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Grant Baldwin is a nationally known speaker, podcaster, and author who has helped thousands of people start and build their own speaking businesses through his Booked and Paid to Speak Training Course. He is the host of How Did You Get Into That? Podcast.
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NP 128: The Business Behind Getting Paid to Speak at Events with Grant Baldwin
Episode of
Niche Pursuits Podcast
In today's episode, I share an interview I did with Grant Baldwin from Grant is someone that knows the speaking game inside and out.  He has been a professional speaker for years and now teachers others how to book their own speaking gigs. So, during the interview we discuss these 2 aspects of his business: how to actually get booked as a speaker (and get paid for it) and second, how he has build the training side of his business and how that is going. As a quick summary, Grant Baldwin shares that he makes over six figures speaking at events.  However, his business as a whole will be close to crossing the seven figure mark when you add in his training courses.   I was fascinated with how Grant has building the training side of his business through Facebook ads and webinars.  So, if you have a training product (or are thinking about creating one), there is a great discussion about how you can grow that part of your business. During the course of the episode, Grant shares a few resources: - where you can learn more about Grant or join his training programs. - A speaker fee calculator that can show you how much you should expect to make when speaking. - Grant's free webinar training that teaches you "How To Start Booking (And Getting Paid For) Speaking Engagements Without Having An Existing Platform Or Being Sales-y"
#142: [Case Study] How to Scale An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel with Grant Baldwin
Episode of
The Art of Paid Traffic | Proven Online Advertising Strategies You Can Implement Today
On today’s show, we’re talking about evergreen webinar sales funnels with professional speaker and course creator, Grant Baldwin. Grant is the founder of and through his online course, teaches people how to find and book paid speaking engagements.   Today he shares how he sells his program through webinars -- both live and automated -- and lately, his automated ones are really doing well for him. And by really well I mean, lately it’s been for every $1 he spends on Facebook ads, he’s making $3 in return.  I’ll take that ROI all day long. In this case study, we break down Grant’s evergreen webinar funnel from start to finish, including... His Facebook ads How much he’s spending on ads The tools he uses to set up his webinar system The different offers he makes in his funnel, including what he’s testing to incentivize people to pay in full How he tracks all of his results And what he would say to someone considering doing evergreen webinars for the first time. And more... There are two big takeaways I want you to listen for… First, listen to how often he is testing things.  He makes a hypothesis about something, sets up a test, and let’s the numbers dictate whether it worked or not. Second, we talk throughout the whole conversation today about his tracking spreadsheet.  You’ve GOT to know your numbers in everything you’re doing in your business. In addition, we also discuss: How Grant balances incentivizing potential customers without annoying them with regular invites to his webinars What a “Just In Time” option is and Grant’s experiences he’s had with them How using a $17 tripwire resulted in about $17,000 of additional revenue The way he got around the common objection of people saying they don’t have the money to purchase his product right now Why complimentary one-on-one calls can be so useful – and the ways you can repurpose them Download My Webinar Tracking Spreadsheet Speaking of tracking your numbers, I’ve put together a Google spreadsheet with formulas to help you track your webinars -- and you can use this whether you’re doing live or automated webinars. To download this spreadsheet, either text ‘AOPT142’ to 44222 OR you can visit the show notes page at
Episode #80 The Power of Speaking Live w/ Grant Baldwin
Episode of
Captivate the Room
Welcome to the show! Whether you’ve ever dreamed about standing on a stage and speaking on a stage or not, you are going to love today’s episode. With me on the show, today is Grant Baldwin and he’s not only an incredible and popular speaker but he also coaches speaker’s, teaching them the in’s and out’s of creating a flourishing speaking career.  I’m thrilled to have him on the show! In today’s episode Grant and I talk about: How he got started as a speaker, What it takes to speak live, How to create a speaking career, The in’s and out’s of choices as a speaker, Grant’s top tip for future speakers, The power of podcasting and more!   If you want to make a bigger impact with your message using your voice, make sure you go to and get your free video series, The Voice Formula.   Guest Bio Grant Baldwin is the creator of the and the Booked And Paid To Speak training program. He’s also a nationally known keynote speaker and author and hosts “The Speaker Lab” podcast.  As a speaker, Grant has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over 400,000 people in 45 different states through leadership conferences, conventions, and other events. His book and curriculum for students, “Reality Check,” is taught in 400 schools around the country. As much as he enjoys speaking and entrepreneurship, Grant loves his family more. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three girls. They live in Nashville, TN.  You can find out more about Grant here: or at
Sound Speaking with Grant Baldwin
Episode of
The Productivityist Podcast: Ideas and Tools for Personal Productivity | Time Management | Goals | Habits | Working Better
On this episode, Mike Vardy’s guest is Grant Baldwin, who returns to The Productivityist Podcast. Grant is a speaker, blogger, podcaster, and founder of The Speaker Lab – where he helps people (specifically speakers) become more effective in their craft. Mike and Grant spoke about the processes in planning and delivering an effective talk. Grant expounded on the logistical needs prior to a speaking event, the mental process of writing a manuscript, and the importance of rehearsing. This is not just a podcast meant for professional speakers as they discuss points and ideas that may also be used by anyone who might have fear of speaking, or is preparing for a presentation or public speaking of any kind. In this podcast episode, you'll learn about: The process of building talks as Grant sees it; from logistical preparation, marketing, selling, sourcing speakers, to the talk itself (4:04) How Grant constructs a talk and how having a polished template that can be tweaked with slight nuances based on the audience demographic is the most efficient way to go through this (8:55) The difference in speaking for keynotes vs. a workshop (14:10) The two questions the audience have in mind, that as a speaker, one must accomplish to answer (18:55) How rehearsing well is the key to give you liberty to go off the planned manuscript (25:15) Relevant Links: How to be a Productive Speaker with Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab Grant Baldwin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Thank you for listening. If you’re interested in supporting the podcast and receiving exclusive content while doing so, you'll want to check out the patrons-only version of The Productivityist Podcast on Patreon.
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