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157: Ryan Lui and Embracing Your Uniqueness
Halfway There
Ryan is a Pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver BC. He is the author of Being is Greater than Doing, and an Enneagram Coach. Today, Ryan shares how the Enneagram helped him discover and accept himself including the unique ways he contributes to the Kingdom of God. We also talk about how the spiritual practices we are drawn to may differ based on our personality and why we need to embrace ourselves that way. Ryan is a gifted writer and speaker and I know you’ll connect with his story. Listen to Ryan’s story today! Stories Ryan shared: Growing up in Vancouver, BC Leaving church after his parent’s divorce but still with an idea of God The books that inspired Ryan to take his discipleship more seriously How he began to understand God’s larger mission Discovering imaginative prayer and how it gives him life Learning that play is delightful to God Discovering that he can be on mission in unique ways How finding the Enneagram helped him discover himself How he wrestles with God over a desire Writing on his blog and ebooks Great quotes from Ryan: When we play, when we try new things, our parent God as our Heavenly Father, delights in that. Community is important to balance these ideas. The Enneagram can really help toward church unity at a time when we need it. Whoever God has made you to be, own it and know that God is pleased with you. Resources we mentioned: Ryan’s website and his free ebook on the Enneagram, 9 Kinds The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer The Treasure Principle Bible Study: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving by Randy Alcorn The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity by Soong-Chan Rah The Emotionally Healthy Leader: How Transforming Your Inner Life Will Deeply Transform Your Church, Team, and the World by Peter Scazzero Related episodes: Suzanne Stabile and How the Enneagram Helps Relationships Jim Gum and Healing through Enneagram Cliff Ravenscraft and Finding Yourself in Christ Marc Schelske and the Wisdom of Your Heart Practice the spiritual discipline of lectio divina: Jesus is Willing: An 8 Day Experience Jesus is Willing: An 8 Day Experience is short so you can fit it into your schedule. Read the days consecutively or even once a week and still get enormous value. It's full of questions that I guarantee will make you think. $7.97 Buy Now The post Ryan Lui and Embracing Your Uniqueness appeared first on Eric Nevins.
Bonus with Mary DeMuth
Halfway There
If the MeToo movement has shown us anything, it’s that the problem of sexual abuse is not just something for others to handle. It’s easy to pretend that the problem belongs to Hollywood or the Roman Catholic Church. But now, Evangelicals also admit to covering up and shuffling around predators in the name of forgiveness. What are the guidelines for redemptive handling of sexual abuse allegations and situations? Mary DeMuth is an author and sexual abuse survivors advocate. Today, Mary shares her latest book, We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis. We talk about the how far reaching the problem really is, why every Christian should consider themselves a mandatory reporter, and redemptive strategies for handling abuse for churches. Mary’s heart for justice comes from her own story of surviving abuse and working toward healing. She will not settle for cliched grace and forgiveness. Rather, with clarity and wisdom, calls us to discernment and to err on the side of justice and righteousness. Listen to our conversation today! Stories Mary shared: The problem of sexual abuse in the church The astounding amount of sexual abuse in the Bible Why abuse is more widespread in Protestant churches than others The trail of victims if we don’t take responsibility to report How churches should deal with sexual abuse situations What sexual abuse victims need The long-term love of  her husband for her Why our definition of spiritual maturity shapes our responses The difference between legal guilt and spiritual discernment  God’s heart for both grace and mercy throughout the Bible How to appropriately apply the Gospel to abusers What you can do for sexual abuse victims What warning signs you can be looking for A better plan than the Billy Graham Rule Why forgiveness isn’t always completely restored relationship Do certain theologies enable abusers? Great quotes from Mary: The Church is supposed to be a place for the wounded and the broken and we don’t heal in isolation. Any Christ-follower is obligated to be a mandatory reporter. We need to err on the side of the weak. We have to remember that righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne. One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is a healed heart. Resources we mentioned: Mary’s website full of resources for sexual abuse victims and those caring for them We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis 21 Days to Healing for Sexual Abuse Survivors The post Mary DeMuth and The Safest Place for Sexual Abuse Survivors appeared first on Eric Nevins.
156: Caroline Abbott and Coming Home to the Lord
Halfway There
  Caroline Abbott is an author, domestic violence advocate, and counselor. Today, she shares the story of how she found the Lord, walked away, and found him again. Along the way, Caroline found herself in an abusive marriage but found little help from the people who she turned to including her church. She recounts some of the misguided things her pastors did and said and gives us tips and resources for bringing the Kingdom of God to abusive relationships. Caroline’s mission now is to help others get out and find themselves again. Listen to Caroline’s story now! Stories Caroline shared: Why she became a domestic violence advocate Missing church as a child and wishing she was there The longing to know Jesus she has felt her whole life How her parents punished her for being baptized Sowing wild oats and getting married The Bible study that turned on the lights for her Why she submitted to an abusive husband How she drew strength from the Lord during this time The mentors who cared for her How counseling made the situation worse Researching abuse and where it led her Getting out of the abusive marriage What to look for in situations of domestic violence Why she decided to write a book Great quotes from Caroline: Something in me wanted to know the Lord. The people around me may have abandoned me but the Lord hasn’t. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to turn something that’s really dark into something that’s really lovely. Resources we mentioned: Caroline’s website  Connect with Caroline on Facebook The Verbally Abusive Relationship, Expanded Third Edition: How to recognize it and how to respond by Patricia Evans Domestic Violence Guide for Churches A Journey through Emotional Abuse: From Bondage to Freedom by Caroline Abbott A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse by Caroline Abbott Denver Seminary 8 Day Experience is the process of spiritual reading that I have been using for ten years and the church has used for centuries longer. In this beautiful 30 page digital download, I guide you through reading and reflecting on Mark 1:40-45 bringing your own questions to the surface so you can bring them to the Lord. Your experience will be unique based on your life and relationship with the Lord. Buy it today! The post Caroline Abbott and Coming Home to the Lord appeared first on Eric Nevins.
Cliff Ravenscraft and the Trash Heap of Bad Beliefs
Halfway There
It’s time, my friends, to let go of some bad beliefs. This episode is a special bonus edition with Cliff Ravenscraft that will challenge you to reconsider the idea of beliefs. Cliff often says “All beliefs have consequences” but what is a belief exactly? And how do bad beliefs affect us? And, what if some of the Christian doctrines we consider important are actually holding us back from enjoying life with God? Well, that’s what this conversation with Cliff is all about. I hope you enjoy it and adjust some beliefs because of this conversation. Cliff’s conference, Free the Dream, takes place in Franklin, TN on September 13-15, 2019. I went last year and it proved to be a pivotal moment in my life. I couldn’t recommend it more! The post Cliff Ravenscraft and the Trash Heap of Bad Beliefs appeared first on Eric Nevins.
Bonus Episode with Chris Copeland
Halfway There
Hey friends! This month’s bonus episode is with Chris Copeland. Chris and his wife Joi appeared on Halfway There episode #98 back in July 2018. They had been raising support to go to Ireland as missionaries for four years at the time. Yesterday, they shared a special update that they finally reached 100 % of the funding they needed to begin the process of moving to Ireland. If you’re wondering why reaching 100% is only the beginning, well, I was too. Listen to the conversation to find out what the process is like from here. Once I heard they finally reached the goal, I just had to have Chris on to talk about the perseverance it takes, how that shaped their family, and what they see the Lord doing now. You can hear the entire conversation by supporting Halfway There on Pateron at any level starting at just $5 per month. Have you ever had to wait way longer than expected for something? The post Bonus Episode with Chris Copeland appeared first on Eric Nevins.
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