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Host of See in ADHD
Brett Thornhill is the co-host to the successful Podcast, See in ADHD, he has been featured on Newfoundland’s,’ Out Of The Fog’ T.V. news station, The St. John’s CBC Morning Radio Show, Attention Talk Radio, Miss ADD Show, ADHD Re-Wired and Attention Magazine.


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Parenting for College and Career Success
See in ADHD
Parents can help or hurt the process of our children finding their life's work - it's as much about controlling our own expectations as it is about guiding theirs. In this podcast you will hear: - What is a gap year? - How parents can avoid negative messaging - Why college is NOT for everyone - Managing parental expectations - Common challenges in college - Choosing and changing majors - The importance of doing research - Utilizing on-campus resources - Anxiety as an underlying factor for the success of our kids Don't forget to pick up Lynn's free download just for See in ADHD Listeners! -
316 | Back to School Tips for ADHD Moms
See in ADHD
My son is entering third grade, so I've had four years to figure out how NOT to handle back to school. I decided this year to attempt*** to be more intentional with my preparations.In this episode you will hear:- The importance of checking the school website (even if you don't want to.)- Shopping for back to school as a way to get kids excited- Shifting routines incrementally back in the direction of school-day schedulesBoth kids and parents need support in making this transition. And no matter how you play it - it is a transition. Back to school is not easy, but it can be simple. Link to the ADHD Enclave - to the 2019 ADHD Conference - theadhdconference.orgClick to view: show page on Awesound
315 | Join Me at the 2019 ADHD Conference
See in ADHD
This year's Annual International Conference on ADHD will be taking place November 7-9th in Philadelphia, PA.If you have ADHD, or love someone who does this event is the best source of information and inspiration you are going to find.Let me break it down:1. The conference is not just for doctors. All kinds of people attend - from parents, to adults, to school counselors. And regular people like me!2. There are sessions about everything under the sun. Everything. 3. The best experts and researchers will be there. And you can ask them questions.4. There are fun non-session activities as well, and time to meet other people. It's a very warm and relaxed environment. Here is the link to the registration website. - to view: show page on Awesound
314 | ADHD, Gut Health, and Creating Simple Meal Plans
See in ADHD
For ADHD moms, it's tough to balance healthy eating, planning ahead, and then listening to a houseful of picky eaters complain.If you've ever spent hours prepping and preparing a new recipe only to have your family complain, OR if you've attempted to lower your own stress by serving leftovers and listened to the whining, you know exactly what I mean.So I brought in a holistic health coach friend of mine, Anna Rubano, to talk about all of this as well as the role of gut health in managing ADHD. Feel free to listen if you don't wish to read.In this episode you will hear:- Anna's personal history with ADHD- How ADHD shows up in her life- What led her to become a holistic health coach- The underrated, but VERY important, impact of diet on your functioning with or without ADHD- Why we need to lose the guilt about pleasing everyone in our house- Keeping it simple when meal planning for both you and your familyIf you enjoyed this conversation, you will probably enjoy hanging out with me in my private community. Check us out! The Enclave has no ads, no trolls, and I'm not selling your info! - more about Anna's coaching services here - intunewithannak.comStalk Anna on Instagram here - Transformative Journey Book - to view: show page on Awesound
313   It s not just about ADHD, it s about your life
See in ADHD
We have come a loooong way. But there is still a ton of confusion around ADHD and neurodiversity in women.We need more research into hormones, and gender roles, and all the things. And we will get there with the help of pioneers like Sari, Dr. Frank, and my friend Terry Matlen.In the meantime, many of us are left feeling alone and overwhelmed trying to put into words what the struggle feels like.This book and the important conversations that come from it are going to be the driving force for change.In this thoughtful conversation about life for ADHD women you will hear:-Dr. Frank's feelings about ADHD as a gift or a curse-The importance of acknowledging ADHD and other invisible conditions-The concept of realistic hope-The belief that we are not enough, or we are too much-My meltdown after giving birth-The role of gender in our expectations for ourselves-Realizing you are not a burden, and it's ok to take up space in the world-Misunderstandings about therapy and other support-Common relationship issues in, "mixed" couplesHere is an affiliate link to the book - to Dr. Frank and Sari Solden's website - soldenfrank.comSolden and Frank on Facebook - Frank on Instagram - to view: show page on Awesound
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