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Creation Date March 15th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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Podcast episodes about Leigh Bardugo Grisha trilogy.
  1. Join us as we go into the Grishaverse! In this episode, we discuss the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, the other Grishaverse books, and what we know about the upcoming Netflix adaptation. Jessica gushes about Ben Barnes, but not nearly as much as she wants to. Shop FanDummies Merch: Join our Facebook Group: Check out our TeePublic Curated Store: Support us on Patreon: Grishaverse Books: Shadow and Bone Trilogy: Six of Crows Duology: Language of Thorns: King of Scars: 00:00:41 The Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo 00:02:33 The Magic of Shadow and Bone 00:07:41 Alina Starkov and Mal Oretsev 00:14:32 The Darkling 00:25:49 Patreon 00:26:18 Netflix Series 00:36:17 Six of Crows 00:41:40 Language of Thorns and King of Scars 00:43:36 Final Thoughts As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
  2. MLL PODCAST EPISODE # 80 – Shadow and Bone***SPOILERS***
  3. We've been so excited to bring this episode to you guys. During the interim between the last season and this one, we had a long talk and agreed on something: we wanted to take the show in a new direction. As we have been working on the show and learning about podcasting, our vision has developed and flowered into what we think is now the best version of the show yet. "That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It" is back and way better than ever. Jenn and I are taking a more in-depth view of our books, and we're beginning with the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. We've both read this series in the past, loved it and decided each book was worth a dedicated review. We've both wanted to tackle some top YA series for a while, and what better place to start than here? This series was the first one I read after I moved back to Florida and it just happened that Jenn and I decided to read it at the same time, which is one of the many reasons this episode is so special to us. We hope you enjoy our review of Shadow and Bone, and be on the look out for the book 2 review soon.Thanks guys!Kayla
  4. Hey, listeners! We are so excited to share our first ever episode with you, where we discuss Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. We scrapped the original idea of an hour-long podcast because our conversation just kept going, and well, we do what we want. After banishing official podcat Lainey to the other room. we sat together for 3 hours to record this episode (probably too close to our microphones, but it’s our first one sooooo yeah, we’re kinda winging it). Growth mindset, amirite?! Episode breakdown for easier listening: 2:40 .      Through the Wardrobe: talking about worldbuilding, like Imperial Russia as the touchstone and Grisha Hogwarts 14:13 .    “Wands Out!”: all things magic. Kelly proposes that the small science (aka Grisha magic) is quantum mechanics 30:39      “Get Me Kylo Ren!”: villainy, conflicts, good vs evil. Hot take: the Apparat is creepy. 35:59 .    Show Us Your Fics: we dream about fanfic spinoffs of Baghra and Genya 37:59 .    “One Does Not Simply…” read fantasy without talking about representations of race, class, gender, etc. #obvi        *insert Boromir meme here* 1:04:58 .  Shipwrecked: discussions of sex, (a)sexuality, romance, friendship, and of course, we ship characters too 1:17:57:   Kill Your Darlings: writing style, characterization, narration…we chat about the craft 1:22:46 .  RIYL and End stuff Transcript to come Spring 2021 As always, we’d love to be in discussion with you, magical folx. Post or tweet about the show using #criticallyreading. Let us know what you think of the episode, anything we missed, or anything else you want us to know by dropping a line in the comments or reaching out to us on twitter or Instagram (@thelibrarycoven), or via email ( You can also check out the show notes on our website, We really appreciate ratings and reviews on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or any other platforms. Help us share the magic by spreading the word about the podcast! Please support our labor by leaving us a one-time tip on Ko-fi or purchasing books from our Bookshop! Even better yet, become a monthly patron via Patreon and you can unlock a bunch of exclusive perks like mini-sodes, bonus episodes, and access to our community of reader-listeners on Discord. The podcast theme song is “Unermerry Academy of Magics” by Augustin C from the album “Fantasy Music”, which you can download on JK, it’s magic is recorded and produced on stolen indigenous land: Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and Ute (Kelly) and Chickasha, Kaskaskia, Kickapoo, Mascoutin, Miami, Mesquaki, Odawa, Ojibwe, Peankashaw, Peoria, Potawatomi, Sauk, and Wea (Jessie) You can support Indigenous communities by donating to Mitakuye Foundation, Native Women’s Wilderness, or the Navajo Water Project. These suggested places came from @lilnativeboy
  5. Shadow and Bone on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Martian on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Lord of the Rings on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Sense and Sensibility on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Murder in the White House on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Paper Menagerie on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( V is for Vengeance on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Lady Cop Makes Trouble on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Reign of the Fallen on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Lab Girl on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( American War on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Grace of Kings on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Kushiel’s Dart on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Truthwitch on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Game of Thrones on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Redwall on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Xanth on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Name of the Wind on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Pern on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Next Episode’s Book: The Sparrow on Goodreads ( and Amazon (
  6. Do Bryan and Robert have secret powers hidden beneath their mild-mannered podcast veneer? Maybe. But you can count on a legitimately split review from them this week on the book Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.  Alina Starkov is an orphan, a soldier, and a second-class mapmaker. The best thing in her life seems to be her best friend and secret crush Mal, but even he seems to be looking for bigger and better things. When Alina learns she possesses a great power that could reunite the once-great nation of Ravka, she's whisked away from Mal to train as a member of the Grisha, the magical elite led by the captivating Darkling. Nothing is what it seems, and as the kingdom counts on her to destroy the Shadow Fold, a darkness swarming with monsters who feast on human flesh, she'll learn to tame her power or doom the kingdom in the process.
  7. Leigh Bardugo is the keeper of the Grishaverse, a sprawling fantasy landscape that includes the Shadow and Bone trilogy, the Six of Crows duology, gorgeous fairy tale collection The Language of Thorns, and now King of Scars, the opening title of a duology about Nikolai, the charming, haunted Ravkan king. On the eve of its publication we talked to Bardugo about her path to publication, finding solace in books, what it means to write a zero draft, and the upcoming Netflix adaptation. 
  8. #1 New York Times-bestselling YA author Leigh Bardugo joins us on this week’s episode to discuss her hotly anticipated adult debut, Ninth House, a literary fantasy set in a spooky world not unlike New Haven, Connecticut... Starring Galaxy “Alex” Stern, a high school dropout from LA who’s recruited to oversee the occult activities of Yale University’s secret societies, Ninth House is a “compulsively readable novel [that] leaves a portal ajar for equally dazzling sequels,” Kirkus writes (*starred review*). Then our editors join with their reading recommendations for the week, including books by Jason Reynolds, Kim Liggett, Malcolm Gladwell, and Margaret Atwood.
  9. My guest this week is Leigh Bardugo! She is the author of the best selling Greishaverse books, from Shadow and Bone to the Six of Crows. She has also written for Wonder Woman and has published countless short stories for and more besides! We talk about writing the Greishaverse books, writing a heist, and the Language of Thorns. Also, we talk a bit about Wonder Woman! Enjoy!

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