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Creation Date May 25th, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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About This List

This is a small collection of episodes I have enjoyed from various horror anthology podcasts.
  1. A young woman, pronounced dead hours earlier, springs to life on the embalming table. Haunted by disembodied voices and recollections of a shadowy afterlife, Cerina is desperate to escape the ghoulish confines of the city morgue. Might she suffer delusions due to her accident or is something far more grisly amiss?  Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine Cast Diane Gilbert Shelby Sessler John Ballentine Blaine Hicklin Alex Pinnock Teresa Ballentine Music by Tom Cusack, Kevin MacLeod, Richard Lainhart, Ambient Fabric and Still Water Running time 27:01
  2. Every neighborhood has one. A spooky place where kids dare each other to go - maybe it's a boarded-up house, where I grew up it was an abandoned funeral home (really), for Tommy and Danny it's an abandoned tenement building across the street. And oh do the rumors grow - the rumors about the old lady who used to live there and how everyone hated her. About how mean she was. About the horrific way she died...and even rumors of a curse. If you're a kid you either stay far, far away or - if you're like Tommy and Danny - you can't help but find out for yourself lest you be branded a chicken. Tommy and Danny are about to take the journey you never could, in the middle of the night the two are going to find out what's inside that building...and what's at the top of The Creaky Stairs...
  3. Three friends find themselves haunted by a silent spectre. Based on the story by Mary SanGiovanni in Volume 2 Issue 3! Nick – Jamie Avera Seth – Monnie Aleahmad Carl – Jamal Douglas Shelly Carterhouse – MarLee Candell News Reporter was Garrett Thoen Professors: Nima Rad Kate Torri And a special cameo from Amy Sutton of “The Saga of The European King” The music in the bar was from the band Transpanda. The score was composed by Greg Myers Adapted and produced by Andrew Wardlaw If you enjoy this, don’t forget to grab your subscription to LampLight Magazine and never miss an issue! A subscription supports both the magazine and the podcast.
  4. The end of the world didn't scare them. They were nuclear launch officers, that's their job. What scared them was the ghost. Written by Eric Molinsky (of the Imaginary Worlds podcast) and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Featuring Woody Fu, Danielle Delgado, and Billy Griffin, Jr. This episode was sponsored in part by Burrow (Use the promo code THETRUTH to get $50 off your order)
  5. THE WOMAN IN THE BASEMENT - (SUSPENSE) ) MATURE THEMES The old house charmed Courtney and Landon from the start. A perfect place to begin their new life and forget the past. However, the house has a secret of its own!  Midnight Radio Theatre.
  6. Welcome back to the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. This week we have a 1982 episode of Canadian produced horror radio series entitled Nightfall, our episode is “The Porch Light”. If you have any comments or feedback […] The post Retro Radio Memories Podcast – Episode 037 (Nightfall – The Porch Light) appeared first on The Retroist.
  7. In part one of this two part special, Humanity's search for life continues in an alien ocean. The Gilidus Nuntius submarine is your vessel. Dr. Janelle Howard and Captain Maria Neves are your guides. Welcome to Europa. 
  8. In the dramatic conclusion of this two part special, Dr. Janelle Howard and Captain Maria Neves are faced with a choice that could alter the future of the human race. Welcome back to Europa. 
  9. NIGHTFALL Nightfall is a radio drama series produced and aired by CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. While primarily a supernatural/horror series, Nightfall featured some episodes in other genres, such as science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and human drama. EPISODE-1:  "THE DEBT" RUN TIME: 26:00 EPISODE-2: "HARRIS AND THE MARE" RUN TIME: 26:00 TO ADVERTISE ON SCARE FM GO TO:
  10. We begin at the end with the house on the street that everyone pretends not to notice. The kids say it's haunted, the adults try their best not to use that word. But just last week something happened that no one could ignore - and it seemed to bring everything to a dramatic end. We begin with a return. Former resident Tony Itch, a young man with a secret of his own, has come back to Wellbrook. Tony and everyone else is about to learn that After The Haunting - the real terror begins...

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