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Creation Date December 30th, 2020
Updated Date Updated January 11th, 2021
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  1. Dev Ittycheria is the President and CEO @ MongoDB, recognized as the world's most popular next-generation database and the first database company to go public in over 26 years. Prior to their IPO, MongoDB raised from some of the best in the business including Sequoia, USV and NEA to name a few. As for Dev, before Mongo Dev was Managing Director at OpenView Venture Partners, Venture Partner at Greylock Partners, and CEO/Co-founder of BladeLogic, which was acquired by BMC for $900 million. Dev has also sat on some incredible boards including AppDynamics, athenahealth and BazaarVoice. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Dev made his way into the world of startups? How Dev made his entry into the world of venture? How that led to his joining Mongo as CEO? 2.) How has Dev seen his style of leadership change over the last few years? What are the 3 core benefits of being vulnerable with your investors? Why does Dev believe you sometimes have to be inefficient to be effective? What element/trait would Dev like to improve and develop as a leader? 3.) Where does Dev believe the majority of leaders make mistakes when it comes to scaling their teams and orgs? How does Dev think about the debate of whether to promote internally or hire externally for a role? Why does Dev believe the asymmetry of information there is dangerous? 4.) What has been Dev's biggest lessons when it comes to the speed that information is relayed within orgs? How does this differ between good news and bad news? What can leaders do to create environments where bad news is shared freely? Where do many go wrong here? 5.) How does Dev advise founders on the criteria they should use to determine which investors to work with? What has been so impressive to Dev about working with Sequoia? How would Dev describe Roelof Botha's style of board membership? How can investors crucially build trust with their CEOs? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Dev’s Fave Book: High Output Management As always you can follow Harry and The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter here!
  2. Rob Das co-founded Spunk and has served as Chief Architect since 2005. He also served as Vice President, member of the board of directors. Previously, Mr. Das has been a large-scale, distributed software architect and engineer for both early-stage ventures and large companies, including Avolent Inc., an application software provider, Lotus Development, a software company, and Sun Microsystems, Inc., a computer systems company. Mr. Das studied computer science at Indiana University.
  3. Alexis Le-Quoc started Datadog in 2010, after living through the Internet boom and bust cycle of the late 90s and early 2000s. In 2010, cloud was just starting to become popular. There was a gap in the market for infrastructure monitoring tools, which Alexis helped fill with the first version of Datadog. Since 2010, the The post Building Datadog with Alexis Le-Quoc appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.
  4. After decades of relative stability, prices in the US may be about to go through the roof — or the floor. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  5. For years, Intel has been the pre-eminent U.S. semiconductor company. But lately, the company has stumbled. This past summer, shares in the company plunged after it said it was experiencing delays in the production of its next generation chips. And while most tech companies have been on an absolute tear, Intel is still close to its lowest levels since the March bottom. So what went wrong and what do they need to do to right the ship? On this episode, we speak with Stacy Rasgon, a semiconductor analyst at Bernstein Research on Intel and the general state of U.S. high-tech manufacturing.

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