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Creation Date July 17th, 2018
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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We love having game developers on to talk about their games and then come up with silly game ideas with us!
  1. Trevor and Ben are joined by Barney Cumming of Powerhoof this week, and the resulting stampede leaves behind a game where you play a recluse solving a mystery via garbage and crosswords, a HVAC engineer who is sensibly doing their job, we explore the fine art of observatory equipment requisition, and we reinvent Powerhoof's Regular Human Basketball into a Space Jam-esque adventure! Find Barney online: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
  2. Ben and Trevor are joined by Jacob Janerka this week, creator of the wonderfully funny Paradigm! In recognition of the success of his point and click adventure, as well as the fortuitous timing of Adventure Jam 2017, we decided to do our Adventure Game Design Done Quick segment, which we haven't done since episode 2! We each pitched a few ideas for small adventure games, and then spent the hour working through the story and puzzles. Keep your limbs inside the podcast at all times, it's quite a trip! Jacob's Links: Paradigm on Steam: Paradigm on the web: Paradigm on Facebook: Jacob on Twitter:
  3. Ben and Trevor are joined by John Kane from Gritfish for a very adventure game heavy episode - we brainstorm a Thimbleweed Park inspired murder mystery set at a comic book convention in an alternate universe where Garfield is the ultimate in pop culture, a beehive simulator controlled entirely through dance, a game where you control a chicken and her egg simultaneously, an 80s themed RPG set in a world divided into musical genres narrated by Weird Al Yankovic, and we reimagine Gritfish's Mallow Drops as a punishing platformer where you play a suicidal s'more to be. Click Pitch: Men Highlighting Chain Crossing Hatching Fond Worse Imperialist Owner Beehive Signing Explanation Silversmith Scheduling Agony Sailor Detective Exhibition Synthesis Seal Harp Reimagined: Mallow Drops by Gritfish Games John's Links John on Twitter: Gritfish on the web: Mallow Drops on Steam: Mallow Drops on the App Store: Killing Time at Lightspeed on Steam:
  4. This week Laura Voss, Creative Director at Harmonious Games joined Ben and Trevor in the Click Pitch hot seat. We ruminate on waffle decorum and pancake physics, spy on drunks hiding in futuristic speakeasies, handle divorce cases between giants and dwarves, build a technologically advanced mole colony to efficiently steal carrots, and consider a Fresh Prince of Bel Air platforming game. Plus we throw a few ideas around in an attempt to reimagine Harmonious Games' latest release Putty Pals, resulting in a VR action extravaganza.
  5. This week on Bit Storm (new name!): Kamina Vincent, producer at Mountains, helped us get political to make an Animal Farm inspired farm management game, a PolyBridge-esque restaurant automation game, we won the heart and minds of the populace through well placed advertising and propaganda in Crosswalk Battlefield, and we did a remarkably accurate reimagining of What Remains of Edith Finch by Giant Sparrow. Plus a seasonally appropriate Easter adventure that ends in a bunny bloodbath. Who says games aren't art?
  6. Giselle Rosman of Hipster Whale, the Melbourne IGDA and the Global Game Jam is our guest this week, helping Ben and Trevor turn random prompts into games where babies play basketball, dogs have to pee their own landmarks, a wandering chaperone moves from school to school making sure there's no funny business happening, and a ghost has to alter its environment to make sure everybody finds their soulmate. Finally, while reimagining Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox we bring the time-honoured adventure game staple of pixel hunting into the VR space - I can hear Ron Gilbert's facepalm from here.
  7. With the help of Gustav Seymore from Lost Goblin, Trevor and Ben take this week's prompts and turn them into management games involving valet parking, high school relationships and sentient hams, as well as an action adventure game starring a bright and shiny shorts wearing detective, a dark and twisted movie making game and an alternate version of Lost Goblin's 'Goblins of Elderstone' with an elderly protagonist summoning goblins.
  8. Game artist Inge Berman from S1T2 surfs into our special Global Game Jam episode, using this year's theme of 'waves' to buoy our imaginations! The result is wet and foamy, as we invent a VR game starring a dendrophobic lumberjack (with a sweet double axe attack), a meditation game using Nintendo's Wii Fiit Board and Viiitality sensor, and we reinvent Inge's game Kept as a stationery hoarding game with a gnomish protagonist. Click Pitch Advise Pedestrian Waves Declaring Axe Bark Carrying Enterprise Impulse Move Ambiguity Mod Glowing Figure Waves Overlap Compare Average Writer Delay
  9. Community lead and co-founder of Alta, Justine Colla, joins us this week to invent games about chatting with anthropomorphic ledges, hypnotizing restaurant patrons to get better tips, and giant wrestling goddesses. It's clobberin' time! (That's a wrestling thing, right?) Click Pitch Terrorising Goddess Characteristic Circumvent Misunderstood Ledge Living Remission Magnetising Physical Barbarian Testify Channeled Suburban Bending Kneel Mesmerised Waitress Betide Affiliate Parchment Engorged Timekeeper Snob Syllabafying Splintering Thunderbolt Disarrange Thermal Clapper
  10. Game designer Emre Deniz joins us this week, and the result was slightly disturbing. Themes of darkness dominated, with flickering candles and the setting sun giving way to the horrors that lie in the absence of light. Plus, parties! Food fights and drug filled benders, with messes to be made and cleaned up. Everything is fun in VR! Click Pitch Corroborated Rustling Foetus Banquetting Vibrant Angst Outgrown Heirloom Predicament Displeased Keg Jaw Erosion Heresay Penance
  11. Rhys Smith of Pine Fire Studios joins Trevor and Ben this week and they delve into some Click Pitch where things quickly get hot and bothered. Games about flames, burlesque and bondage are the result, until things are slightly cooled by a game about lichen trading. About the Guest Pine Fire Studios are preparing to release their game Kieru in 2017. Find them at or their facebook page, Click Pitch Confection Gleaming Travelling Fullness Kissing Settle Reverie Sparkler Freak Gynaecology Excommunicate Disc Torturing Accommodate Scaffold Cereal Totem Garbled Bawdy Rehearsal Generralise Mothering Sunflower Handle Storehouse Lichen Con Ice Leg Author Building Char Lose

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