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Creation Date May 31st, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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Hi! Audible Feast as a website/newsletter is on hiatus right now, but I'm still tracking what I'm listening to over at (my running log of every episode I listen to, by month). The best stuff I hear makes it on this list!
  1. Delicious Ingredients

  2. Stand-up comedian and actor Bob Newhart feels anxious about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.Bob sits down with Conan to share stories about meeting Don Rickles for the first time, sitting in for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, leaping from accounting to showbusiness, beautiful moments from The Bob Newhart Show, the danger of cynicism in comedy, and Chicago values. Plus, Conan responds to a listener voicemail about an award that was named after him.Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.This episode is sponsored by Chrysler Pacifica (, Mizzen+Main ( code: CONAN), Turo, and Calming Comfort ( code: CONAN).
  3. John M. Olin isn’t a household name, but his foundation helped create the Federalist Society, turned federal judges against environmental protection and unions, and bankrolled conservative polemicists like Dinesh D’Souza. How did one small foundation do so much to advance conservatism?Jane Mayer’s history of the Olin FoundationMayer’s full book Dark MoneyJames Piereson remembers his time as president of the Olin FoundationJohn Miller’s sympathetic history of the Olin FoundationSteve Teles on the rise of the conservative legal movementAmanda Hollis-Brusky’s history of the Federalist SocietyAsh, Chen, and Naidu on the impact of the Manne seminarsThe time Tim Geithner called Dinesh D’Souza a dick Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  4. We start by talking about developments in the 2020 field, including the addition of Mark Charles, Kirsten Gillibrand's failure to launch, and security risks exemplified by what happened to Kamala Harris. We also share our heartbreak over the shooting in Virginia Beach and ponder President Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom. For Compliment the Other Side, Beth honors the work of Democrats in Connecticut who are working on a new budget package. In our main segment, we respond to listener Cody's message about Pride Month. We share our personal journeys in relation to LGBTQ rights and how we got to the positions we hold now.Finally, we reflect again on the life and legacy of Rachel Held Evans and what an honor it was to be at her funeral this weekend. It was truly a sacred experience and we are so grateful to have known her. We encourage you to take the time to watch the funeral service yourself.Thanks to our sponsors: theSkimm, ThirdLove, and FabFitFun.Thank you for being a part of our community! We couldn't do what we do without you. To become a tangible supporter of the show, please visit our Patreon page, purchase a copy of our book, I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening), or share the word about our work in your own circles.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
  5. Ear Hustle is back with season four! Let’s get oriented: to a new format and a new inside host, and through the stories of guys learning the prison ropes in Reception, while they wait to find out where they’ll serve their time. A heads-up: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence. Listener discretion is advised. Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring this episode. For a full list of credits and to find out more about the show, head to, where you can sign up for our newsletter and order a T-shirt, sticker pack or mug. Ear Hustle is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX.
  6. For the first time in Sooo Many White Guys history, Phoebe conducts an interview entirely in bed! She is joined by her dear friend and fellow comedian Michelle Buteau. Michelle is launching her new podcast Adulting with WNYC Studios - and it drops today! Plus, Michelle talks about her latest film Always Be My Maybe, how she decided to become a stand up comic in the days after 9/11, and her challenging path to becoming a mom. Michelle’s new podcast Adulting launches today - subscribe now!
  7. Diane Hendricks is the richest self-made woman in America, and she has used her fortune to remake the city of Beloit, Wisconsin. But she’s also used her riches to bankroll former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and to crush unions in the state. In this episode: How do we reconcile Beloiters’ love for her with her broader effects on the state?Bran Lichtenstein spends a fair amount of time with Diane Hendricks in his documentary As Goes JanesvilleAlexandra Stevenson’s profile of Diane HendricksHendricks’s donations in the 2018 electionsMary Bottari on the Bradley Foundation and public sector unionsWhen Hendricks joined Trump’s economic advisory council Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  8. Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian, writer, actor, and producer. His new special "Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward" will be available streaming on Netflix on April 30.
  9. Reema tries to settle a debt she’s been avoiding. And what happens when one person in a relationship has way more money?
  10. Actor and comedian Bill Hader feels great about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.Bill and Conan sit down to chat about their fondness for antiquated terms, the importance of relaxation, crime show narrators, and competing with YouTube. Plus, Conan issues a State of the Podcast address.Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.This episode is sponsored by The Great Courses Plus (, Bombas (, Robinhood (, State Farm (1-800-STATE-FARM), and Hair Club (
  11. Cane Roberts has lived in a number of places, but which places can he actually call home? You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis. You can order Nora's new book -- No Happy Endings -- from her website at TTFA is public media. Which means we are supported by you. You can join us with a contribution at And check out our sponsors this week: Rothy's - Talkspace - with code TERRIBLE Brooklinen - with code TERRIBLE
  12. On our debut episode of “Deliver Us,” Maggi Van Dorn asks: How can I stay in a church where so many children have been hurt? Not everyone does. Melinda Henneberger, a journalist for The Kansas City Star, tells Maggi why the latest wave of sex abuse news pushed her to leave the Catholic Church. In the hopes of understanding what the church’s future might look like, Maggi also talks to Brian Flanagan, a theologian who puts the sex abuse crisis into historical perspective. For show notes, links and more content visit: The theme music for Deliver Us is composed and produced by Kris McCormick. Additional music courtesy of APM.
  13. In the fall of 1989, in Vancouver, Washington, a short, 29 year-old man named Westley Allan Dodd raped and murdered three young boys. The boys were brothers Cole and William Neer, ages 10 and 11, and four year old Lee Isli. A few weeks later, police arrested Westley at movie theater after he tried and failed to abduct another boy. He quickly confessed to the three murders. The prosecution sought the death penalty, and Dodd pled guilty. Death penalty cases take a long time due to all the appeals built into the process. These appeals are designed to make sure the state hasn’t made any mistakes in the death sentence. They check for things like juror misconduct, incompetent defense lawyers, new evidence. Death penalty cases take years, sometimes decades. Westley Allan Dodd did not want that. Instead, he wanted to be executed as quickly as possible. In letters to the Supreme Court of Washington, Dodd urged the court to allow him to waive his right to appeal his death sentence. He believed he deserved to die for what he did, and wanted it done as soon as possible. Dodd was what’s known as a “volunteer”–someone who gives up their rights in order to hasten their own execution. The Death Penalty Information Center cites about 150 cases of “volunteers” in the United States. Dodd’s case sparked debate both among people who supported and opposed the death penalty. Some argued he had the right to choose whether the court would review the validity of his death sentence. Others argued that the law ensures that all defendants have due process whether they want it or not. In the meantime, Dodd continued to advocate for his own execution in interviews and in exchanges with his pen pals. He said he felt remorseful, and even wrote a self-defense booklet for kids to learn how to stay safe from men like him. The booklet was called “When You Meet A Stranger”. The debate made its way to the Washington Supreme Court.  In a 7-2 ruling, they decided that Dodd did, in fact, have the right to waive his remaining appeals. After just three years on death row (5 years shorter than the national average at that time) the State of Washington hanged Westley Allan Dodd. On this episode Bethany Denton interviews  Dodd’s former attorney Gilbert Levy. And defense attorney Jeff Ellis, who was a young lawyer during the time of the Dodd trial.   Bethany also talks to Becky Price, who was one of the recipients of Dodd’s pamphlet  “When You Meet A Stranger”. Letter filed to the Supreme Court of Washington state on behalf of Westley Allan Dodd where he asserts his desire to be executed quickly and waive his remaining appeals. Page 1 of 5 Letter filed to the Supreme Court of Washington state on behalf of Westley Allan Dodd where he asserts his desire to be executed quickly and waive his remaining appeals. Page 2 of 5 Letter filed to the Supreme Court of Washington state on behalf of Westley Allan Dodd where he asserts his desire to be executed quickly and waive his remaining appeals. Page 3 of 5 Letter filed to the Supreme Court of Washington state on behalf of Westley Allan Dodd where he asserts his desire to be executed quickly and waive his remaining appeals. Page 4 of 5 Letter filed to the Supreme Court of Washington state on behalf of Westley Allan Dodd where he asserts his desire to be executed quickly and waive his remaining appeals. Page 5 of 5 Westley Allan Dodd’s Sentencing Verdict, in which a jury unanimously agrees that he should be put to death.  Page 1 of 1 This is our last episode of season 7. We’ll be back sometime in the fall, and we’ll let you know when as soon as we know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime, check out our Art Exchange. It’s like a Secret Santa, only it takes place in the summer and each gift is an original piece of art: sculpture, photography, poem, song, painting, all kinds of things. Click here to sign up (the deadline is June 12, 2019)
  14. A new serialized podcast from NPR investigates a 1965 cold case. New episodes every Tuesday starting May 14.
  15. The Senate passed $4.6 billion in emergency aid for the crisis at the southwestern border today. Last night, the House passed its own version. Aid will help, but for lasting change Congress will have to deal with Flores. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  16. Parenting isn't something that's happening to us. It's something that's happening for us. Our guest Casey O'Roarty taps into her 20 year experience as a parenting coach (as well as author and podcaster) to share how to enjoy, not endure, your kids. No matter how old your kids are, we think you'll be inspired by this conversation as we were. We're happy to welcome Coding with Kids and Picture Play as sponsors of today's episode. Be sure to take advantage of the earlybird special pricing for Coding With Kids' online coding camps. And, save $3 off your purchase of Picture Play, a super handy e-book that will totally up your photo game. Use code SPAWNED at checkout.You can find all the links to our show on our podcast page! And please make sure to follow us on social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  17. Evangelicals have played an important role in modern day American politics - from supporting President Trump to helping elect Jimmy Carter back in 1976. How and when did this religious group become so intertwined with today's political issues? In this episode, what it means to be an evangelical today and how it has changed over time.
  18. On Friday, June 21, after months of deliberation, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its opinion in the Curtis Flowers case. In a 7-2 ruling, the justices threw out the conviction from his sixth trial, in 2010. The decision of what happens next -- whether to release Flowers or begin a seventh trial -- now lies with the same prosecutor who's pursued him from the beginning: Doug Evans. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.
  19. K-pop star Eric Nam is a singer, songwriter and TV host who has become a household name in South Korea. He’s so beloved that he’s even called “the nation’s boyfriend.” Eric joins Phoebe to talk about his surprising journey from growing up as a Korean-American kid in Atlanta to becoming an international idol, as well as some of the less glamorous aspects of the job (like being on a televised bubblegum blowing competition). Plus, Phoebe and Joanie Mitch pitch to Shark Tank.
  20. Nicole and Sasheer are getting matching caskets (maroon for Sasheer, purple with flames for Nicole)! They share stand-up horror stories - Sasheer did STD jokes in a room of old people, while Nicole spanked a heckler. They chat about their shared love of pole-dancing, and sexy characters in animated movies... especially Rob from The Brave Little Toaster. When answering listener questions about unfollowing old friends on social media, Nicole shares this piece of wisdom - “just mute the bitch.” Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions 645-7003‬This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (
  21. It's been 11 days since the U.S. Supreme Court threw out Curtis Flowers' conviction. But the story didn't end there. In recent days, there have been three other significant developments, including new details from a key witness, that may determine Flowers' fate. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.
  22. Amy Winehouse died in July 2011 aged just 27. Back to Black the title track of her second and final album is a torch song to tragic love, addiction and loss. People who loved her and her music talk about how she helped them cope with their own struggles. Lesley Jamison is now a successful writer but at 27 she was an alcoholic. She stopped drinking the same year that Amy died. Lesley reflects on how her own life could have followed the same path had she gone further into the darkness or the black of drinking and self destruction. Daisy Buchanan tells her story of addictive love and how Back to Black helped her break free. Umaru Saidu was a vulnerable teenager with mental health issues who lost a dear childhood friend when he was 17. He later trained at the Amy's Yard programme and is grateful for the inspiration she gave him. As a young teenager Amy Charles too identified with the pain expressed in Back to Black and says it helped her deal with depression brought on by a spinal injury. Donald Brackett is the author of Back to Black: Amy Winehouse's Only Masterpiece and believes performing the song may have become traumatic for her in the end as it forced her to relive the emotional pain. Elizabeth Kesses was visiting her terminally ill father at the same hospital where Amy Winehouse was being treated. She recalls seeing her there and hoping she would recover. Sadly it was not to be. But these stories reveal a legacy that goes beyond the music. Producer: Maggie Ayre
  23. Can a tiny dog change the dynamics of a marriage? Zachary Quinto ("NOS4A2") reads Bob Morris's essay.
  24. We open up ‘the world’s best collection of forbidden books’ and consider current restrictions on free expression, plus two librarians talk weeding and Awful Library Books. We open up ‘the world’s best collection of forbidden books’ and consider current restrictions on free expression, plus two librarians talk weeding and Awful Library Books.
  25. The new documentary '5B' tells the story of America's first hospital unit dedicated to the care of people with AIDS. Nurse Cliff Morrison helped create 5B in 1983, and worked on it with Dr. Paul Volberding. They talked with Terry Gross about the early years of the AIDS epidemic, how they sought to give patients compassionate care, and the rampant homophobia at the time.
  26. A Portuguese princess sold into marriage, an English king suffocated in debt and an exotic leaf that will unlock England’s future. A tale of how one person can transform a culture by daring to be different, and how one tiny trend can shape an empire.
  27. Mitch McConnell has been described as "opaque," "drab," and even "dull." He is one of the least popular - and most polarizing - politicians in the country. So how did he win eight consecutive elections? And what does it tell us about how he operates?
  28. An older couple inherits two unexpected sons, an ex-offender regains custody of his daughter, an entrepreneurial mom teaches business smarts to her child, recovering addicts try to stay clean for their kids, and a son takes over for his father at the family restaurant.  
  29. The winner of twenty Grand Slam titles and the top-ranked men’s player for three hundred and ten weeks, Roger Federer remains a dominant force in tennis. On the eve of playing in his nineteenth U.S. Open, Federer spoke with David Remnick about how he got over the hot temper and predilection for throwing racquets that he showed early in his career. At the advanced age of thirty-eight—and as a father of young children—Federer explains what he’s had to give up in order to keep playing professionally. But he doesn’t plan to retire a day before he has to. “I think it's nice to keep on playing, and really squeeze the last drop of lemon out of it,” he tells Remnick, “and not leave the game of tennis thinking, Oh, I should have stayed longer.” Plus, the staff writer Hua Hsu on the singular career of a Chinese vocalist with global ambitions.
  30. A LONG TIME AGO, ON VERONICA MARS: Wallace got duct taped to the school flagpole by Weevil; Keith inquired about the identity of your daddy; Logan smashed Veronica’s headlights with a crowbar; and Veronica tried to cram three episodes-worth of backstory about her murdered best friend, her missing mom and her social ostracism into forty minutes - in between staking out the Camelot Motel, framing Logan for having a bong on school grounds, colluding with the fire chief to swap out police evidence, and cutting Wallace down from that flagpole. She’s a busy kid. Also, Duncan… existed. Barely. Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman as they investigate Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot, and ponder such mysteries as how to get duct tape off your bathing suit region, what happened to the original Backup, and how long it would really take to get a bespoke ceramic bong made. See more about this episode, and a transcript, at the podcast’s official site Find @VMIpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This episode was edited and mixed by Zach McNees; the music is by Martin Austwick and Jenny Owen Youngs; the logo is by Hrishikesh Hirway; Lo Dodds gives us the LoDown. Distributed by This week’s inspirational line to put on a fridge magnet: “The thing that keeps us powering through life's defeats is our faith in a better life to come.”
  31. On today's episode, entrepreneurs around the world are trying to redefine how their societies perceive failure, by doing the scariest thing possible: standing up in public and admitting their mistakes. Links to more stories: us your story: #ShareYourFailure (
  32. 1980s Prostitution in the Streets of DetroitBack in the 1980s, Mark Bando was a Detroit police officer working the streets of Detroit. His assignment was to keep tabs on women forced into prostitution, their pimps, and the sugar daddies who kept them in business. Dawn Spens was one of those women. We follow their interlaced story. Dawn’s sugar daddy was a prominent psychologist named Alan Canty. He would meet her for sex during his lunch break. This relationship went on for two years. Meanwhile, his wife Jan Canty didn’t know what was really going on. This rendezvous didn’t last forever. Hear how Alan Canty’s double life was exposed. Meet the charactersThe Sugar Daddy- Alan CantyThe Sex Worker- Dawn SpensThe Pimp- John “Lucky”LinksIf you enjoyed the story, check out Lowell Caufiel’s book titled Masquerade  To learn more about Jan Canty's memoir go to Subscribe to PRETEND on your favorite podcast app:  Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play. This is part one of a two-part series. Subscribe to Patreon to listen to part two right now Support for this episode is brought to you by MyWallStAre you thinking about investing in the stock market but don’t know where to start? Check out MyWallSt. With MyWallSt, you’re in control. Invest what you can, when you can. They provide you with a shortlist of well-researched stocks with significant growth potential—and you decided which ones to invest in.  Pretend listeners can access the entire MyWallSt app for free and use it for 30 days. Visit to download their app. CreditsThis episode was written and produced by Javier LeivaEdited by Molly BrockMusic by Blue Dot Sessions and Podington BearTheme music by Joe Basile and  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  33. America was founded on the ideal of democracy. Black people fought to make it one.“1619” is a New York Times audio series hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones. You can find more information about it at episode includes scenes of graphic violence.
  34. Shandra Williams had experienced five miscarriages by the time she and her husband Dawayne became pregnant with their son. Then she was arrested. Reporter Rowan Moore Gerety travels to Victoria, Texas, where Williams’ harrowing story of being pregnant behind bars unknowingly launched a reform movement.
  35. Have you ever wondered why so many people have had experiences with bad bosses? Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel talk about this with Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, who explains that while it’s a problem that there aren’t enough women in leadership across fields, a major contributor to that problem is an acceptance incompetent leaders, who are often men. Love this podcast? Support KUOW Public Radio and BTSW by donating here:

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