podcast

The podcast for all your comic book needs whether is books, TV shows, movies and video games.

Make Me A Fan Podcast

From Serial killers to brunch, Conspiracy theories to yoga, and feminism to alcoholism. No topic is off limits on the Make me a fan Podcast.


This was the Old Dan Tennick Show iTunes Feed. Please un-subscribe from this feed and Subscribe to our New one. Simply search 'The New Dan Tennick Show' and Subscribe. PLEASE NOTE : THIS FEED WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED WITH NEW CONTENT AND WILL BE DELETED IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS!

The Talk Ish Show

The Talk Ish Show is an entertainment podcast where we talk about a little bit of anything and everything.

Skinny Fat Asses

Sean and John talk pro wrestling and other random stuff.

What Could Be Rated R The Podcast

What Could be Rated R The Podcast On this podcast we talk about anything Political, Education, World News, Entertainment, Rated G to XXX. Let me know what you think! If you would like to send in questions, topics or statements please DM me on my social media! Follow Me/DM me: @KaLeaSharron Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube

Precious Periodicals Podcast

Every week Ray and Logan talk about interesting articles they find on the internet and on news that is happening now.

Shonen toku Podcast

Welcome to Jazzimus Rider Audio blogs

Vapors Vault

Vapors Vault is a podcast revolving around the vaping world.

Expectations vs Reality

A gang of people in Cincinnati that talks about expectations versus the reality of movies, tv, games, and life. Come have a laugh, geek out with us, and be a part of EvR! Email and give us things to read/include!: tweet us at whatever: @EvR_Podcast If you're still using Facebook: Instagram to see us, which is weird: evrpodcast