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Audible Feast's October 2020 Listening List + Reviews

I'm tracking all my listening for October 2020 and reviewing everything I listen to on Podchaser.

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Created October 01, 2020

Updated November 15, 2021



  1. October 29-31

  2. In 2012, Rosie became the first Black woman to win the Miss North Dakota pageant. She got to do what she loves most — play music and perform! — and she won scholarship money to pay down her student loab debt. It was thrilling. It was exciting!
  3. After a Ugandan scholar is suspended from her university job, she discovers a new tool for resistance: extreme public rudeness. Will it work against a strongman president?
  4. Skyler knew he was gay when he met Amanda. But he loved her and he wanted to start a family with her. Both of them are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe that marriage is so much bigger than just the two of
  5. Actor and producer Sean Hayes feels indifferent about being Conan O’Brien’s friend. Sean sits down with Conan to talk about choosing acting over becoming a concert pianist, dangerous childhood games, and his podcast SmartLess with Jason Bateman
  6. This week Kate Shaw from the Strange Animals Podcast joins Paul to get really squicked out about ticks. Bleh.Sources:https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/10/health/tick-mosquito-repellant-nootkatone.htmlhttps://entomologytoday.org/2018/01/16/up-c
  7. Who is Q-Anon? PJ tells the surprising origin story of the Q scam, and the man who now seems to be in control of it.Dale Beran (@DaleBeran) and Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd)Apply to the Reply All internship hereLearn more about your ad
  8. 'The Social Dilemma' has captured the minds  (and conscience) of the world. To discuss the incredible impact the documentary has had, Tolly and Gena talk to its creator, director Jeff Orlowski.As well as 'The Social Dilemma', they also get to
  9. It’s almost half a year since George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer and the country erupted in protest demanding change. It felt like a turning point in many ways, but was it?Since that day, some cities and states have taken
  10. Canadian female impersonator John Falk Tomkinson appeared around the globe under the stage name Les-Lee for over three decades. In 1967 Studs Terkel interviewed the performer to talk about his art and upbringing, and his experiences of being “d
  11. Rock icon Bruce Springsteen feels ecstatic about being Conan O’Brien’s friend. Bruce sits down with Conan to talk about his new album and documentary Letter to You, the death cult of rock ’n roll, the best go-to cover song, and his favorite Ame
  12. Using secret recordings, Part III reveals what you don’t know about today’s increasingly violent white supremacists, including the Base, one of the most violent neo-Nazi groups in America. It’s about why crimes by these extremists are not prope
  13. In this episode, Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss surging case numbers across the US and many parts of the world, the shortage trifecta and the challenges it brings, and steps people can take to stay as safe as possible until we rea

  14. October 22-28

  15. Epictetus was born into slavery and beaten until he was lame... but he became one of Ancient Rome's greatest thinkers by accepting every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow.Philosophy professor Bill Irvine joins Dr Laurie Santos to delv
  16. For leading climate scientist Dr Tamsin Edwards, probabilities and possible futures are part of her everyday work. She joins David to explore uncertainty in different aspects of her life: as a statistician and mathematical modeller, as a commun
  17. Embracing Uncertainty: Sheltering in Love - Part 9 (2020-05-20) -  How we tolerate uncertainty - during current times and throughout our lives - has a powerful effect on our capacity for presence, aliveness and love. This talk explores the cond
  18. “When all the ordinary divides and patterns are shattered, people step up to become their brothers’ keepers,” Rebecca Solnit writes. “And that purposefulness and connectedness bring joy even amidst death, chaos, fear, and loss.” In this moment
  19. This is the truth about the Base, an international terrorist group plotting for a race war. With 83 hours of exclusive secret audio recordings, Part I goes inside their “vetting room.” We expose their methods of recruiting deliberately from the
  20. Part II exposes the efforts of the Base, a white nationalist group, to develop paramilitary training drills. Using artificial intelligence we uncover patterns of deception found in the exclusive secret recordings from the “vetting room” of thes
  21. Incarceration doesn’t just separate a parent from his or her child, it changes that relationship forever, often leaving wounds that may never heal. We talk with kids who have incarcerated parents, as well as a formerly incarcerated mom of four,
  22. For hundreds of years, composers have been using a specific four-note melody to evoke death. It's appeared in dozens of famous movies, and you probably never even realized it. But once you hear it, you'll start noticing it everywhere. Featuring
  23. In this episode, Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss what lies ahead in the coming months, misconceptions related to Sweden, the "pixie dust and pseudoscience" behind the Great Barrington Declaration, and considerations for H

  24. This week we present two stories from our back catalog of people having to handle previous epidemics.Part 1: As a pediatrician in the 1980s, Ken Haller comes across a disturbing X-ray.Part 2: On her first day working in the White House under
  25. This week we present two more stories from our back catalog about people who experienced epidemics of the past.Part 1: Journalist Erika Check Hayden travels to Sierra Leone and sees Ebola up close and personal for the first time.Part 2: Richa
  26. This week’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett will change the United States Supreme Court for generations to come. What will happen to Roe v. Wade? Host Avery Trufelman talks with Rebecca Traister about how we got to this precarious moment for r
  27. My thoughts on power and leadership and a conversation on empathy, unity, and courage with Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
  28. In the early days of baseball, sign-stealing was almost like a game within the game. Teams and players would try all kinds of tricks to get a glimpse of what the catcher was signaling to the pitcher. Even with this long history, when the Housto
  29. This week, scientist abruptly stops taking his medication and an actor lands a part in a big film. This week’s episode is hosted by Jay Allison and Rachel Dratch. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Me
  30. What should you do if a police officer pulls you over while you're driving, or stops you while you're peacefully protesting?Learn more about sponsor message choices: podcastchoices.com/adchoicesNPR Privacy Policy
  31. Mark heads down South to spend a weekend with two faithful friends - Pastors Brian and Hugh. Over BBQ, sermon prep, and countless cups of coffee, these spiritual leaders unpack the isolation of being behind the pulpit and how they hold space fo
  32. Melanie begins the process of acquiring sperm and getting pregnant.
  33. It worked. Now Melanie has a secret. Only one person knows it. That one person... is Sharon Mashihi.
  34. This is the episode where Melanie has to tell her mother. She is terrified.
  35. In 2018, MSNBC journalist Jacob Soboroff was among the select few to visit Casa Padre, one of the detention centers at the epicenter of the border crisis. What he saw there was cruel, unjust, and part of a long, complicated story. Soboroff join
  36. The 9/11 attacks were so much more than a bolt from the blue on a crisp September morning. They were more than a decade in the making. Our story starts in a Midtown Manhattan hotel ballroom in 1990. Shots ring out and the extremist rabbi, Meir
  37. In 1981, the radical cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman -- known as The Blind Sheikh -- inspires the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat at a military ceremony. One of the soldiers present is Emad Salem. He swears revenge against the Sheik
  38. October 15-21

  39. Bibi and Miranda chat with Justin Myers, aka The Guyliner. Justin is a Writer, a Guardian Blind Date superfan and one of the faces of LGBTQIA+ allyship. This is such a great conversation! Stay in touch with the girls on social media:www.twitter
  40. Not Okay takes us inside Randolph Union High School in Vermont, where 95% of students are white. The high school is at the center of two linked battles that are tearing their community apart: whether to remove a mascot some say bears a disturbi
  41. In part two, we return to Randolph, Vermont, as activists nationwide protest the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Sean Reed, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others by police and vigilantes. As tensions escalate
  42. Ruthie Lindsey attracted a massive following with her picture-perfect lifestyle shots on Instagram. But what those images didn’t show was everything that came before, including an accident that nearly killed her, a painkiller addiction that mig
  43. In response to Republicans' move to fill a Supreme Court vacancy so close to the election, some Democrats have floated the idea of expanding or restructuring the court. In this installment of the podcast, law professor Daniel Epps speaks with G
  44. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Where is any of this headed?
  45. Angelina was a journalist living in Brooklyn when she was diagnosed with ALS. She now lives with her parents. How do you stay true to yourself when you rely on others to keep you alive?More of the episode here.
  46. In Episode 5: We're reminded that this country's relationship with guns has always been about race. So we trace the history of the No Compromise movement back to a meeting of white nationalists in Colorado in the early 1990s.
  47. A behind the scenes conversation with hosts Lisa Hagen and Chris Haxel. We hear how they got the idea for the show, their own relationship to guns and what's next on the podcast. Plus questions from fans like you.
  48. Guns, drugs and brutal violence - What happens when women are sucked into the macho world of gangs? What draws them in, in the first place? And what happens when they leave? The world of Cape Town’s gangs through the eyes of two women.Thanks
  49. After a summer of outdoor dining, hiking, and staying indoors, New York City is on alert… again. Localized COVID spikes across the city have prompted lockdowns of schools and businesses, but the pandemic is back on all our minds, following the