Dr. Leila Masson is a Sydney based specialist pediatrician, and author of Children's Health A-Z.
Joining me for the 3rd time on the show, Dr Leila Masson, this time talking about heavy metal toxicity in children - but as she rightly points out, you want to ensure you don’t have metal toxicity at any age, for as we get older, they are a risk factor in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s so it’s by no means a show reserved for parents. Leila is a Sydney based specialist paediatrician with nearly 3 decades in the field. She’s the author of “Children’s Health A-Z” a parent’s guide to natural therapies for common childhood ailments. She specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine for children’s health issues, including allergies, asthma, behavior problems, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.  Enjoy the show, share with those who might need it and head over to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further details at lowtoxlife.com/podcast  
In today’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we talk to Dr Leila Masson, Paediatrician, about all things children’s health. Dr Leila Masson is a Sydney Paediatrician who is also trained in nutritional, environmental and breastfeeding medicine. She focuses on preventing illness in children’s bodies so that they can live their best and healthiest life. The No. 1 thing we can do for a healthy life for our children is to give them good nutrition. This means cutting out things like: • Packaged and processed food • Sugar • White flour To name just a few. It is also important to ensure that our kids get enough: • Sleep • Play time • Outdoor activities These are essential, as we cannot be healthy without them. Topics discussed: Outdoor play Vitamin D Get moving Other things that are affecting children's health Additives How our bodies react to toxins Preservatives Children's health issues on the rise Body care products Anti-bacterial products Check out Dr Leila Masson at the following: Website: https://drleilamasson.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrLeilaMasson/. Clinic: Tamarama, Sydney Book: Children’s Health A to Z Links mentioned in this episode: • If you would like to register for the next round of Additive Free Made Easy head here • We would love for you to leave a review of this podcast here • Visit our Additive Free Lifestyle Facebook Page • Follow us on Instagram • Additive-Free Lifestyle Private chat group This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fm
Integrative paediatrician, Dr. Leila Masson, joins me to chat about disease prevention through an integrative approach incorporating nutrition and lifestyle. We discuss PANDAS, ADHD, depression, the importance of good nutrition and what that actually means and how we should get out in the sun and play in the dirt. This is an episode for everyone as the principles that are discussed can apply to us all. Selected Links from the Show Dr. Leila Masson Children's Health A-Z for New Zealand Parents by Dr. Leila Masson Dr. Sue Swede The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein Professor Thomas Borody - fecal transplant Sun Smart App The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff STUDY: Cleaning products as damaging as smoking Download the PDF transcription Dr. Ron Ehrlich:                   Hello and welcome to Unstress. I'm Dr. Ron Ehrlich. Children's health, what a topic? One of the things we should be saying is that children are the canaries in the coal mine. Knowing how our kids are actually doing is I think a really important reflection on how we are doing as a society health wise. Things are not as you will hear in this episode looking all that great. In fact, many of you may have heard the predictions that this generation of young people may be the first generation to not live as long as their parents. Now, that is a really disturbing prediction, to say the least. Whatever the story, we all have lessons to learn about our children's health, the causes and what to do about it. My guest today is Dr. Leila Masson. Now, Leila is the integrated medical practitioner. She's a specialist paediatrician. She also happens to be a lactation specialist, and we'll talk about that as well. Leila has written a great book. It's called Children's Health A-Z, and apart from that, she's an educator of both health professionals and the public. Today, she shares some great insights with me. Now in case, you're wondering what the term integrative encompasses, an integrative approach looks at underlying causes and the observations that Leila makes about children's health are just as applicable to us as adults, not just our children. And as a paediatrician and also a public health specialist, she's interested as I think we all should be in disease prevention through healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Remember, so many of the diseases we hear about are preventable and according to the WHO, they involve nutritional and environmental and lifestyle issues. Leila is passionate about treating the whole child as well as supporting the whole family, and within her private practice, she also treats children on the autistic spectrum. She takes a holistic approach to behavioural and learning challenges as well as allergies and a whole lot of other paediatric health problems, and also, we'll touch on some issues around breastfeeding. I hope you enjoy this conversation I had with Dr. Leila Masson. Download the PDF transcription Welcome to the show, Leila. Dr. Leila Masson:                Thank you so much, Ron for having me on your show. Dr. Ron Ehrlich:                   Leila, we often as a society, we congratulate ourselves on living longer, but our kids do reflect how healthy we really are as a society. What are some of the observations you've made as a paediatrician about children's health? How are we doing? Dr. Leila Masson:                Well, it is true. Overall, they're living longer, but if you look at our children, actually more and more health problems, behaviour problems, developmental problems coming up. The percentage of children with ADHD, with autism, allergies, autoimmune diseases going up every single year and we have to ask ourselves, "Why is that?" Our genes haven't changed over the last 10, 20, 30 years, but our children really have in their health. If you talk to a teacher who has been teaching for quite a while, they always tell me, You know, 20, 30 years ago,
Today, Alexx speaks with Dr Leila Masson, a paediatrician she’s invited on the show to discuss deficiencies. And while Dr Masson is a paediatrician, the information she shares is as much for adults as it is for kids - there’s plenty for everyone in this show. So often we have symptoms that leave us feeling below par, and so often there are simple fixes - whether it’s lifestyle change, supplementation or another little tweak to something going on. Today’s chat with Leila Mason walks through super common nutrients and their deficiencies - magnesium, zinc, selenium and omega 3s. There are so many symptoms connected to these deficiencies and so many things we can do to correct them - whether by the food we eat, the stress we expose ourselves to, or working with a practitioner to address a bigger need and supplementation required. Enjoy today’s show and as always you can head to the show notes www.lowtoxlife/podcast for more info and further resources, as well as our very first partner offer - 10% off with Ettitude organic lyocell bamboo bedding via our special link www.ettitude.com/lowtoxlife, and using the offer code: sleepbetter. We spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed, so make it good for you and for the planet, right?
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