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Creation Date September 13th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  1. This time around I'm very pleased to have as my guest is Sarah White, president of The Association of Personal Historians. Sarah explains what personal history is, and why it is so important to preserve.If you want to learn more about doing your personal history, start here!
  2. One more interview before we return to our actual-play recordings.  Recorded live on the GenCon floor we got to chat with Brendan Conway. He's one of the co-owners of Magpie Games as well as their production manager and designer behind Masks, Zombie World, the upcoming Root: The Tabletop RPG, and the newly announced Armored Society!  Over the next half hour we talk the past with Masks, how it came to be and where it's going next, the present with Root: The Tabletop RPG, what to expect next week when we play the game to support their Kickstarter, and the future with Armored Society, where we both nerd out about Irish folklore and get very excited about the story possibilities using a brand new system being developed by Magpie Games. Find out more about all of these games at Terrible Warriors is made possible thanks to Patreon supporters at Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors and and join us this summer every other Saturday on as we play through Shadowrun in the second season of the Cambridge Chronicles at You can can book Justin today to run your game at the Storm Crow Manor in Toronto, Ontario by visiting
  3. Dan Armstrong established and has been running Beanfield Metroconnect since 1988. He shares his experience and the lessons he's learned along the way. Episode notes:
  4. Listen to our version of the greatest love story of a generation, "The Hills Have Eyes". Do you have a movie you want us to do? Email us at info@thatshowirememberit.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
  5. Break A Wish is a podcast where all your dreams come true but with terrible ironic consequences. On each episode, host Maddox Campbell sits down with two guests and one magic wish. The panel breaks down the wish from every angle while trying to come up with the perfect ironic cost. In this episode, we are joined by Jenna Leblanc and Damien Doepping to discuss the wish, “I wish I could change the weather at will.” The discussion that follows covers Crocodile Hunter shopping trips, magic men, and drunk angels. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
  6. Caverns and Comedians is an  Dungeons and Dragons powered podcast starring Toronto comedians.The podcast follows adventurers who stumble their way into trouble and hopefully glory. Each episode is edited down to just the story so it sounds more like a radio play than a bunch of table talk about stats and dice rolls, but the ludicrous unpredictable results of unexpected dice-rolls remains.Starring:Maddox Campbell as HankScott Thrower as FookLeigh Cameron as SnakeyKyle Scott as The Dungeon MasterEngineered by Andrea MillerTheme by Derek BaldwinProduced by Kicks and Giggles Entertainment
  7. Arys decides to preface episode 10 with an explanation as to why the audio for this episode came out the way that it did! Either way, if you can make it through the excess reverb effect, be sure to enjoy this in depth conversation that we had with Timotheus, a business owner, a husband, a father, and a representative of all things cool (comics, movies, and gaming).
  8. In this episode:#Parvati #valley #Himachal #northindia #river #parvati #beas #mountains #nature #hillstations #roadtrip #familytravel #kidstravel #hiking #trekking #camping #cafes #markets #hippie #kasol #tosh #jari #malana #manikaran #kheerganga #pinparvati #himachali #villageThis week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Deenaz Raisinghani, a backpacking mom who has been traveling around the world with her little kiddo! Today's destination: Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh Nearest Airport: Bhuntar Airport or Chandigarh AirportNearest Railway Station: Pathankot Railway stationPrerequisites -  NAPacking -  Your usual winter gear along with other essentials for travelling with a kid. >Also make sure to take care of the baby's eating, sleeping and pooping schedules!! >Travel as light as possible. >Travel a baby carrier >Emergency medications for the family>Handy snacks for the journeyTime of the year -  June (Feb to Jun is a good time to travel)Length of the itinerary:  10 daysItinerary Highlights: - The trio of Deenaz, Arianna and the dad start from Ambala for this 10 day road trip. - Parvati Valley is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and covers the region where the river Parvati and Beas meet and pass along a bunch of villages like Jari, Tosh, Kasol, Malana, Manikaran amongst others. - The valley has some great views of the mountains and the forests and some hot springs too!. - The first stop is at a little town called Jari, in a homestay that is right by the river alongside a village called Baladi. Reaching the homestay involves a bit of a trek and crossing a bridge, but is definitely manageable. - Day trips from here to places like Tosh are a great option that offers great cafes and views of the mountains, but be prepared for the crowds!- Another option is day treks to close by villages like Baladi that have some wonderful treks and offer an opportunity to interact with the local Himachali people. - It's a good idea to get a buffer day if there are any sick days during the trip. - After spending a few days at Jari, and doing day trips, the family decides to experience camping near Kasol - Arianna's first camping trip!- More hiking expeditions this time trekking via Chalal and Katagla, and a trip to Kasol town. - There are other options like Kheerganga, Pin Parvati pass, Malana, Grahan Village and other multi-day treks that one can indulge in and enjoy the verdant valley!- Deenaz also shares little tidbits about interactions with the locals as well as a little adventure of getting the local brew of Himachal - the Lugdi!- Finally, Deenaz shares some quick tips about inculcating travel in kids at an early age, the challenges and how to overcome them! Listen on!  Links:Link to Deenaz's blog ( Facebook: Instagram : backpacking_indian_mama ( of the Shadows by Piyush Dewan : by Harigovind Kaninghat on UnsplashFollow the Musafir stories onTwitter : www.themusafirstories.comemail: themusafirstories@gmail.comitunes - Google podcasts - website - Saavn - Spotify - pocketcasts - castbox - Overcast - Stitcher Radio - audioBoom - TuneIn - RadioPublic - iHeartradio - Deezer -
  9. Welcome to Wrapper's Delight - A hip hop history podcast where we look at songs influential throughout time as important to the culture. Each episode MMD will look at 1 year starting from 1979 and discuss some of the argument's / candidates for the "best" song of that year (while eating a candy that best represents that song). Best is a term i'm borrowing from The Rap Yearbook by Shea Serrano. This week is 1979 where we discuss Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang - Paulett & Tanya Winley - Rhymin' and Rappin' and Spoonie Gee's - Spoonin' Rap while eating Gobstoppers candy. It's my opinion that both of the latter songs are better than Rapper's Delight because a) its not from the culture ( Sugar Hill Gang were 3 dudes that were put together to make a hip hop song) b) Big Bank Hank stole much of his work from Grandmaster Caz and c) it's 14:45 minutes long! Rhymin' and Rappin' is far greater example of 1979 rap history because it's a) 2 laddies b) shorter c) a far more chache value. Even Spoonin Rap has ATHF theme song rapper (and let's not forget Hip hop Veteren/Legend) Spoonie Gee and has sample cred as an often cited source material. Like Rapper's Delight this week's candy Gobstoppers overstays it's welcome and is this week's candy. There are 2 "required" texts 1) The Aforementioned Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano and 2) Chuck D presents this day in Rap/ Hip Hop history
  10.   Hentertaina, King et l’invité spécial Marshall Antoine discute des go fund me scam, de l’importance de l’assurance vie et les particularités, l’importance du crédit, le roulement d’argent dans la communauté, etc.

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