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Creation Date October 9th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 15th, 2021
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  1. According to USA Today, the number of children and teens admitted to hospitals for contemplating suicide or self-harm has more than doubled in the last decade. Why? More to the point, what can we do to protect our children and counteract the ep
  2. Best-selling and award-winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher is a favorite on BTB!! Her new book, A Moonlight School, is based on the true story of Cora Wilson Stewart, the first female superintendent for an Appalachian County. A story of courage
  3. They’ve just become Christians—and the battle explodes! Plunged immediately after their baptism into a fiery spiritual storm, Loren and Eve Montcrest face the vicious assaults of the Arcane Institute and their Harmony society as its leaders
  4. Jack Callaghan is a good atheist. He doesn’t believe in religious ‘fairy tales’ and won’t accept anything without evidence. Which is just as well, since faith of any kind is a cerebral crime in 2058.  His wife Selene used to be a super model
  5. She believed him when he told her some Shadows were good. When sixteen-year-old Violet Blackstone seeks to belong outside of her Christian community, she opens doors to a dark world she doesn’t understand. Her parents’ secret separation and
  6. 17-year-old Noah Sullivan lived a sheltered life under the care of his overprotective Aunt Prissy. Confined within the walls of Birchwood Cottage off the rocky coast of Maine, he never considered that there was more to life, until now. After a
  7. In, If Masculinity Is ‘Toxic’, Call Jesus Radioactive, bestselling author Doug Giles offers a view of Jesus that CNN and the ladies on The View will probably not like. That said, Giles is a guessin’ that his take on the 30-year-old Rebel from G
  8. What if Eve had said no? Take the biblical tale of Creation. And then ask… what if Eve… had said no? Would evil have given up? Or would it have carried on, scheming, waiting to pounce? And what then? From that joy-filled world where the lion
  9. There's nothing more wonderful than a new release that keeps you riveted to the page--or the audiobook app--from the first word to the last. Unless it happens to be by a debut author.  That's right, Amy Lynn Green has written a phenomenal, grip
  10. Some books are "once-in-a-lifetime" books.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of mine for reasons I talk about in THIS post. Recently, I read what for me has become another one. Bleak Landing In what feels like a delightful moment of happenstance

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