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Creation Date April 11th, 2020
Updated Date Updated April 15th, 2021
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There are so many to choose from, these are my favourites.
  1. A Doctor Who Podcast
  2. Paul and Tim review Doctor Who's missing episodes.
  3. Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. Since August 2006, hosts Warren (in Vancouver, BC) and Steven (in Edmonton, AB) have provided listeners with their brand of amusing Doctor Who praise and punishment. A year later, Chris (also in Edmonton, AB) was added to the team, and The Three Who Rule were born. Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Free Skaro provides an entertaining and diverting listen for the diehard or casual Doctor Who fan. New episodes usually appear on Sundays, following a loose magazine format of the three hosts discussing the news and events of the past week in the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. They have also recorded special commentary podcasts for classic series and new series episodes of Doctor Who along with interviews of some of the brightest of the Doctor Who luminaries. Radio Free Skaro is also the official podcast of Gallifrey One, the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who convention.
  4. We combine the worlds of DOCTOR WHO with quality music
  5. All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start? Join Mark, Iain and some fantastic guests for the trip of a lifetime through all of Doctor Who.
  6. Flying through the entire history of Doctor Who. With Cake.
  7. The Doctor Who podcast where we take a stand and defend our favourite show's most picked on stories. Because, damn it, that's what the Doctor would do. Hosted by Lucas Testro.
  8. We are Ross, a long time fan of Doctor Who, and Victoria, a relatively new convert to the show. We bring unique, informed perspectives to our experience and enjoyment of Doctor Who. Each podcast covers a Doctor Who television story and includes a story synopsis, review and discussion of where each fits in the Doctor Who Universe. Future episodes will cover all the media in that Universe, including audio plays, books and comics.
  9. Strangers in Space: once a month, for sixty minutes*, J.R. Southall, Lee Rawlings, Simon Brett and Matt Barber talk about Doctor Who so you don't have to (*times may vary) Desert Planet Picks: once a week (or so), a special guest chooses the eight items they'd take with them, if they were about to be marooned on a desert planet Film Club: once a month, the Strangers in Space review and contextualise a popular movie Film Club International: once a month, (some of) the Strangers in Space review and contextualise an international movie
  10. The Who's He? Podcast, a monthly Doctor Who review show hosted by Phil Cannon and Paul Connor in which they chat about all things Doctor Who including reviews of the latest episodes to hit our screens, along with news, DVD's, books, audio stories and the occasional audio commentary for good measure!
  11. Mostly Harmless Cutaway podcast hosted by Eric, Josh, and Cat + often featuring Sean, Kat, Kyle, Chris, Erik, and Erika. If it's happening in the Doctor Who universe we're talking about it. Essential companion listening for those familiar with some other popular Doctor Who podcasts. If you were ever looking for a laid back show that doesn't take much seriously you've finally come home. Welcome all and be seeing you at #Gally1 or L.I. Who or WHO nose?! Please search out our copanion podcast on iTunes, Doctor Who: Prognosis Negative and our brand new podcast, Star Trek: Romulans Bearing Gifts... |VL
  12. Podcast reviewing televised Doctor Who stories
  13. An irreverent exploration of the greatest era in Doctor Who: the decade of the 7th Doctor, on TV, in print, and on audio
  14. Steven Schapansky (Radio Free Skaro, The Memory Cheats) and Erika Ensign (Verity!, The Incomparable, Total Party Kill, The Audio Guide to Babylon 5) are married Doctor Who fans (who also co-produce a fiction podcast for Uncanny Magazine). This is a podcast where they watch every Doctor Who story ever made, from start to finish. Each episode is recorded live on a red couch. No, they have no “schedule”. They’re lazy. Want proof? Check out this fab listener-created spreadsheet of episode releases. Follow on Twitter at @LazyDoctorWho and email at
  15. Join Natasha and Jaime of the UNspoiled! Podcast network as they explore the new Doctor Who series together! Natasha watches it for the very first time as Jaime (an experienced Whovian) guides her through this strange new world.
  16. Mark and guests explore the worlds of television, books, theatre and movies.
  17. With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.
  18. Ever wanted to start watching Classic Who but just don't know where to begin? Join Colin, Daniel, and Steven on an introcast through the best of Doctor Who!
  19. We discuss everything that is, was, or might be in the world of Doctor Who. Discussing Who features interviews, reviews, news, and more about our favorite Time Lord. It’s an adventure in space and time, and you’re invited! Discussing Who is part of the Discussing Network. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.
  20. A podcast about Doctor Who with Ben and David, two fans talking about their favourite programme and having a few laughs.
  21. A podcast pub crawl through Doctor Who old and new with film programmer Mark Donaldson and stand-up comic Ben Verth
  22. Informative and entertaining Doctor Who podcast, typically discussing two linked stories, one from each of the Classic and New series
  23. Bad Wilf launched in 2010, as a South London-based Doctor Who podcast. Over the years it has evolved into so much more. We cover movies, TV shows, audio dramas, news, reviews, interviews and general nonsense, often under the influence of alcohol.
  24. A Doctor Who podcast by fans, for fans. We don't want your money, just your ears. Add this URL to your podcatcher:
  25. The Official Doctor Who Podcast of Starburst Magazine - The World's Longest Running Magazine Of Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy. Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett. An hour of laid back Doctor Who that doesn't cater just for the hardcore fan...
  26. Every week, the Flight Through Entirety team call up to discuss our first impression of the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 11 and 12.
  27. Join us as we discuss a different Doctor Who novel each month, book club-style. Read along with us as we explore the written worlds from a variety of Doctor Who book ranges…
  28. I'll Explain Later is a podcast all about Doctor Who. Every month, hosts Jim Hall, Matt Nida and John West pick three Doctor Who adventures - two from the classic series, one from the new - that have a loose and quite often arbitrary connection. The stories will be put under the microscope, with a view to finding a fresh and irreverent take on them and perhaps challenging some received wisdom along the way.
  29. Mark and Rob host 42 to Doomsday, Australia's longest running and most popular Doctor Who podcast. We chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!
  30. Six smart women discussing Doctor Who
  31. Recommendations, interviews, reviews and discussion of audio drama from the Doctor Who expanded universe produced by Big Finish and others. Hosted by Dwayne Bunney and Philip Edney.

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