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Creation Date November 19th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 23rd, 2019
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Figured I'd group all of us disaster casters to make us easier to find for each other's listeners.


They say history repeats itself... not on The Alarmist’s watch! The Plague. The sinking of The Titanic. The Donner Party disaster. The break-up of the Beatles. Writer/performer Rebecca Delgado-Smith (The Good Place) and guests scrutinize history’s greatest disasters to figure out what went wrong, and most importantly, who’s to blame.
All Bad Things is a weekly podcast about accidents, tragedies, natural disasters and other anxiety fuel. Hosted by wry GenXer David and bleeding-heart Millenial Rachel. Trigger warning for everything possible.
Hello and welcome to Body Count, the podcast where we believe history doesn’t repeat itself; it rhymes. Our only rule when we choose a topic: someone, or a lot of someones, died. Host and lazy historian Jessica Manor takes her co-hosts Bethany Skelton, Madison Wright, and Frank Garcia verbally hostage once a week to cover topics ranging from Genghis Khan to Mount St. Helens. We give you the series of events in a narrative fashion and correlate said story with current events. Please check all highbrow academia at the door and buckle up for a wacky adventure through the anals… excuse us, annals of history. Proud member of the MSE Podcast Network.
Welcome to Calamity!, a podcast about natural and not-so-natural disasters. In each episode we examine a catastrophic event from world history.
Catastrophes are part of life, but many of the worst are the direct result of human error. Whether it’s poor planning, design flaws, or simply greed or hubris, we are often our own worst enemy. Join volcanologist Jess Phoenix as she explores the stories of natural disaster, failure, and calamity, and what we learn from our fascination with digging through the rubble.
Catastrophic Events, natural or otherwise all have causes, victims, and triggers. Join graphic design student Michael as he explains the effects, aftermath on Channel of Catastrophe.
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Michael Taylor

This is my podcast, still a lil rough around the edges but I try.
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Transportation disasters occurred because there has always been a time where traveling could be unsafe for one reason or the other. Disasters made travel safer respectively for each form of travel. Climb aboard with Sargent Signals, Em Jae and Mel Bee as they take you through the history of accidents in transportation on this weekly podcast covering rail, air, ships, land vehicles and more! Podcast available on all major apps: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartradio, Google Podcast, iTunes, Overcast and so much more.
Phil Jerrod and Phil Lucas discuss the most famous disasters of all time, along with lots of other terrible calamities you may never have even heard about! Every two weeks we'll take you through what went wrong, how it went wrong, and sort out whether it was Our Fault, or God's Fault. It’s dark, funny, bleak and sometimes a little bit sad, but always entertaining. If you’re tired of True Crime, but still want something a bit dark on your commute to work, you’ll love the CB Wallop Podcast.
A podcast about disasters throughout history - what caused them, how people survived, and how we've responded to keep those disasters from happening again.
Reflecting on human society from diverse disciplinary and ideological perspectives to understand the root causes of disasters.
Disaster Tales is a conversational review of historical disasters and the issues that surround them. Each monthly episode examines both man made and natural disasters and the events and changes they cause.
Jason Horton & Rebecca Leib discuss and explore some of the most mysterious and interesting places on earth. Take a trip to haunted hotels, abandoned malls, deserted amusement parks, locations of infamous true crimes, and more. This is Ghost Town. For advertising opportunities please email
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Michael Taylor

Not a disaster podcast strictly, however recently they have been doing a good number of disasters on their podcast.
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Whether natural or man-made, disasters attract a strange mixture of horror and fascination. However, the spectacle of devastation is only ever one part of the story. Take a closer look, and you will find tales of extraordinary human endurance and heroism, stories that veer from the horrific to the oddly humorous, and lessons that can be learned to make our world safer. From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia, the Station nightclub fire to the Pulse nightclub shooting, these extraordinary events – and the people involved – are examined on the Great Disasters podcast, written, researched, recorded and produced by me, Kari Fay. From official reports, first-person accounts, and contemporary media, I delve into the often-appalling details of these events to bring you the full story.
Tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes...these are real-life monsters. We like to think we’re prepared for a catastrophe. But time and time again, Mother Nature proves us wrong. Each week, Natural Disasters examines the earth’s biggest catastrophes that took countless lives, destroyed communities, and toppled civilizations. Natural Disasters is a Parcast Original with new episodes released every Thursday.
Be prepared to hear about event after event of intense destruction. Mother Earth and Climate Change are in the ring, and we're watching the fight. Join us every week as we each discuss a disaster that sucked us into a research rabbit hole. Find us on twitter and Instagram @pdspodcast
A Podcast About People Who Die. Angela discusses murders and deaths from around the world, covering natural disasters to serial killers.
Utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to explore true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. From corruption and fraud to Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters, these financially motivated crimes have shaped our world in unimaginable ways. All in the name of greed.
We go on a journey through the history of disasters: Some man-made, some natural, some modern, some ancient, and all devastating. Listen as we discuss the catastrophic events that changed the trajectory of human history. Each episode wraps up with our recommendations for musical pairings to the story just told.


Join forensic engineer Sean Brady as he discusses engineering failures and disasters. Sean examines both the technical and human causes of failure, explores failures in a range of professions, and talks about why our decision making is not nearly as rational as we’d like to think. Follow our Twitter updates at @BradyHeywoodPod
If there is a catastrophe or disaster, manmade or natural, it has probably grabbed our attention. Join us as we delve into the world of catastrophes and disasters, find out what went wrong, and the lasting consequences.
Chain of Events. Cause and Effect. We analyse what went right and what went wrong as we discover that many outcomes can be predicted, planned for and even prevented
Designed for Disaster is the podcast about engineering catastrophes.
Inside The Black Box tells the story of the hours, minutes and seconds leading up to some of the worst aviation disasters in history. It looks at the investigations which followed and the lessons learned which keep us safe today.
A podcast about volcanoes hosted by Dr. Erik Klemetti and Dr. Janine Krippner. Each month we'll talk about eruptions going on around the world, banter about volcano research and talk to a guest about the world of magma (and other stuff, too).


Catastrocast: A podcast by two pals who love to talk about catastrophes and disasters!
Miss Alex is known for sharing the stories of horrific plagues during awkward lunch hours. She's an avid reader of Wikipedia's "list of worst natural disasters" page, and reading Camus's "The Plague" as a 14-year-old scared the crap out of her just enough to become fascinated with them (and terrified of rodents). She loves telling stories, and she wants to share a crazy one with you.
Greetings! Welcome to the Podcast of Doom--a podcast that explores the famous disasters and emphatically bad decisions of history. We will travel around the world and analyze how these calamities occurred.
A podcast breaking down Titanic minute by minute and WE'LL NEVER LET GO!

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