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Creation Date April 1st, 2019
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Podcast episodes with business nuggets from Dr. Lee Davenport
  1. Dr. Lee Davenport grew up in a real estate family, with both mom and dad in real estate investing. Because mom and dad worked so hard, it meant Lee had to tend to the house as a only child and she hated that. In 2001, she had just finished up college and was convinced since […]
  2. On this episode, I get to sit down with Dr. Lee Davenport, Atlanta-based real estate coach and blogger, who trains real estate agents and brokers across the country on how to work smarter with technology. Lee shares her insights on using videos alongside blogs, how to build better relationships with Realtors® and much more, so be sure to tune in!   Key Takeaways: [:27] Jennifer introduces her guest for this episode — Dr. Lee Davenport. [1:28] How did Jennifer meet Lee? [2:58] How did Lee get into writing, coaching, and real estate? [8:47] What is the relevance of blogging in today’s market as opposed to videos and vlogging? [10:14] Is it worth creating written content at this point? [12:00] How can loan officers get appointments with Realtors®? What are some tips Lee recommends for loan officers to be able to improve their relationships with Realtors® and provide more value? [18:01] Why is it important for loan officers to share success testimonies with Realtors®? [20:31] Jennifer and Lee discuss the topic of scarcity and how it’s affecting loan officers and Realtors®. [24:04] What can loan officers do to help in lead generation? [28:55] The barrier to entry is getting an initial meeting with a Realtor®. What is Lee’s advice on that front? [31:15] What are the top three challenges that Realtors® are having right now? [39:56] How receptive would the average Realtor® be to helping loan officers nurture their databases to cultivate opportunities for both parties? [42:29] What is Lee’s book, Profit with Your Personality, about? [44:59] How does Lee help people become comfortable with playing to their strengths? [50:00] Lee leaves us with some final words of wisdom - the best way to help Realtors® is by educating them more to serve their clients better. [51:42] Get in touch with Lee through her website or social media handles. Mentioned in This Episode: Kinetic Spark Consulting Mortgage Lending Mastery on iTunes Jennifer Du Plessis on YouTube Jennifer Du Plessis on Zillow Dr. Lee Davenport — #learnwithlee Dr. Lee Davenport on Instagram Dr. Lee Davenport on Facebook National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) Profit with Your Personality, by Dr. Lee Davenport
  3. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Lee Davenport, a national speaker and real estate consultant. After working her way up to running several real estate offices, she had a realization that she was doing too much. It was time for her to find more balance. We break down her tips for success and how to find balance in your own life as a real estate professional. Show Notes: reliancenetwork.com/blog/leaders-in-real-estate-09-finding-balance-as-a-real-estate-pro-with-dr-lee-davenport
  4. When I was starting out in real estate, I learned pretty quickly that there’s a big difference between knowledge and experience, between earning your license and being an expert in your craft. In fact, most of the agents I’ve talked to have a similar story of realizing that they knew plenty about real estate, but next to nothing about running a real estate practice. That’s where Lee Davenport comes in. A former agent and broker in Atlanta, Lee faced the same hard truth when she was starting out. Today, as a leading real estate coach, Lee has made it her mission to fill that gap and help her clients develop the skills they need to do the real work of marketing and managing their businesses. In this interview, Lee explains why success begins with knowing what sets you apart, and why hiring outside help is actually one of the smartest decisions an agent can make.

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