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The Cynical Developer

A Technology podcast

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Why should I even care about this!?

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In this episode we talk about Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, and learn what they both are with Paul Lonsdale http://cynicaldeveloper.com/podcast/47/

Not Enough Ratings

In this episode we discuss Rapid Spike a new kid on the block for up-time, application assurance and performance monitoring, with James Tyler. http://cynicaldeveloper.com/podcast/46/

Not Enough Ratings

In this episode we talk with Daniel Furze about the increasing size of the barrier for front end developers, that wasn't really there a few years ago. http://cynicaldeveloper.com/podcast/45/

Not Enough Ratings

In this episode we talk about bots with Ed Yau http://cynicaldeveloper.com/podcast/44/


In this episode we talk to Ben Slinger about the podcast platform Podchaser http://cynicaldeveloper.com/podcast/43/​

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