Host, Producer & Editor of The Cynical Developer
James Studdart is a full stack .NET developer, based in the UK. He has experience in a wide range of markets from tropical fish and domestic services to international freight and the holiday industry. He doesn’t know the meaning of downtime…
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Recent episodes featuring James Studdart
Episode 109 - Pivoting as a Developer
In this episode I wanted to talked about pivoting in your career, and here to talk with us is Zac Braddy. Contacting Zac Braddy Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZackerTheHacker Github: https://github.com/zacbraddy CV: https://zackerthehacker.com/ Medium: https://medium.com/@zacharybraddy React in m…
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Episode 108 - Blazor
In this episode we will be talking about Blazor, Jamie Taylor is hear to explain what all the fuss is about. Jamie is a full stack .Net developer, with a focus on web cross platform. He lives and works in Leeds in the UK and he has become the go to guy for .Net Core at his workplace. And as some of…
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Episode 107 - The Future of .Net
In this episode we have something a little different for you, we are coming to you from NDC { London }, and I am joined by Steve Gordon and Jon Galloway. We will be discussing the current state of .net and it's future. Useful Links .NET Foundation: https://dotnetfoundation.org/ .NET Core GIT: http…
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Episode 106 - What is Kafka?
In this episode we talk to Allen Underwood about the distributed streaming platform Kafka, and what exactly it is. Allen Underwood, is one third of the Coding Blocks podcast, he is a Software Architect and Microsoft MVP. He is a Father to three children, and a husband. Allen loves to build things, …
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Episode 105 - Making Time for Stuff!
In this episode I will be announcing the winner of the 100th Episode giveaway, and the topic I will be discussing is Making Time for stuff! There is always one thing I say to people when they tell me they don't have time to do something and that is "If you can't make the time, you don't want it bad…
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