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Creation Date June 22nd, 2020
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On Career Curves, we interview successful people to find out how they got where they are. Here are our 10 most popular episodes.
  1. What if a voice inside you is telling you to take a different path than the one you're on? Beth Davies has heard this voice many times and she always took action.On this episode, Beth is taking her turn as the guest and sharing her career journey. She openly shares why she left law for human resources and how she eventually became the host of this podcast. She tells her story hoping to inspire you. As you'll hear, inspiring others is how she defines
  2. When you hear that someone makes a list of top most influential leaders, it's easy to assume they were driven by a clear vision for their career since they were young. The truth is that success like this can be had even by people who start out not knowing what they want to do. In the premier episode of Career Curves, guest Kellie McElhaney shares how she went from not knowing what she wanted to do to becoming passionate about corporate social responsibility and equity fluent leadership, and how these became the center point for her work. She also shares why she chose academia as the arena where she could make the most impact.
  3. Careers don't happen in a vacuum, but rather unfold in the context of our lives. Anu Shultes' career journey has included setbacks, hard landings and serious illness. In spite of it all she persisted, found her voice, and earlier this year was named CEO of LendUp, a socially responsible FinTech company redefining financial services for the emerging middle class. Anu candidly shares how she faced adversity head-on and became fearless along the way.  Her career decisions not only led her to the helm of a company, but also shaped the leader and person she is today. 
  4. Conventional wisdom tells us that if we want to be successful in our careers, we need a clear goal and a plan. What if the plan is broad and general like, "Go after interesting opportunities?" As Corey Lambert's story shows, this can be enough. He has already had a successful career at some of the hottest startups even though he's still in his thirties and has never had a more formal career plan. Corey shares how he found his roles, what he learned about himself, and how this led him to make changes until he landed where he is today. 
  5. Have you ever dreamed of taking what you know and venturing out as a consultant? Anna Beuselinck did that and then decided she wanted even more, so she created an organic farm, garden and vineyard retreat. Anna openly shares her story, including how and why she made the moves she made to lead a life she purposefully designed.
  6. Many people assume that to work in a particular field, you have to have a degree in that field. Well, sometimes this is true but not always.   On this episode, we’re joined by Burak Cakmak who became Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design even though he didn't study fashion or have experience as a fashion designer. What he did have was a rich background in other aspects of the fashion business, especially supply chain and sustainability. Burak shares the deliberate actions he took to develop his expertise, gain exposure to all aspects of the industry, and build the credibility needed to rise to where he is today.It's an unforgettable story loaded with wisdom that can be applied in any
  7. Carol Regalbuto has done what many women are being encouraged to do – pursue a career in engineering. She started down this path in high school and today has a successful career working on the latest battery technology. The journey though hasn't been easy. She's faced internal challenges like self-doubt and external challenges as the only woman on teams of men. On this episode, Carol candidly shares what she's had to do to thrive both personally and professionally. She also shares how she became passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, and how she has incorporated this passion into her work.
  8. Can you take something you're passionate about and make it the focal point of your career? Manny Hernandez did, but it was a tough journey filled with long days and personal sacrifices. Manny candidly shares why he made the choices he did and the challenges he faced including the one that forced him to leave the organization he built and loved. 
  9. A few weeks before COVID-19 swept across the world, we had a chance to sit down with Dr. Arpana Vidyarthi, to capture her career story. She specializes in hospital medicine and now is on the frontline of the pandemic, making this episode especially timely. The focus of the interview was on how she built a career that pulls together her passions and interests in internal medicine, quality and safety, teaching, and leadership. Because the interview was done just before the pandemic began, she wasn't asked any questions about the crisis. She recently gave us an update and we share this at the end of the 
  10. Anyone who has faced job loss will tell you it can be scary, demoralizing, and confusing, raising questions like, “What do I do now?”... “How do I bounce back?”... and even, “Will I bounce back?” Unfortunately, this is what many people are experiencing now as a result of COVID-19.On this episode, we bring you a story of resilience... and success. Leah Swan has had her job eliminated as her employer shut down. She’s had new jobs that weren’t what she expected. She’s had roles that she loved suddenly change because of changes in company direction. Each time, she bounced back, not by accident but by design. By learning from her experiences and making strategic moves, she grew her career and moved into senior level positions, including her most recent role as Chief Administrative Officer of The Children’s Place. Leah’s story is filled with insights, advice and tangible actions that can inspire anyone that needs to – or wants to – make a career move. 

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